@ezri much more about what they've continued to not do. Like vet their users or take moderation of bigoted instances seriously. There's really not much to say other than nothing has been done and it has only gotten worse.

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as anti-trans violence escalates, my dear friend Nate is making the incredibly difficult decision to leave Tennessee, where he grew up and where he planned to stay forever. he's got a plan and he's saving $$$ like crazy, but he needs help real bad to get out to the west coast to live with his partner! PLEASE share this even if you can't personally donate ❤️


I think kolektiva makes a good launchpad instance, as in I am defederating it tomorrow.

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Update on Yuzu's Flight to Freedom: She's out of the house, got to the bus station, and is on her first bus of three to get her to my city.

She'll be staying at my place for now, though I really don't have the room - atm, the plan is for an air mattress on the living room floor (I don't have a couch).

CAD 1015/4000


That's the link for the Fund for Yuzu's Future. Boosts are very welcome. We're hoping to get a reasonable first and last month's rent, as well as enough to thrift up some clothes and get some unavoidably new housewares (towels, sheets, that sort of thing).

Sharing is caring! I'm mad grateful for every one of you who's contributed already. Anything you can do to spread the message further would be awesome.

You are a lovely group of people to know, and I'm humbled by your generosity.

#TransJoy #MutualAidRequest #MutualAid

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Landlord just hit me with a late fee.

And will likely hand me a notice tomorrow.

Rent + Fee is $1075 & I have $405.

I've scheduled a few interviews at different places. But they're all retail. Looking at coding bootcamps as well.

If anyone is able to help me avoid houselessness, here's my payment channels. If not, please boost :flan_beg:

CashApp : $olliesmithy
Venmo : olliesmithy
PayPal : erinb3rn

#MutualAidRequest #MutualAid #TransMutualAid #Pride #Housing #Rent #BegPost #Landlord

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Lesbian dot solutions, piss, AI facilitated shitpost 

Dear Representatives of Lesbian.dot Solutions, I write to you to express a growing concern regarding the rivalry between our organizations. I must admit, I find it difficult to contain my admiration for your organization's excellence and distinctiveness. However, please allow me to bring to your attention a matter that has been brought to my notice on a few occasions. It has been reported that members of your team have, possibly inadvertently, caused inconvenience to my spouse by subjecting her to the unwarranted dispensation of urine. We kindly request that such an occurrence be addressed with utmost discretion and preventative measures put in place to avert future recurrence. Thank you for your understanding.

@werefox you know I think he has found a much better outlet for his rage

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My favorite tomato fact is that when they were brought to Europe, people thought they were poisonous.

They were, but only to wealthy people, because the acid in the tomatoes would leech the lead out of the pewter plates they used as status symbols. Everyone else could eat them fine.

Tomato praxis.

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鬼神 Reap Em All 1997
I am trash girl
410,757,864,530 DEAD NIMBYS

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this is a callout post for kolektiva mods 

kolektiva is just an absolute cesspool of an instance that happens to have some good people on it because they were told it was anarchist.

the userbase is extremely large and unmoderated, just in general.

there are military personnel on there and they still have a policy of not blocking any other instances no matter what. Muh frozen peaches!

Enjoy you anarchist brand appeal and wide reach! Anarcho-website boys!

Get your shit together! Review your registrations and take responsibility for harassment directed towards your userbase from other websites! For fuck's sake.

@nohomosuperior I was very happy to see them in my dream and hope to replicate that.

I had a dream where I had fritos, so I got fritos today.

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mutual aid, need to go to store, disabled, can't drive 

I have 2 semi urgent errands to run, and my friend was going to give me a ride but they and their gf are both also disabled

I just found out that they are crashing today, which means they can't drive me to the post office or the grocery store like they were going to

I don't drive and don't live near enough a bus stop to walk to it, though even if I did our buses don't have cars swipers

I just need help getting a Lyft to the post office and the grocery store, any extra will be for groceries

No worries if you can't help, I know most of us are struggling

My PayPal is bonemasque@gmail.com

My cash app is $bonemasque

Boosts welcome and appreciated

Thanks y'all

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Umm.. that movie glorifies farmers. It’s cropaganda

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hey everybody. i have decided to embrace my non-binary identity. after spending my entire transition deliberating the question of whether i deserve the label and what it really means, i have come to realise that it fits how i feel much better. so much love for everyone who unknowingly helped me figure this out, which includes a lot of you here. i used to be afraid that I'd be overcomplicating myself and become more of a burden to others, now i want to stop fighting what i feel and love myself more deeply.

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I'm gearing up to move from a #trans hostile red state to a blue state and am gratefully accepting ko-fis to help me realize that goal! 🙏💓


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hey so my gf @fillertrack needs to get the fuck out of texas and we're raising funds for her! Check it out: gofundme.com/f/get-nat-out-of-

if u donate anything i will be really thankful but ALSO if you donate more than $20 and email a receipt or something to natdrive@shadenexus.com along with a mailing address i will send you :newl: A FLOPPY DISK :newr: of cool stuff!

There are currently :newl: 7 :newr: floppies remaining!

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