I was on the phone a while today. The proximity sensor is a bit haywire when the call lasts a while, so when the call ended I realized that I had a Bluetooth tethering setup through a Tor exit in Czechia by the end of it.

@rezzish @squid Garuda is extremely overboard in every way and just comes preconfigured in a silly, gamery, overtuned way

so-called Linux Mintbox when it is the Linux Hotbox

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WOW! Something just let loose on the far side of the sun and Earth (as well as the entire solar system) is getting peppered with hard protons. Debris from the blast emerged in the form of a full halo CME. Hard protons are good at charging spacecraft bodies, fogging their cameras, and causing reboots of onboard computers. Indeed, you can see a hint of the "fog" in the movie above. Each speckle is a hard proton striking the spacecraft's digital camera. spaceweather.com has the latest on this big, BIG boom.

#CME #Boom #protons #SOHO #Spaceweather #FullHaloCME

This thing would definitely qualify for Little Guys. It is a passively cooled plastic heatsink machine from the early 2010s which is very sad and pathetic by modern standards. However compared to other little guys it has a lot of CPU power, and therefore way too much heat to actually passively cool itself under intense workloads. It works fine under normal conditions, but updates are a struggle for it.

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Currently trying to stop my Linux Mintbox from thermal throttling during an update by pointing a fan at it.

uspol, gaza, future. this is about liberals and democrats 

in ten years, this will become another Iraq, another Gulf War, another memory where liberals will conveniently forget their place in it. they will claim they had no choice, or if they are at all remorseful, that they thought they were doing everything they could.

they will place themselves in the shoes of the same radicals they threatened and wished violence upon. "well they should've known not to do that" they say of any of the innumerable victims of state violence. they would never dream of defying the state so openly in that moment. but when they have created enough distance for the radical and the just to become the ordinary, they will say "that was us. aren't you proud? we did that." and they will only speak the names of the radicals they must acknowledge.

and further, they will transform images until it suits them. Nixon and Reagan are hazy memories, praise them when the moment is suitable. Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and King Jr. are no longer subversive and quite so radical - their edges that cut the social order until it bleeds will be softened until they become blunted enough that anyone can handle them with ease.

all images are subject to this regardless of their position at the time. to the liberal, had the national guard and snipers not been brought in during the Detroit Race Riots, there would have been nothing else but the destruction of the city. to this day, many of them stand by Johnson and Romney's decisions. unavoidable tragedy. Kent State Massacre, unavoidable tragedy. LA riots, what else could the state do? unavoidable tragedy, if they even say the second half.

they'll say the same about Gaza as they have about Iraq and Afghanistan. there was no other choice. they know it's not true. tell them to go fuck themselves if ever they try to claim a W

yeah seeing people raise that much for kamala in a day but the black disabled person not able to reach a $200k request after two years (which is now for her daughter, who is surviving cancer instead of the original poster who still needs the money) is just gonna fuck with your belief in the possibility of the good of humanity tbh


💭iptv channel thats just a cool fish cam
or bug cam

silly, nationalism, war 

@riotmuffin no, no, no...
You see... Obviously we can't do anything else besides insist on the rights and needs of nations of people to all each get their own state. When there isn't a state available for your nation, that ought to spell inevitable bloody sectarian conflict, silly. How else are weapons the systems gonna get sold? Mass death doesn't grow on trees!

Last little push in doing because I’m so burnt out and I’m fucking tired of boosting this, but it’s still Disability Pride Month and things have been deadly quiet

I’ve went grocery shopping recently and I still need some stuff . My throne wishlist has stuff on it that I could also use under the disability nonsense section. I def need a new seat cushion bad :/

I’m always in need of help but I would love to ask for help less :(

If you actually give a damn about disabled people help us out

Full List of Links:
(you may have to copy & paste the link!)

@mutualaid @mutual_aid

#TransCrowdFund #BlackMutualAid #DisabilityCrowdfund #MutualAid #BlackMastodon

A few cute pollinators in my yard today 

This bumblebee fell in a pot of glitter. That's a European paper wasp on the lily. I'm not sure what kind of wasp/hornet is in the last photo, but I'm grateful to it for pollinating my coralberries.


Checking in on my prophetic sources today. I have my finest team of special ops dream interpreters on the case.

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