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Follow Request Thingy 

So I've tried updating this with a long thing but I feel like I'm just making rules to have them and not really wanting them, so, probably final word in for now.

Do: Have your pronouns and age (range) on your profile somewhere.
Don't: be a minor or interact with minors as an 18+ account.

Aside from that, it's just however I'm feeling at the moment. Maybe that's fickle but idc, it's my account I do what I want.

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General info for follow requests:
Don't follow me if you
-have no age indication in your bio
-are under 18 at all
-do anything distasteful or offensive
-piss me off somehow and/or I don't vibe with you

uspol (florida specific) 

"I love voting in the primary elections that aren't even hosted in my state this year. Everything is okay and normal as long as a keep thinking about winning."

homestuck warning, kinning 

Kinning is demonstrably not hero worship because of the famous vriska kinnie counterexample.

futire headline, silly, sex mention? unhinged, US libertarians, nickleback 

Ancap Sex Blimps downed in gulf of mexico, mexican coast guard pull embarrassed, unshaven men out of "Ayn Rand flying waifu goon cave". Stay tuned for updates as the situation progresses.

Update: 3/12/46
Found in possession of exotic designer drugs, charged for possession of Nickleback CDs. Outlawed in the north american union's AI cultural reforms of 2038.

thufie what 

Sorry if I ever get possessed by the spirit of a western observer and start policy wonking all over the place. Had to cut a pretty shady deal with a weird career Democrat who wants to siphon my life force. Somehow he needs my bathwater too. Weird. Doctor's orders!

You are legally obligated to appreciate me (a bat) and any other bats you know today uwu

I am being commanded by my wife to post this horrid nsfw (literal) shitpost 

Yeah I can get moustache wax and braid your asshairs into a tight grid pattern. When you take a shit it comes out like a play-doh extruder.

tomorrow i'm going to stare directly at the sun!

gold morning :) *turns you into a pillar of precious metals*

O porcelain brain, O ceramic computer
digital kiln fired teapot filled with hot, steaming data
what's it like to both hold
and, yourself, be the secret?

Top 3 places to find girls ! :
- Drainage Pipe
- Vacant Lot at Night
- Tree

highly compatible women thousands of miles away piloting you remotely, controlling your every move with a jack directly into your brain stem that feeds you cute, sweet romantic yuri and images of incredible gender

Reading my old posts pretending they're someone else's for fun

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