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"Not the Biggest Fan of Cops"
Spotted in Perth, Western Australia

me: looking at an aerosol bottle or modern cleaning solution "huh that might cause cancer or something no way i'd know..

also me: pries open the weird gel inside my keyboard rest and applies it to my forehead

uspol ukpol wombo combo 

perhaps Joe Biden can take a railroad spike up his ass and sit down to the fucking us rail workers before spewing meaningless drivel of support for the UK strike. Dude that was barely a month ago. Your memory might not work, but ours does. 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂

if i was the government and i was concerned about inflation, I would simply close e621

i think aggregating personal info about people is bad actually

In today's bad #AI thing, apparently someone's made an "AI" (stochastic parrot of centrist neoliberalism) that lets you "talk to historical figures" and it's all kinds of terrible, e.g. Henry Ford being like "I mean I wasn't REALLY anti-Semitic" but this one is... a perfect example of how wrong it is and funny as HELL:

BREAKING: Chinese schoolchildren being forced to recite "dystopian" pledge of allegiance to national flag, according to US-ran Radio Liberty.

personally, i'm more of a lesbian problem

the fact that my girlfriend roots for the same hockey team I like is true love

food, me clowning on the CIA 

CIA agent, sweating: Fidel Castro's ghost personally contaminated the cayenne pepper in this taco bowl, I think I'm gonna be sick. I think I have Havana Syndrome


with the taste of your lips im on a ride

I'm autistic for other girls
W + did ask + cares about you + *infodumps* + *infodumps* + *infodumps* + *infodumps* + *infodumps* + *infodumps* + *infodumps* + *bites you*

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