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If I am denying your follow requests, please consider the following:

- You may not have enough or any info in your bio and that might be all that federates before I accept the follow request. Consider adding your age (or just above or below 18), pronoun, and some mention of political orientation before trying again.
- Your bio says you are "above/beyond" gender and you are clearly a cishet dude just refusing to post your preferred pronouns because of some weird anxiety (seriously, stop even "any" is acceptable)
- You might be using national flags outside the context of indicating which languages you speak, which I see as a red flag.
- You use exclusionary slurs (not cuss words, I don't give a fuck) including anything homophobic or ableist
- All of the above apply to you and I seriously have no fucking clue why you want to follow me or why I should follow back

*remembers when nerds got really mad at python changing master-slave terminology to parent-helper* hmmmmmmm is there some kind of pattern here?

i love being a rational science brain unguided by emotion and refuse to rename my image editing tool that i want professionals to use instead of photoshop from being a literal ableist slur

the fact that i hate being pedantic about language


a non-native speaker asking me to let them know if they ever say anything that sounds off in any way so they can improve their fluency


Jokes on you! I've spent the last three years building an immunity to Viagra!

#Servicetoot - #Google has unfortunately blocked many #Invidious instances so that they don't work anymore.I hope they will work again soon.In the meantime please use other instances which still work and do *not* access #Youtube directly because that would show Google that their plan works.I clicked through the instance list on #Github and here are the instances which still work:
- qklhadlycap4cnod.onion
- fz253lmuao3strwbfbmx46yu7acac2
#FuckOffGoogle #Privacy #FuckYoutube

upgrade succesful, now running 16GB :D

if you use the services, consider donating at

im lensbian and i love my wife sooo much h hhhhh

Jokes on you! I've spent the last three years building an immunity to Viagra!

A Kazakhstani commie running a dark net research paper piracy website has done more for the free flow of information than all of my professors combined.

donning my sexy vet costume and heading off to the local furry con. itโ€™s a tough job but someoneโ€™s gotta take care of em.

FOSS projects actually have documentation challenge 2 0 1 9

Since people are going on and on, that #Selfhosting is not just running a script, let me clarify this:

Self-hosting is like gardening. Yes, it needs time and love. But mostly for making new stuff or big changes happen. When you do it properly it can boil down to a few minutes a week, as you maybe just need to water your plants in the garden.

It's a hobby, not everyone needs to do it. There are professional services as alternative, but it's nice to share with friends.

it says a lot about american car culture that the card we use as the most commonly accepted and trusted means of proving your identity and adulthood is your "i'm allowed to drive a car" card and you need access to a car to get it

like on one hand it's weirdly cyberpunk that we base our entire legal identities on our ability to skillfully pilot a 3000-pound hideously complex 70mph machine monstrosity but also quit it please

american chuds really being like "omg china is so much like black mirror with their social credit scores" like they donโ€™t have a credit score and a public offenses registry either

If you don't know how to stop a tank - stop a tank factory.
Or one of hundreds of other institutions we collected on this map. They are all supporting and benefiting from the mass murder of the people of #Rojava !


follow the link to see that full map:
(note about the map: it's open for editing. So feel free to join maintaining it.)
#Riseup4Rojava #defendRojava

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