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brand twitter is first against the wall when the revolution comes

hot gender take 

Being socialized AMAB is just not being taught basic hygene

@twisted and I just discovered that we share our anniversary with neil bangin out the tunes day and that's fucking amazing

Printed a bunch of copies of Against Innocence by Jackie Wang to throw in ord3rs because we really don’t care if Daunte Wright had warrants.

If you want a copy but don’t wanna order anything else just DM us a screenshot of a donation to a bail fund and we’ll send ya one.

texas trans folk will make one bathroom gender neutral every day until these bills are killed and our demands are met

ventpost, covid-19, antivaxx bullshit 

vaccinated now! for covid at least

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ventpost, covid-19, antivaxx bullshit 

I'm 20 years old and the... 4th or 5th? vaccine i'm getting in my entire fucking life is the covid jab. Glad to have it yeah but like... i don't want to get measles or tetanus either.

Thanks mom. Sure did wonders for my health there.

april fools 

today is bearable without benzos

ph- but funny 

i, uh, overdosed on tums

i realize what day it is but this isnt a bit im recovering from hypermagnesmia

dont ask how i got here

:gay_weed:, smoking (the bad kind) 

you know youre high when you try to ash your juul

ableist slur and what you should say instead 

anytime my initial thought is to call someone stup*d(i despise that word for the record) i just say "YOU FOOL!" like an old timey supervillain; benefits include:

-not a slur against nd people
-anyone can be fooled
-fool me once shame on you fool me once-twice, uh, can't get fooled again
-at heart i am an anime protagonist and it speaks to that part of me
-far more polite while also being a reference to alfred coleman's 70 alternative accounts, and therefore funny

if you grew up on xbox live and it forced ableism into ur vocab this might be a way to start getting it out please and thank u

demo drop, uspol 

this song was written and recorded in one day with a phone mic but it's still higher quality than ted cruz's beard


music's still coming btw, demos are gonna start dropping sometime next week

(she says knowing full well they aren't recorded yet)

apt69420 ment 

raise your hands if you expected masto to finally get public attention after a (based af) cybercrime done by a user

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