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If I am denying your follow requests, please consider the following:

- You may not have enough or any info in your bio and that might be all that federates before I accept the follow request. Consider adding your age (or just above or below 18), pronoun, and some mention of political orientation before trying again.
- Your bio says you are "above/beyond" gender and you are clearly a cishet dude just refusing to post your preferred pronouns because of some weird anxiety (seriously, stop even "any" is acceptable)
- You might be using national flags outside the context of indicating which languages you speak, which I see as a red flag.
- You use exclusionary slurs (not cuss words, I don't give a fuck) including anything homophobic or ableist
- All of the above apply to you and I seriously have no fucking clue why you want to follow me or why I should follow back

"Google Now Bans Some Linux Web Browsers From Their Services"
I think we should ban Google from using Linux now. Let's see how they feel about that.

Mambo is a good genre, because mambo songs always tell you what genre you're listening to.

A mambo song without someone saying "mambo" would be like a ska song without someone saying "pickituppickitup!"

twitter decentralization, in the news 

Anti-racist skinheads raise their fists in solidarity with black power group circa 1980s.

either you decommodify survival or you accept that your economic practices will kill people

"the war in Iraq was the Zionists' fault" is a low-key Nazi talking point often repeated

canโ€™t believe how much paperwork you have to fill out just for being trans. thereโ€™s the affidavit confirming that you think chokers are fashionable unironically, the pledge to defend all catgirls with your dying breath, the waiver that says you will agree with anyone who calls you valid, and the disclaimer that says the aforementioned validity is void if you decide to become a cop

Genital mutilation, autonomy 


when some random guy in twitch chat just called green day "corporate punk" i felt that

DeLorean Man
Doc Brown from Back to the Future is the Mandalorean



If you admin a Mastodon \ Pleroma \ Misskey \ Peertube \ Funkwhale \ whatever, chances are, you are using Nginx as your main web-server.

Currently, it is free and open-source.

If Rambler is to claim Nginx as their product, there's no telling what might happen to it's legal status as free software, and, as a consequence, no telling if using it "for free" will be a viable option any longer.

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