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So, hi, we're the Understars system, 80 or so members and counting.
Besides me (Ema), only a few of us would ever post anything, so I'll only give bios for the people who'd post. I'll update as needed. A proxy (I call it that, idk what others do) is what we'll put before a message to show who's talking.

Ema: catbat synth hybrid trans fluxgirl. Pronouns she/her, age 21, sapphic bisexual. Soft and Round, just really soft. Proxies are 「🦇」 or 「√」. (I won't really use them, but they're there in case I do)

Kat: skunk demon girl with 4 arms and tailmaw. Has a cute smile and a cute laugh, just really cute. Pronouns she/her, age unknown (adult), pan lesbian. Proxies are 「🩸」 or 「•」.

Elliana: robot voidgirl with fire magic. Kinda tired of organics' shit, and cool to hang around with. Pronouns she/her, age unknown (adult), ace lesbian. Proxies are 「👾」 or 「×」.

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Paypal, deadname 

I have no income, and even though I'm living with parents I'd still like money?
So uh, yeah.

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General info for follow requests:
Don't follow me if you
-have no age indication in your bio
-are under 18 at all
-do anything distasteful or offensive
-piss me off somehow and/or I don't vibe with you

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oh yeah and both capitalism and state socialist systems are ableist for classifying the worth of a person by their productive output or the productive output of units of people


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If the police are telling you how to protest, it’s a pretty safe bet you should do exactly the opposite if you want to be effective.

So can everyone please stop repeating the “outside agitator” and “anarchist hijacker” tropes.

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on this international woman's day I woud like to remind all interested parties that if you want to, you can just go and be a woman

have you ever wanted to be woman? now you can!!

- use the word "my womanhood"
- bring the advent of a new species, part human part machine
- do any random thing then say "it's a woman thing"
- claim ancestry from the history of women's struggles
- make terfs mad

* woman is 100% recyclable! if you're tired of being a woman, you can stop being woman at any point, no questions asked!
** woman is compatible with all genders and soluble in gender fluid

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I am an endless maelstrom of bad ideas and gay thoughts and I cannot be stopped

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The anarchist
They destroyed their cage
The anarchist is out

Bat on the timeline at 3 am
What will she do?

Sleep probably

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3 stages of transfem (some caps) 

1. am i a girl?
2. omg i am a girl?

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"This person is An Important Community Figure, how dare you criticize them!" is how cults of personality get started, kiddos.

People with megaphones ought to use them responsibly, and questions about how responsible they are being with their megaphones ought to be answered - not drowned out.

(Promoted by Anarchy :anarchy:​ )

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