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mutual-aid, begging, fundraising 

Hey so our polycule has moved and is settled, but we just had all of our money wiped out by rent coming due. There's three of us in a single-bedroom apartment and we have to get money for basic needs like meals until we are back on our feet and no longer in debt. Oh yeah, my wife is a few hundred dollars in debt from the move, by the way.

Had to spend money on getting a new computer (our laptops were all stolen) and all the bullshit of getting started in a new city/state after getting the fuck out of Texas which wiped us out even before the landlord's payment system decided to fuck us over with extra fees.

I was taking monthly donations via liberapay before, but now I've also setup kofi as well. All money goes towards groceries and then paying our debts so we can get off to a new start here. Thank you so much for sharing.

donation links:


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Greentexting, my policy:

  • In a post: Blocked indefinitely
  • In a screenshot: Blocked indefinitely
  • As a small part of a screenshot: Muted for a week
  • In a reply: Reported and Blocked

Stop channerisms now. Raise awareness.

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I'm not really interested in random people following me anymore. If you know me, send me a direct message. Anything else will be denied. Regardless: for people interacting with my public stuff you should know my boundaries.

here are politics I do not vibe with:

  • politics
  • :tankies:
  • 💸 (so-called "market anarchists" or libs)
  • nationalism (grow up from wounded fairy tales)
  • new age spiritualism / new athiesm
  • divorced dad-ism (move on)
  • missionaries / evangelists
  • white vegan health cults (you are racist)
  • Britishism
  • paranoid, insecure settler
  • journalist (derogatory)
  • your entire personality is being an "____ parent"
  • hippies
  • CIS military apologetica
  • cisgender apologetica
  • fascism
  • stallmanism, OSI and FSF techbro cults
  • cable television commentary (I cut the cable for a reason)
  • go to the polls! electoralism religious adherent
  • resource scarcity-FUD hyper for eco fascists
  • primitivism (if you are anti-literacy why are you even logged in lmao go eat berries)
  • obviously anything antisemitic or transphobic
  • pollsters, quizzers, and petitioners
  • anti-piracy (MPAA's hiring, fuckface)
  • legal justice system believer (lol, lmao)
  • Firstname Lastname LinkedIn
  • The person reading this who thinks you can override my boundaries because you are a privileged fuck who has learned to treat others people's priorities as dismissible "requests"
  • racist queer people
  • channers
  • hippies (again)
  • Broccoli Haters
  • Meritocracy or Technocracy people
  • :acab:​ (no feds, cops, enlisted people)
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I wish anarchists were... anarchist. The dilution of the revolutionary anarchist aesthetic online to near meaninglessness has me uncertain about who actually has my back. For the record, when I say I'm an anarchist, I mean all hierarchies are bad and unsafe. All cops, all empires, all states. If you disagree, why is it in your bio and so core to how you style yourself online? It feels like a lie.

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Just switched to the K-9 mail thunderbird android pre-release. Here's to hoping it works longer than SimpleMail/FairEmail worked before that broke (stopped working after first inbox refresh).

Finding a note of an important password in a constructed script you don't remember anymore

my elderly Egyptian Uber driver happily informed me that he “supports the gays now” because he lives with a lesbian couple and “the husband lesbian is a better husband than I was”, happy pride everyone

food, vegan (how I make it) 

spiced cookies are so good in hot cocoa

✍️ suddenly, it came to her. the ultimate ironic name for a cute little prickly parodia erubescens -- "cuddles." cuddles the cactus!!!

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i think every trans person should get 64TB of hard drives for free

"rare folk punk albums" that are just some guy playing the guitar and screeching in the street while being recorded on an old cellphone set to the highest compression possible

Reminder that Fosstodon still has some stuff to be held accountable for 

Harbouring a r000t alt despite knowing who he is / what he's done:

(The admin actually DMed me after this to let me know that they had added a new rule about not harbouring known abusive actors, as if they'd put the rule in place so that they had a legitimate reason to kick the account, and then... the account is still there >.>)

Deleting a mutual aid post then suspending the account:

Weird account suspensions:

Took a year to notice someone was breaking their 'only speak English' rule, then the admin got irate in replies and ended with "so. Leave. Then. FFS." (they have since amended the English language policy)

Problematic user still active: anti-immigration views calls Tusky's blocklist "control freakery" while implying allowing covidspiracy content is universally important "opposing the enforcement of political beliefs"

Admin complaining about 'snowflakes'

Admin saying pronouns make him cringe


fediblock, transmisia 

#fediblock recommendation for

Their administrator doesn't really care about the moderation on his instance, that's my perception. Although there are rules that forbid racism and "discrimination against gender minorities", those rules don't seem to apply in practice.

I contacted Martin via a DM about this toot: (CW transmisia) (

For those of you who don't speak German: it's the usual dog whistle about locker rooms and sports.

He didn't reply, so I've sent him a mail in which he told me that he doesn't see transmisia, but if I'd send him more receipts, he might re-evaluate it again. He wants to be neutral and recommended a discussion.

To be honest, I'd recommend a block. For however, I only limited it for now, gonna reevaluate that decision later this week (and after more discussions with their admin).

Update: there was no discussion, my offer for that was simply ignored. lol.

fediblock, violence against Bedouins 

#fediblock SeanAloysiusOBrien @ for justifying the murder of innocent Bedouins oppressed by the state of Israel.

being a bisexual is like being able to dual-wield two-handed weapons: powerful

stories feel like an intrusive antifeature in every app now.

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