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This is a nap-paganda spreading account
you are not immune to the sleepy

should make a game called raytrace
has nothing to do with raytracing, its just a raycrisis fangame.

to fuck with gamerbros

anyone else want to scatter pamphlets about the concept of collective action around a school and see what happens?

we should not introduce "boost/like for whatever" posts to fedi

all i can think about now when I see "pride month" is "pride moth"

combat doll dropping a dead tank on your doorstep because it thinks you can't hunt for yourself

profile meta 

it decided it had more to write than it could fit in a fedi bio so it linked to a page on our site.

This is a nap-paganda spreading account
you are not immune to the sleepy

if i returned to playing animal crossing I would just try to collect every beetle

Since there's a solidarity rally here today, why not re-up my banger post of:

👏 Things You Can Do When Going To Boring Rallies To Not Be So Bored:👏

--bring supplies for wheatpasting, stickering, etc
--make better signs than the organizers did
--start better chants than the organizers do
--bring some sidewalk chalk or bubbles and play with any lil kids who come
--make a bingo card full of activist tropes
--give yourself a role like medic, copwatcher, bike blocker, etc if Feeling Important is your thing
--give away zines, art, sharpies, squeaky pig toys, or dumpstered bagels

add other fun things to do in the replies if ya want!

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