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anarchist pol, re: all uncw'd usian bullshit in advance 

I just block anyone who argues that (distorted and filtered) demographics legitimize the violence of the state. I fled the south because of the repurcussions of that inane bullshit, so here's your bi-annual advance notice for stupid loud americans going on moral diatribes about elections. So you could say it is a bit personal given the impact this bullshit has had on my life.

Here's an anarchist critique of democracy, just another of many ways of "governing".

Deposit your vote in the replies and I promise I will give it the same serious consideration any government official would 🗨️➡️🚽.

This little rant is nowhere near as much a waste of time as an entire fucking "election year". The purpose of a system is what it does, not your immaterial patriotic bullshit.

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mutual-aid, begging, fundraising 

Hey so our polycule has moved and is settled, but we just had all of our money wiped out by rent coming due. There's three of us in a single-bedroom apartment and we have to get money for basic needs like meals until we are back on our feet and no longer in debt. Oh yeah, my wife is a few hundred dollars in debt from the move, by the way.

Had to spend money on getting a new computer (our laptops were all stolen) and all the bullshit of getting started in a new city/state after getting the fuck out of Texas which wiped us out even before the landlord's payment system decided to fuck us over with extra fees.

I was taking monthly donations via liberapay before, but now I've also setup kofi as well. All money goes towards groceries and then paying our debts so we can get off to a new start here. Thank you so much for sharing.

donation links:


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Greentexting, my policy:
- In a post: Blocked indefinitely
- In a screenshot: Blocked indefinitely
- As a small part of a screenshot: Muted for a week
- In a reply: Reported and Blocked

Stop channerisms now. Raise awareness.

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pinned boundaries post 

I'm not really interested in random people following me anymore. If you know me, send me a direct message. Anything else will be denied. Regardless: for people interacting with my public stuff you should know my boundaries.

here are politics I do not vibe with:
- politics
- :tankies:
- 💸 (so-called "market anarchists" or libs)
- nationalism (grow up from wounded fairy tales)
- new age spiritualism / new athiesm
- divorced dad-ism (move on)
- missionaries / evangelists
- white vegan health cults (you are racist)
- Britishism
- paranoid, insecure settler
- journalist (derogatory)
- your *entire* personality is being an "____ parent"
- hippies
- CIS military apologetica
- cisgender apologetica
- fascism
- stallmanism, OSI and FSF techbro cults
- cable television commentary (I cut the cable for a reason)
- go to the polls! electoralism religious adherent
- resource scarcity-FUD hyper for eco fascists
- primitivism (if you are anti-literacy why are you even logged in lmao go eat berries)
- obviously anything antisemitic or transphobic
- pollsters, quizzers, and petitioners
- anti-piracy (MPAA's hiring, fuckface)
- legal justice system believer (lol, lmao)
- Firstname Lastname LinkedIn
- The person reading this who thinks you can override my boundaries because you are a privileged fuck who has learned to treat others people's priorities as dismissible "requests"
- racist queer people
- channers
- hippies (again)
- [Broccoli Haters](
- Meritocracy or Technocracy people
- :acab:​ (no feds, cops, enlisted people)

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I wish anarchists were... anarchist. The dilution of the revolutionary anarchist aesthetic online to near meaninglessness has me uncertain about who actually has my back. For the record, when I say I'm an anarchist, I mean *all hierarchies* are bad and unsafe. All cops, all empires, all states. If you disagree, why is it in your bio and so core to how you style yourself online? It feels like a lie.

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my corporate pride gland is bulging capitalistically as i read these sentences on the Microsoft® website

Desperately need to get some food so my girls can eat in the morning. These days it's hard to not want to lay in a hole and cry. Living in rural town poverty is hell, and takes lives.


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fediblock noauthority dot social: bigotry, holocaust denial 

#fediblock noauthority dot social.
"freeze peach", all the vile bigotry you can imagine in their timeline, as well as, what else, holocaust denial! on the same thread as the other guy harassing the Auschwitz museum!


i have my gig as a barista back but i dont get paid until thursday (itll be a piddly amount anyway because training)

regardless, i still have to buy coffee and milk

i estimate $30

thank you! :blobheartcat:


#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #mutualAidMonday #transcrowdfund

fun fact about Toronto: we have "streets" through which pedestrians, bikes, and cars can move through, allowing you to visit "locations" and otherwise move around

The western evangelical money going into homophobic laws all over Africa isn't discussed enough.

"Who organised this summit of hate? The World Congress of Families (WCF), an elite international network led by US & Russian ultra-conservatives and best known for publicly & militantly opposing LGBT rights and abortion – though its members are also against contraception, comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), divorce, single mothers and multi-generational households."

jailbreaking or rooting a phone used to be done for mostly fun things. Nowadays it is just done to undo unfun things. I miss making my apps fall around in the launcher and fun silly stuff like wobbly animations. Now it is just, "how do I use my bank app while I also block ads in other apps?"

fucking sad world nowadays.

My tax money must not be used for

❌ tanks
❌ prisons
❌ police

My tax money may be used for

✅ boobies

for complicated tumblr reasons involving dreaming of classified CIA visual novels, I mocked up a Powerpoint 4.0 slide for government agents trying to seduce transfems.

I thought I'd share it here for retro nostalgia and trans shitposting reasons

By popular request, I have re-added the Libreboot X230 on Minifree:

Libreboot is a free software project, and the machine has full driver support in Linux/BSD.

This is a portable ThinkPad X230 that has Libreboot, replacing the proprietary BIOS. Libreboot offers greater freedoms and customisation compared to proprietary firmware; as founder of Libreboot and lead developer, I use sales to fund it.

Your choice of Debian Linux, other distro or a BSD e.g. OpenBSD, FreeBSD.

I have a new piece up in the literary magazine ANMLY, its a translation of four 1920s era Yiddish cartoons by the radical leftist artist William Gropper. I'm proud of it. Please let me know if you read it!

@vantablack yooo my household now consists of *three* disabled queer folks and *two* cats and we are trying to weather the extremely expensive process of moving, along with having to stay in a hotel beforehand and ship a bunch of stuff from another state.

any money for our continuing food costs would be great, since I can't work right now and we can't really cook in the hotel. - I can do commissions though!
CashApp/Venmo $nuktibromos

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