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kittens ec 

They loved lunch :blobcatmmm: 💖🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

I post pictures of them more regulalry in on matrix, feel free to join

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🏳️‍⚧️ Mutual Aid! :boost_requested: :boostsPorFavor: 

"Hi, my name is Quinn, I'm a 22 transfemme non-binary person. I am currently homeless due to discrimination I faced from my management at starbucks for being trans.

Management held bias against me, and took actions that caused me to not be scheduled for almost 3 1/2 months. Over a 4 month period, i was only paid around ~$250. I have had to take a step back from working, due to how much this situation has affected my mental health."

Please give any money you can for this comrade and share around!

joe biden should give me money cause I don't have any, not for a couple weeks lmao
I'll even say something nice if you toss some money my way Mr. Biden, it'd stimulate the economy since I wouldn't have to resort to lifting staple foods from the grocery store

were about to see how cheap Nvidia GPUs can become TL;DR, Nvidia made plans based on crypto boom, crypto boom is over, they asked TSMC if they could not buy all the wafers TSMC said "I see no reason to let you modify our contract"

just saw the large adult son of the "women want me, fish fear me" hat: a truck that says "catch fish not feelings"

Is there a libgen-like website for fanzines?

#Fediblock: it says it's parody but seems like trolling to me. CW: mockery of anti-racism.

US politics poll 

If you live in a red state in the US, have you considered or made plans to move to another state or country since Roe v Wade was overturned? Boosts welcome.

the trick to announcing your crimes in the newspaper is to invent fake stories of fake crimes like "drug possession" and "insider trading" while you secretly do real crimes like "property damage" and "having lesbian sex while transgender"

While this (rather old) article is formally about clothes it's actually about gender and how cis men can do and what they should do to destroy it

tl;dr men are a ruling class and the manhood is guarded, women are allowed to aspire for it but not reach it, men who step away from the class are ridiculed at best. It won't change much until men themselves get rid of it

Many of the self proclaimed leaders/celebrity activists who fingerpointed at “white anarchists” back then are the same ones who now either explicitly support calls for more cops (e.g. Nekima Levy Armstrong), or in the case of Black Visions, redirect abolitionist energy off the streets, away from direct action, and into questionable legislative efforts.

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In this Unicorn Riot article from the aftermath of the police murder of Philando Castile in 2016, BIPOC anarchists call out the use of the outside agitators/“white anarchists” trope by orgs like BLM Twin Cities and Black Visions, which served to quell the militancy of the rebellion.

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made a helpful guide to surveillance we've seen locally. normally my aesthetic is a bit grungy, but we made this normie friendly for all the new faces at actions lately.

"If the uprising’s confrontational nature disappears in the public mind, so too do its prisoners." Interview with former prisoner of the #GeorgeFloyd uprising + timeline of the revolt across #NorthCarolina.

shitposting is hard work. website boy should hire me for improving the quality of the platform.

love how much you worry your enemies

love how much you haunt them

love knowing you have stolen joy and respite from those who would do you harm

love that they have thought of you and your vexations of them in moments they would prefer relax and savor

let them call you a devil, demon, adversary

there is a serpent loose in their paradise, and they cannot be free of it

love yourself for this

You Wouldn't Pirate A Cat.

*tries to cover her screen with her hand. It has a torrent client open, and is downloading a 2.48GB file named "CAT GENOME"*

we do a little trolling (renaming every single type and function in the library and releasing it as a minor version increase)

It’s my birthday and what I’d really like is to get more money for my replacement starter. Also wanna get a big greasy burger from somewhere. Anything would help.$fillertrack
venmo: fillertrack

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