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brand twitter is first against the wall when the revolution comes

I think it was very powerful of Suicide Squad to say, What are we some kind of Suicide Squad halfway through

ok can we all stop screwing around and admit that 2021 isnt real... its march 327, 2020 in our hearts

'whats your orientation?'
me? oh im an anarchist
'no i mean who do you like to fuck'
the state :)

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Liberals can in the same breath say, "Fuck donald trump for sneezing directly into his hands" and follow up with "Now Obama's drone strike policy was a delicate decision to make and i can't blame him for murdering innocent people"

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if you cum in an eggroll is it a smeggroll

personal opinion: historians, archivists, archeologists etc. are awesome. discovering our past and preserving our present is an incredible and necessary job.

block ads for your kids instead of letting their brain get molded by whoever can pay for the most YouTube ad spots

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result isn't insanity, it's SCIENCE. I'm not crazy, because i don't expect this to work!

- bugfixing in a nutshell

meant to post this from my controlled opposition alt

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if your account is over 1k you are a mucky little freak

the only WAR stat that matters is the class WAR

i frequently get bullied by my girlfriends for liking sports

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a how to guide on forcefemming yourself with highly sophisticated mind control:
1) open your web browser, go to, and search "optical illusion"
2) cover yourself in women's clothes
3) rotate image
4) skirt go spinny

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