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Follow Request Thingy 

So I've tried updating this with a long thing but I feel like I'm just making rules to have them and not really wanting them, so, probably final word in for now.

Do: Have your pronouns and age (range) on your profile somewhere.
Don't: be a minor or interact with minors as an 18+ account.

Aside from that, it's just however I'm feeling at the moment. Maybe that's fickle but idc, it's my account I do what I want.

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General info for follow requests:
Don't follow me if you
-have no age indication in your bio
-are under 18 at all
-do anything distasteful or offensive
-piss me off somehow and/or I don't vibe with you

oh no mr biden haha the railroads keep getting barricaded we can't keep the lines running uwu it wasn't the uwunions haha we just can't run the trains for safety concerns uwu

plural systems discussing the mechanics of their headspaces > any science fiction ever written

technically factually correct 

Can't spell homophobe without homo

Meta, silly lewd(?) 

Red Sus :flagQueerVillainPride: @set@duat.kemet
:acab: :blobcatahegao: :acab: :blobcatahegao:

Religious pantheons are just ancient fediverse instances send toot

Weeaboos are modern day francophiles send toot

the worst covid-19 PSA video you will ever see 

I warned you. 🤢😷

At a parent-teacher conference meeting: 

Teacher: "Your kid is fantastic and really nice and loved by their classmates, but there is one small problem..."

Parent: "Yeah? What is it, nothing about bad grades I hope?"

Teacher: "No, they aren't struggling in any classes, but they refuse to turn in assignments without their homestuck troll typing quirk, which messes with their spelling grade and our spell check system. Can you please ask them to stop using the weird punctuation and exotic old english characters? Is everything okay at home?"

Homestuck and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

terrible nsfw pun 

thank each other for our services after cumming, call that an honorable discharge


$8 to crash the Linux stock price?
Too good to be true! 👩🏻‍💻📉📉📉🐦 :verified:

:verified: :ahegao: torvalds "mr. linux CEO":

I am now enabling Linux premium on all Linux-powered devices which will allow for premium-only features like process scheduling and sending SIGTERM to Edge.exe, now bundled with new installs!

Actionable Threat 

Me when I fucking Get You 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

i think i should, as a disabled person, legally be allowed to carry around a fuck off big sword.

god I love a guy that looks like a girl and a girl that looks like a guy


early full-belly garfield art just hits different when you mix it in with a feed of modern furry art

villians holding out on using their full strength tier list 

D: No reason given, just relying on this being a genre convention.
C: Using that power requires an expenditure of resources they would rather not use.
B: Using that power requires them to tap into something they find embarrassing/disgusting/ugly/etc.
A: They want to feel that moment of danger, when things could go either way. Near perfectly matched in strength. There is no way to know what will happen next.
S: They want to help you grow, become stronger, become something more beautiful, more powerful. They want to witness your progress and feel the exquisite rapture of you conquering them. That you would win was never in question, because they willed it so. You could argue that you could have given up at any point, let them win. But that's not true, they chose you because they knew that you would not ever give up, no matter how long it takes to defeat them.

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