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yeah you could look through my posts to assertain how much of a threat i am to the state but the most likely outcome is you'll wake up in a maid outfit, estrogen bottle on the nightstand, surrounded by zines. /joke

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born to be doll and write and paint, forced to Touch Computers

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computing considered harmful
in this document i will STOP using the computer

*silence as presenter logs off and sneaks away to the forest*

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my soft girl goals or manifesto or whatever 

instead of trying to continue to appear "strong" and push my emotions away and bottle everything up i now dress cutely, try to let my emotions show, be weird freely, and essentially become soft and cuddly and cutesy. Surrounded by calming pastels, cuddling my favorite plushies, feeling very loved by my partners, getting excited over the simplest things, looking at the world through eyes of revolutionary wonder and amazement, as if everything was full of posibillity. and if that means i dress a little weird in some ways and act a bit odd then so be it. Awawawa.

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This is a nap-paganda spreading account
you are not immune to the sleepy

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you are not immune to it

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You can petpet the Kona she will most likely appreciate it

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why do you call yourself a doll (for pins) 

to be clear, this is my self identity. not just a lewd thing (actually barely a lewd thing please dont assume it is). It just tends to cross over a lot. My brain is really jumbled to put it simply, and if you still think im normal you're about to have that view of me shattered. I will talk weird. Ill act weird. I'm extremely tired of wearing the mask of "normal" that was forced onto me and caused me so much pain over the course of my life (and caused me to freak out over thoughts of having lost my identity and personality).

A departure for my next #GirlArmour is a fantastic set of 3D printable armour for Barbie and other similar dolls, so kiddies get to play dress-up in spite of what the parent company provides.

If you wish to add to the collection, please reply with the hashtag #GirlArmour

#ChildrensToys #TheKidsAreAlright #Barbie #3dPrinting

*point blanks an explosive barrel with the gravity gun and gets vaporized instantly*

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Status update: every death has entirely been my own doing instead of the enemy's

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re-entering my gamer girl era as a sub-arc along with my slut era main arc

doll that is Still when snuggling and napping

Co-founder of “Food Not Bombs” Global, Arrested today

"Keith McHenry, the co-founder of the global movement “Food Not Bombs” was arrested and jailed by the Santa Cruz Police Department today for the crime of serving food to the unhoused community members. Approximately 10 officers of the Santa Cruz Police Department arrested Keith at approximately 10:00 am today, December 27, 2022, in River Street Parking Garage #10, 24 River Street, as he was setting up tables to serve a meal out of the intense rain.

This egregious treatment of this community hero comes just two days after Food Not Bombs served a free Christmas feast to over 500 unhoused persons in downtown Santa Cruz. Keith is being held at Santa Cruz County Jail facing two misdemeanor charges of blocking a parking space and loitering in a parking garage. The police also confiscated some equipment belonging to Food Not Bombs including tables, cups for coffee and sugar."

#FoodNotBombs #Repression #antireport #mutualaid #FreeThemAll

bbut i dont wanna seepy yet....

having good self image day!!! 

hot doll gamer girlfriend

meds, hrt, - 

fucked up count and realized i wont have my E or spiro until monday when the pharmacy is open again and tonight was my last dose I had :(

at least I have my ssri

i like playing Half Life 2 again every now and then, its a nice experience

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playing through Half Life 2 to grab achievements

I am 40, who only came out as genderfluid at 38, who only came out as LGBT at 24 and who has only had the confidence to pursue my kink and sexual desires for the last five years (and even now it’s still tough).

Spare me this ageist nonsense about 30 being too old for the fandom, “gay death” and all that shite. Some people didn’t get a youth. I’m getting mine now!

i wonder how well OpenDyslexic actually works for people that have dyslexia
i do not have dyslexia so i do not have any experience with this sort of thing

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