the state and the capitalists destroyed the dead sea 

so now when they deplete earth's natural nurients, they do it with potash stolen, re-stolen and re-stolen. such are the wonders of the capitalist state. materials from one's bioregion's destruction are used for another bioregion's destruction.

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going on stackoverflow and telling them they all have XY problems and the solution is actually overthrowing capitalism

100 corporations cause 70.9 % of all carbon emissions


queer struggle? where is the queer snuggle? :blobCats_cuddle:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your help so far.

My meds are covered, we can afford some groceries but we need more to eat and we still have nothing to pay the power bill, we're already late for it...

My dog's getting older and would also need painkillers for his joints pain because it becomes difficult for him and pets meds are really expensive.

Please boost and donate if you want and can, you'd really save us.

Any amount is greatly appreciated, even 1€.

Thank you! 🙏🏻

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Update: urgent, still asking for donations for power bills and see my grandpa as much as possible since he's starting to suffer from Alzheimer. Please boost 🍀 

Thanks you so much to everyone who boost and for the the donations so far!

Halfway there for the power bills!

We still need money for food and to pay the train to see my grandparents, because nobody can take care of them and my grandpa really struggles with Alzheimer almost surely.

Please help me see him more 🙏🏻

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hey anyone else notice how our entire political class is dangerously disconnected from the material harms of their incompetence on a vast scale or what

lol i just found out that apparently the "you wouldn't download a car" anti-piracy ad wanted to use some song, but when the artist didn't give them permission they hired someone to write an almost exactly the same song to evade copyright.... and then proceeded to not pay him fairly

anti-piracy is such a joke

if anyone wants an email address, dm me! comes with caldav and carddav and a (mediocre) webmail! I'd love if u could donate some money, but if u cant dw

Great interview and account from Atlanta on the current status of the fight to stop cop city and defend the weelaunee forest. Definitely one of the most inspiring things happening on this big ol rock right now:

@peoplelikedogs @mu @0x520 yeah pretty close ethical open source or copyfarleft would be the more general terms for this class of licenses btw

If you can never remember if you've already sent a follow request to someone, I have a tip for you.

When I send a follow request, I now write it on their profile since you can leave a note there!

Perhaps that's obvious, but I still share it in case than can help, especially if you have ADHD, are autistic and / or deal with memory problems!


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