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Follow Requests Policy: Updated 

If I am denying your follow requests, please consider the following before resending a follow request:

- You may not have enough or any info in your bio and that might be all that I see before I accept the follow request.
-give me some idea of who you are in terms of your interests. If I can't distinguish you from a newsposting bot I won't accept.

Do not just link to bio information elsewhere. That's neat, but I should know enough from your bio here to not need to depend on what may be a dead link or a site that blocks Tor connections. I don't want to have to be a detective!

The rest here rarely applies:
- You might be using national flags, which I see as a red flag.
- You use exclusionary slurs (not cuss words, I don't give a fuck) including anything homophobic or ableist
- You actively advocate for some kind of hierarchy (yuck, I don't care if you lick boots just do it in the privacy of your own bedroom)
- Multiple of the above apply, and idk why you sent me a follow request at all

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blazing hot AI take that techies are definitely not ready for, caps 

It is nearly impossible to train a neural network to do anything but recreate the status quo and you can certainly never teach it to have independent guiding values from the training data or anything resembling a social imagination. Using it outside of EXTREMELY NARROW, PURELY ADVISORY contexts where this can't really be much of a problem like assisting in the classification of medical imagery for predicting disease presence should be permanantly banned butlerian-jihad style.


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(maybe) less clear reasons why I mute/block people 

I mute/block people who get too caught up in electoralist political theater and obsess over authoritarian policy wonk bullshit because its unhealthy for me to engage with and also drags me into that same distraction so if I mute/block/unfollow you and you were wondering why, that's probably the number one thing. That and joking about authoritarianism in a shitposty "I was just being sarcastic about my support of this regime or fetishization of their oppression" kinda way that used to just be purely an unhealthy 4chan thing for right-wingers, but now I see authcoms doing more often too. It has extremely toxic channer vibes that almost remind me of shit like bunkerchan making memes about Tienanmen Square, holodomor, gulags, etc. Also if you still think its okay to idolize Richard Stallman.

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do not interact if: 

- Tanky ( Marxist-Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist, or otherwise apologetic of cult of personality figures: Juche(ist?), Assadist, etc)
- Patriotic or Nationalistic for any concept of a nation or in-group, excluding others from your concept of right to inclusion, mutual cooperation, and well-being
- You think something like "SJW's have gone too far"
- You do not unconditionally accept and respect queer identities
- You casually use ableist slurs instead of using words that are actually descriptive
- You don't acknowledge that white people have no say in what to do with stolen land
- You exclude people for reasons beyond their actions or stated beliefs
- You think that being "apolitical" is ever a good thing
- You feel the need to ask why for any of these

no nazis is implied, but as if they'd listen, they think they're owed a platform everywhere they go.

I think that every house needs at least one light switch that does apparently nothing. just to keep wonder and intrigue alive and fresh in the world.

the polycule graph and the domme-sub tree

The Web3 Dystopia 

If the megacorps make me use etherium for some fucking reason I am going to be an absolute menace to the world of smart contracts. You'd have to coerce me somehow to install an etherium wallet and make myself vulnerable to a world of advanced automated exploitation, which is what web3 would actually be in the fantasy world where a single DAO wrote working code, first try, and never needed to patch it ever. So they'll get the Etherium Decentralized Autonomous Enforcement Units to knock down my door if I keep trying to posses objects, data, or ideas without minting them so they can be financialized by some venture capital getup as part of an exit scam with a government bailout because the DAO is "too big to fail" and the fork that tries to deny the bailout gets used as a hitlist by DAO spooks and/or becomes explicitly illegal.

yeah you should watch the Dan Olson video btw

Installing an always on camera on your front door facing your neighborhood that sends data to corps and cops is fucked up. Hope this offends

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For us, everything that seeks to destroy economic and political oppression, all that which serves to raise the moral and intellectual level of human beings, to give them the consciousness of their rights and of their forces and to persuade them to do their business by themselves, all that provokes hatred against oppression and love between people, brings us closer to our aim.
-- Errico Malatesta

#anarchism #quote #bot

blobhaj is literally gonna kill me with how adorable it is

*heavy sigh*
*holds up sign*
sign reads: "Transcribing images for the disabled is praxis" For ways to have a good time in your workplace. See, the CIA isn't all bad (when their shit is used specifically in ways they wouldn't want it to be used)

Today I had my first Dog Poo + Wheelchair experience, and so PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG OKAY.

It's not just people's shoes it might affect, when dog poo gets on wheelchair wheels it will probably end up on the disabled person's hands and sleeves too! PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG.

@unlofl Watching ancaps recapitulate the development of the state in real time is my FAVORITE schadenfreude activity.

someone snapped a pic of the new USPS truck in the wild. It has so much fucking VISIBILITY

If you make a piece of software, and people are required to use that piece of software in order to, say, pay for their housing or groceries or pay back a loan, you are on the hook to make sure that software works for _every single person_ who needs to use it.

All of them.

Every screen reader user. Every person with muscle issues who can't use a mouse. Everyone who doesn't speak English. Everyone with three first names, or no last name. Everyone who is Irish or Jewish and has a ' in their name. Everyone with slow internet.

EVERY person.

"Oh we don't have the resources to do that!" Great. Then you don't have the resources to make and sell that kind of software. Pack up and go home.

:sayori_dislike: Asking for gender on forms
:sayori_like: Turing Complete gender field

protip in light of what has been released today:

getting admin rights on a RocketChat server gives you:

- ability to inject arbitrary JavaScript and hijack other users' sessions
- RCE on the RocketChat server
- RCE in other users' desktop RocketChat clients

cool writeup going over some RocketChat post-exploitation:

boss: alright be creative this shift

me: *imagines value of industrial espionage, wildcat strikes*

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🚫 "autistic people are emotionally detached"

:be_cool: "living in a hostile society has forced a lot of autistics to mask and/ or shut down for our own safety"

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