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anarchist pol, re: all uncw'd usian bullshit in advance 

I just block anyone who argues that (distorted and filtered) demographics legitimize the violence of the state. I fled the south because of the repurcussions of that inane bullshit, so here's your bi-annual advance notice for stupid loud americans going on moral diatribes about elections. So you could say it is a bit personal given the impact this bullshit has had on my life.

Here's an anarchist critique of democracy, just another of many ways of "governing".

Deposit your vote in the replies and I promise I will give it the same serious consideration any government official would 🗨️➡️🚽.

This little rant is nowhere near as much a waste of time as an entire fucking "election year". The purpose of a system is what it does, not your immaterial patriotic bullshit.

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mutual-aid, begging, fundraising 

Hey so our polycule has moved and is settled, but we just had all of our money wiped out by rent coming due. There's three of us in a single-bedroom apartment and we have to get money for basic needs like meals until we are back on our feet and no longer in debt. Oh yeah, my wife is a few hundred dollars in debt from the move, by the way.

Had to spend money on getting a new computer (our laptops were all stolen) and all the bullshit of getting started in a new city/state after getting the fuck out of Texas which wiped us out even before the landlord's payment system decided to fuck us over with extra fees.

I was taking monthly donations via liberapay before, but now I've also setup kofi as well. All money goes towards groceries and then paying our debts so we can get off to a new start here. Thank you so much for sharing.

donation links:


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Greentexting, my policy:
- In a post: Blocked indefinitely
- In a screenshot: Blocked indefinitely
- As a small part of a screenshot: Muted for a week
- In a reply: Reported and Blocked

Stop channerisms now. Raise awareness.

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pinned boundaries post 

I'm not really interested in random people following me anymore. If you know me, send me a direct message. Anything else will be denied. Regardless: for people interacting with my public stuff you should know my boundaries.

here are politics I do not vibe with:
- politics
- :tankies:
- 💸 (so-called "market anarchists" or libs)
- nationalism (grow up from wounded fairy tales)
- new age spiritualism / new athiesm
- divorced dad-ism (move on)
- missionaries / evangelists
- white vegan health cults (you are racist)
- Britishism
- paranoid, insecure settler
- journalist (derogatory)
- your *entire* personality is being an "____ parent"
- hippies
- CIS military apologetica
- cisgender apologetica
- fascism
- stallmanism, OSI and FSF techbro cults
- cable television commentary (I cut the cable for a reason)
- go to the polls! electoralism religious adherent
- resource scarcity-FUD hyper for eco fascists
- primitivism (if you are anti-literacy why are you even logged in lmao go eat berries)
- obviously anything antisemitic or transphobic
- pollsters, quizzers, and petitioners
- anti-piracy (MPAA's hiring, fuckface)
- legal justice system believer (lol, lmao)
- Firstname Lastname LinkedIn
- The person reading this who thinks you can override my boundaries because you are a privileged fuck who has learned to treat others people's priorities as dismissible "requests"
- racist queer people
- channers
- hippies (again)
- [Broccoli Haters](
- Meritocracy or Technocracy people
- :acab:​ (no feds, cops, enlisted people)

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I wish anarchists were... anarchist. The dilution of the revolutionary anarchist aesthetic online to near meaninglessness has me uncertain about who actually has my back. For the record, when I say I'm an anarchist, I mean *all hierarchies* are bad and unsafe. All cops, all empires, all states. If you disagree, why is it in your bio and so core to how you style yourself online? It feels like a lie.

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That kid at the zoo pointed at a snake and called it a skibidi snake.

imagine if henry kissinger was just misclicking the entire vietnam war :kissinger:

“US Big Tech companies are systemically abusing and exploiting African workers. In Kenya, these US companies are undermining the local labor laws, the country’s justice system and violating international labor standards. Our working conditions amount to modern day slavery.”

You aren't learning about Jewish people (history especially) on Wikipedia, you are learning about fascist revanchism which continues to be spread by nazi losers to this day straight from biographies of convicted, tried, and executed war criminals. The internet is not a good resource on this shit. Please.

leftist antisemitism of the day 

Spreading old nazi party myths about German Jews assenting to expropriation of their homes and possessions "for palestine" is a thing now. Literally citing a "solution" to "The Jewish Question" proposed during the Nazi rise to power in Germany and implying it is a Zionist plot reeks of the worst the left has to offer right now. Nobody fucking agreed to this shit on equal footing, you think Jews in 1930s Germany were on equal footing for negotiations you fuckhead? I wanna drive my knuckles through the skull of whoever put this crap together, and whoever thought it was worth resharing. Fuck the current political climate so fucking much. Just people looking for new ways to be haters instead of changing the fucking world.

