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Follow Request Thingy 

So I've tried updating this with a long thing but I feel like I'm just making rules to have them and not really wanting them, so, probably final word in for now.

Do: Have your pronouns and age (range) on your profile somewhere.
Don't: be a minor or interact with minors as an 18+ account.

Aside from that, it's just however I'm feeling at the moment. Maybe that's fickle but idc, it's my account I do what I want.

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General info for follow requests:
Don't follow me if you
-have no age indication in your bio
-are under 18 at all
-do anything distasteful or offensive
-piss me off somehow and/or I don't vibe with you

Liking my wife's posts counts as flirting right?

Redownloading tusky to read my girlfriend's livetooting of homestuck

Silly lewd 

trans girls trying to see if they can still get an erection

Refusing to drink coffee is praxis
Never wake up, always stay sleepy

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"So-called" "free thinkers" when they "haven't" had their "coffee" yet

pol, shitpost, nsfw 

"You say this country is free, but when I jack off in a polling booth it's public indecency!" - Dennis Prager

Parallel play is when you all sit in the same room and post simultaneously

girl. stink. 

girl who stinks so bad she's a Superfund site :blobcatblush:

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