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dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs *pumping electronic party music ensues*

"but vanta! drug war propaganda says weed is bad for schizophrenics!" 




for me personally at least, it helps calm the constant wave of markov bots shitting in my brain and polluting my thoughtstream with pure nonsense

because, yes, even antipsychotics can only help so much

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ppl these days are trying to claim hydration gang and urologyposters are enemies

and first off: don't pit two bad bitches against each other

secondly: one could not exist without the other <3 they are in love

futurist philosophers: deep fakes are going to undermine the epistemic backstop!! political fake news with realistic faces will ruin the public's confidence in Truth!

real life: (obama voice) joe the homestuck shipping panel is about to start and-

nsfw, us-history? 

:kissinger: 💬 "...absolutely. I guarantee this game will make you cum in less than five minutes. I will stake the international reputation of the United States upon it. Power is the ultimate aphrodesiac, you know..."

:gwbush:​ 💬 "I did 9/11".

:kissinger: 💬 "What? That's not possible. I did both."

135 should not be a multiple of 9 it just looks wrong. why

thoughts on trans genocide, and moving, uspol 

As I leave Texas behind I will be thinking of all my friends being left behind, who are forced to resort to costly and time consuming methods of preparing to continue hormone replacement therapy when it is outlawed. Organizing mutual aid networks that could land them in legal trouble for helping each other retain bodily autonomy. I will be thinking of all the privileged white northern queers who told us we were blowing things out of proportion in the years leading to this. The ones who have lived their whole lives in mayoral democratic dynasty cities, queer refuges, uncritically blaming southern queers for not voting hard enough for Beto or whoever else. The armchair strategists who called us assholes for warning them of what was coming, and had nothing at stake. The ones who never had anything at stake, yet felt the need to shame us for the powers doomed to control our lives by the accident of our jurisdiction. The ones who won't have to plan to move and subvert over the coming months and years smug with their progressive political affiliation and devoid of meaningful action. The ones who tried to warn them, and the ones too comfortable to heed warnings.

It is a hell of a lot to think about. I am greatful for everyone who has contributed to help us, or others, get out of these places. I would encourage you to continue. I'd encourage the lucky ones like me who have found an escape, to not forget the ones we leave behind, and extend the help back home where we are no longer welcome. Thank all of y'all, and fuck you to all the priveleged yankee shits who blamed us, an individual minority with no power, for our state elections. In the coming months illegal DIY circulation networks are going to be crucial, don't forget the ones we leave behind.

whoa, this is awesome, I've never had a white friend before!! haha yeah.... hey man, does this mean I can use the uh... the b-word? y'know, like, "how's it hangin, my buddy?" is that inappropriate?


In 2013 the Dave Matthews Band donated $200,000 to Chicago river conservation out of the goodness of their hearts 🤗🥰☮️

protip: if the boomer defends Russia invading Ukraine, maybe don't take their opinions on other things at genuine face-value! Chomsky, Roger Waters, etc.

"April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain." -American sports legend, Charles Barkley

well somebody told me
you kinned my boyfriend
and fae kinned a girlfriend
that you had in February of last year

gross, ph -, uspol 

henry kissinger's ghost put blood in my pee so i'm sending my er bill to his geopolitical consulting firm :)

have you considered
🐈‍⬛<----itty bitty kitty

asking for money, fundraising moving 

hello internet friends. I am a young trans woman trying to get by and get out of Texas as soon as possible, living with two other trans women from the south in a similar scenario, now that the state of Texas is beginning to compile lists of trans individuals using public records and possibly auctioned datasets as well. I have had a liberapay for a while, mostly to help keep the server I'm on online, as I pay $12.00 a month for that, of which I get less than two dollars in donations monthly. I would really appreciate it at this point if people would be willing to make a small monthly donation of whatever is trivial to you financially, so I can get to the point where I am actually recieving money from liberapay. Here is the link if you can spare some money monthly to donate

All the money goes into a separate bank account I have for fundraising getting the fuck out of texas since the libs are too inept to throw together a political solution to stop the bad stuff to come with all their compromises here. Once some money starts coming in, by the time we can organize getting the three of us out of here and know where we will be going, we won't have to worry as much about all the expenses, so I would really appreciate it as it will add up and mean a lot for me to at least not be losing money as I am trying to get the fuck out of here.

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