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🏳️‍⚧️ Mutual Aid! :boost_requested: :boostsPorFavor: 

"Hi, my name is Quinn, I'm a 22 transfemme non-binary person. I am currently homeless due to discrimination I faced from my management at starbucks for being trans.

Management held bias against me, and took actions that caused me to not be scheduled for almost 3 1/2 months. Over a 4 month period, i was only paid around ~$250. I have had to take a step back from working, due to how much this situation has affected my mental health."

Please give any money you can for this comrade and share around!

the executive director of the liberal pro-israel group j street says that if american jewish institutions blindly support an openly racist israeli government, they risk alienating the american jewish community

solicited advice 

have you considered

Searching for "replace air filter on a Samsung SG-3560lgh" is gonna return fifty Quora/WikiHow style sites named "How to replace the air filter on a Samsung SG3560lgh" with paragraphs of plausible, grammatical GPT-generated explanation which may or may not have any connection to reality. Site owners pocket the ad revenue. AI arms race as search engines try to detect and derank LLM content.

Wikipedia starts getting large chunks of LLM text submitted with plausible but nonsensical references.

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long intro, tl;dr: trans, autistic, ancom, streamer 

Well I think it is time I redo my #Introduction as the first one was right when I joined so very few people saw it and all that.

So first things first, I am autistic, trans, and an ancom. I talk about all this stuff quite a bit, especially ableism, which I see quite a lot in our communities. So far this one is making more of an effort than others I've seen, although that is a low bar. I also am polyamorous and have two partners. Been together with each multiple years at this point and it has been great.

I also have an undergrad degree in physics and talk about astronomy a lot. There is a massive amount of ableism and transphobia in our education system though, and nobody taking the pandemic seriously, so I have had to put that side of things on hold. I am not sure its even worth the time at this point with how things are looking worldwide currently.

I also am a Vtuber. I stream a bunch of different games but main ones are Dead by Daylight, Team Fortress 2, and Minecraft. I run a small Minecraft server through my discord server as well, links to all those are in the linktree in my bio. A main goal with streaming is to create a space where there isn't the non-stop ableist language online, while also introducing people to the basics of anarchism. It is small but growing, and from what I gather has had a hand in making some people anarchist already.

I also grow plants. My hope is to one day participate in local mutual aid with that as a focus but have had little luck. Finally moved out and started existing just in time for the pandemic. I am a shy disabled person who can't safely drive, and without much within walking distance, so I haven't found much. This means most of my action is confined to the internet for now, and it's not like that doesn't need to be done too. Met quite a few people without anyone irl to turn to and someone needs to be there for them.

anyways now time for the tags, I didn't want to spam them in the main text.

#ActuallyAutistic #Vtuber #Enby #Transgender #streamer #Communism #Anarchism

gay rambling 

oh huh maybe a supportive environment is what allows people to reveal their true selves and finally put the cat ears on im so proud :ablobcatheart:

waste water shows COVID cases rising again

stay masked

get the new booster if u can

we're gonna see some numbers go up as the cold and holiday season continues

In #Krasnoyarsk (Russia) special task forces raided local alternative club asked about political views of people and controlled their tattoos. Comrades say that it might be connected with further criminalization of #antifascism in #Russia.

everyone who uses a kobo in the default capitalist way: omg, everything is breaking I can't read my books!

me, using koreader on my kobo and my library of de-DRMed books: 💅

Today in Oakland, Lierre Keith, leader of DGR/WoLF, was pied and Kara Dansky, head of WDI-USA, was egged. The TERFs were there to exploit the tragic murder of a local lesbian couple to spread anti-trans propaganda and attack incarcerated trans women but locals weren’t having it. Two leaders of two of most powerful US TERF groups were publicly shamed today by members of the local community who decided that they weren't going to put up with transmisogynistic hate speech and attacks on trans women's safety, freedom & well-being.

TERFs were in Oakland to use the murders of Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed by Dana Rivers, a trans women, to spread transmisogynistic propaganda claiming that trans women are a danger to cis women. Rivers being trans is irrelevant to the harm she committed (which appears to be related to one of the victims getting in trouble with a women's motorcycle gang that Rivers was a member of). TERFs are exploiting the murders to attack trans women as a whole. Oakland doesn't need TERFs claiming to "support lesbians" by exploiting their violent deaths to attack trans women, particularly trans women in prison who already face high levels of violence and abuse. Such ghoulish bigots deserved to be shamed and chased out of town.

To paraphrase the great Malcolm X, you can't stab someone with a six-inch blade, pull it out 3 inches, and call it progress.

And in the fedi, many people won't even admit the knife is there.

Me: I should really try to be kinder on social media.

Me, 5 minutes later:
#ACAB includes Tone Police, motherfucker

🆘 Please #Boost 🆘


I'm an #Autistic person desperately trying to raise money to move out of an abusive #environment and cover school fees.

$14,910 left to raise!

I need all the help I can get so please donate, even it's just a few dollars!

CashApp $AceyAngel
PayPal addriannawing1

#AbuseSurvivor #Twitter #News #Artist #Writer #AuDHD #Autistic #Disability #Disabled #Mastodon #MutualAid #Artist #News #MutualAidRequest #Ableism #Help #ChronicIllness

USPol, About increasing fascism, Anger directed at white leftists, Violence 

Getting real sick of white leftists sounding the alarm bell of the rising fascism in the US when they ignored the way earlier signs.

Now I know that for some of you that you might have been simply not aware, but this has been a long time coming. I am going to omit anytime before 2008 because that needs its own separate post to be honest.

You ignored the rising racism in the Obama administration of the rapidly increasing racism and anti-Blackness white people showed. You ignored Black people being brutalized and being called overdramatic for not literally wanting to die. You ignored people being mistreated as ICE got expanded rapidly.

You called us overdramatic for warning you about all of these hate groups targeting us and that they were going to come after you if you didn't stop them. You have ignored all the black terror that has been occurring.

Now you come screaming for help only after these hate groups start going after you more. 1/2

One in ten US deaths last week were due to pneumonia, flu, or COVID-19.

That's about a 50% higher rate than the CDC's epidemic threshold.

Bottom line: this country is in the midst of a severe respiratory disease epidemic that nobody's talking about.


Minnesota's snow plow naming contest is back for another run, which means you're all eligible to make "Abolish ICE" the top submission yet again.

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