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If I am denying your follow requests, please consider the following:

- You may not have enough or any info in your bio and that might be all that federates before I accept the follow request. Consider adding your age (or just above or below 18), pronoun, and some mention of political orientation before trying again.
- Your bio says you are "above/beyond" gender and you are clearly a cishet dude just refusing to post your preferred pronouns because of some weird anxiety (seriously, stop even "any" is acceptable)
- You might be using national flags outside the context of indicating which languages you speak, which I see as a red flag.
- You use exclusionary slurs (not cuss words, I don't give a fuck) including anything homophobic or ableist
- All of the above apply to you and I seriously have no fucking clue why you want to follow me or why I should follow back

there may not be technical or mechanical solutions to ensuring posts never end up in places like gab and fse, but there are organizational ones

are there any other leaders of antifa i should know about

yea sex is cool but what about googling a chapter title and finding a pdf of the whole ass textbook on the first page of google

a new form of digital impersonation, nazis pretending to be jewish (MEMETIC OUTBREAK ALERT) Show more

meta, hrt and gender, maybe spicy Show more

Rant about the archivist community. Show more

people advertising their discord guilds on the fediverse is so perverse

finally got free from some centralized control, then advertise centralized services

????? it's so messed up

"Amazonโ€™s home security company Ring quietly removed the term 'surveillance' from a statement law enforcement officials provided to local news outlets, according to public records obtained by Gizmodo."

Let's call it what it is: surveillance.

You canโ€™t spell โ€œGOODโ€ without โ€œGOOโ€!!

asking for money Show more

"But Ems, there's no need to pirate anymore do to the wonders of global capitalism!"

But have you considered, that I dont want your shiny garbage capitalism?
I want to sail the high seas with a bunch of anarchist friends and take as much as we can from the rich to bring back to the folks on our island commune that need stuff more than the global market does, WHILE WEARING A BIG PIRATE HAT

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