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gort :isopod: , kiniro :bestbeetle: , and king fossil 🦈 having a cuddle

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have you considered becoming a bug
a good choice for any vacation
becoming a bug
for a week or so
eatin fruit or leaves or whatever

you will certainly not regret being a bug

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This is a nap-paganda spreading account
you are not immune to the sleepy

seem to really like the idea of writing hardware test and diagnostic software

netbook with EFI....
for experiments so i dont have to take my luggable around the house when i wanna eat and work

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"That's because humans have a soul," Mariam said.

Suniya huffed. "Use the technical terminology, please. Bound mana with intent dissolutes upon contact with the innate celestial mana of a spell caster. Souls don't exist."

"You academics putting fancy words on it doesn't prove the non-existence of souls! Besides, what about combat dolls!"

".... they're an active area of research."

Mariam smirked. "So what you're saying is you don't know."

"It is not my research area. Can we please focus on the lesson?"

no brain only plushies i see on yhe internet

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Useless lesbians can have an hour-long video about a fridge, as a treat

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The source for descent 3 has been released… it also has all the commit messages from the 90s embedded in it. Very interesting. #gamedev

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