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Follow Request Thingy 

So I've tried updating this with a long thing but I feel like I'm just making rules to have them and not really wanting them, so, probably final word in for now.

Do: Have your pronouns and age (range) on your profile somewhere.
Don't: be a minor or interact with minors as an 18+ account.

Aside from that, it's just however I'm feeling at the moment. Maybe that's fickle but idc, it's my account I do what I want.

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General info for follow requests:
Don't follow me if you
-have no age indication in your bio
-are under 18 at all
-do anything distasteful or offensive
-piss me off somehow and/or I don't vibe with you

all caps, t slur, it's nothing 

VIBING (36m)
DRY (2h)
TRANNY POWER (indefinite)

there are sinking Titanic themed bouncy houses in 2023, 122 years later.

which means there will be burning world trade center bouncy house slides in...roughly 2123.

food (vegan) 

we are at the dispute over oatmeal phase of marriage

sex at reader, silly, I call you bro and man a bunch for comedic effect 

bro suck my dick bro you gotta bro it's a lifesaving measure, man, it's basically first aid. bro we don't got any antivenom bro, like you gotta suck it out. no it's not even that weird bro, you don't even have to swallow, you can totally spit bro just you gotta act fast!

it's like totally recommended by the red cross bro, you can totally trust me. I'm first aid certified. but you can totally swallow if you want aha it's like only a problem in the bloodstream, man. it totally denatures in stomach acid and it's non-toxic, bro. my cum's like crayons bro, it's non-toxic

"Not gay! Just East German!"

okay sure buddy

congratulations to the spam caller service who figured out how to call the phone on the elevator I'm in to try selling it health insurance with a robot

this guy on a bike was riding by blasting some super upbeat and cheery reggaeton on his Bluetooth speaker, and the guy on the track said "we would like to offer.... our deepest condolences... to those affected by the tragedies of 9/11..." before the music became even brighter and happier

I'm not racist at all, actually. In fact, I used to have a white coworker who once let me take a sip out of his can of monster energy

loss.jpg, police violence, us politics, cad-typical bad art, just plain incomprehensible 

forget the alamo 💀

Shitpost, idk, :gay_weed: 

:ddg: slurs for canadians

violence death gore nsfw 

girls are always asking me "hey Val, will you cut me up into little pieces and dump my remains in the Charles River?" and I'm getting SICK of it

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