Help Jadriél, a 21 year old hispanic trans woman flee Saint Petersburg, Florida's anti-trans laws to Oregon to reside with her trans community:

Goal: 2743/3000 dollars


Tags: #TransMutualAid #TransCrowdFund #MutualAid #Fundraising #Fundraiser #GTFOmyState #Hispanic #Florida #Oregon #Boost

:boostRequest: Help Needed, Housing In Danger for Two Transes, Two Dogs :boostRequest:

hey all.

i didnt hear back from even one job application in the last month. even after that post looking for openings that got nearly 700 boosts. this was basically my last chance. and i found nothing. and i can't afford rent.

it's two weeks out, but it will take me a while to raise $1300. and that's a number that lets other bills fall to the wayside, including credit card bills.

i physically cannot pack up all of my belongings in time if push comes to shove. i have a disabled spouse and two dogs who need a place, too.

i know it's a big number. i know we're all struggling. and #mutualaid isnt the only avenue i'm pursuing. but we need help. please help us stay safe.

venmo: $rachaelspooky


Stealing mouse focus from a password input box should kill the application that requested it.

This is an example of the anti-Blackness that permeates the fedi.

I'm over here just minding my business, and some random person I have never heard of wants to engage from a premise of ignorant assumption rather than curiosity.

This constant need to police Black folks and how we move in this space is just another expression of how people who have racist intentions simply cannot keep to themselves.

Ha, but I guarantee this person will get upset if I don't receive their comment with ‘good intentions.’

Because it's always on us to be nice in the face of blatant ignorance.

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I still think that "hallucination" is a backwards-used term when it comes to AI, because the AI isn't actually hallucinating; it's not capable of perception or mistake. But you know what is a hallucination? Thinking that the output of an LLM is coherently structured factual information. Its probabilistic output, and ironically the people hallucinating are the users who think this indicates intelligence

Climb that tree, molt that skin, scream for two weeks, screw and then die

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foot fetish mention, silly 

Question for OSI and FSF:

Is sucking toes FOSS?
@rms please give your input esteemed elder

uspol (florida specific) 

"I love voting in the primary elections that aren't even hosted in my state this year. Everything is okay and normal as long as a keep thinking about winning."

Solve the following expression:

Marxist-Leninist+Stalinist/Linux & Knuckles


You know if there was one thing I'd think authcoms and anarchists could agree on, it would be: capitalist elections are a fucking distraction designed to make you think your time wasted will matter.

Are you people online with "Marxist-Leninist" in bio going and putting that on your fucking united states ballot?? Or do you just go fucking vote biden anyways after bitching on the internet all day? Does targeting non-voters online give you some form of catharsis from your meaningless existence?

y'all are more INVESTED than liberals who literally OWN the system as a form of CAPITAL.

people think they matter in "voting math" 

Thinking your support is important to politicians at any level above (tiny town/city) municipal is really self-centered and ignores the math. Electoral algebra is designed to filter you out as noise in favor of politically influential blocks of large demographics. Politicians are already guaranteed to hold the ear of these demographics through mass media, inherited values, and targeted ads. There aren't large untapped social groups of people who'd be able to vote to undue the current order via an election, the established two party system continues to exist for a reason. Borders are policed and wars are fought in many so-called "democratic states" to maintain the more favorable variant of this arrangement for an oligarchic or even aristocratic class.

Democracy was never a feedback tool, it is a guiding compass for imperial ambitions where geopolitics might leave tyrants adrift with nothing currently on the agenda.

People are still dumbfounded through self-centeredness that politicians are so blatantly unaccountable. People still invest heaps of emotional and physical energy into changing the outcome of what is hardly more variable than a census. People will still ridicule you if you dare them to think of an escape from this draining preoccupation of bread and circus. When will we have situationists again? When will the bricks be pried loose? We need a May 68 that doesn't stop until nothing is left from this shit-heap to preserve. We need serious and soberly discussed prefiguration instead of campist fits that are always politically-captured. The gears of the ratchet must be pried lose before we're all too powerfully clamped-down to do anything about it.

But you whine about Biden being unelectable or scoff at his actions refusing to change course for your personal ideas.

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