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:kissinger: 💬 "It's very hot down here. Could someone airdrop me an ice-cold and refreshing Coca-Cola, please?"

Can you believe? They put a man on the moon. He’s going to destroy the sun today

I wish they'd hurry up and finish stealing that fucking car already. The alarm timed out 10 times!

Riddle me this, proprietary software users. Suppose you're skydiving. A #foss baby says he won't open his parachute unless you install Debian (or ask a #woman to do it for you)

could liberals be lighting incense in your home? sources say "it smells like sandalwood."

i don't know if i can glow in the dark, but we're gonna find out *licks the radium paintbrush*

read in your best airport security voice 

Do your part to make air travel weird for everyone. Remember- if you see something suspicious or unusual, say something suspicious or unusual.

until the complete dismantling of the state all political positions should be filled by those who can prove their valor in the ring of honor

im a transgender witch and im a better pilot than anyone @TedCruz has ever flown with send toot

cops at pride? 

yeah we love 'em. it got boring having nobody to throw cocktail glasses at :acab:

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