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brand twitter is first against the wall when the revolution comes


DRM is a system for prohibiting legal conduct that manufacturers and their shareholders don't like.

Laws like the US DMCA 1201 (and its equivalents all over the world) ban tampering with DRM, even if no copyright infringement takes place.

That means that manufacturers can design products so that doing things that displease them requires bypassing DRM, and thus committing a felony. It amounts to "felony contempt of business model."


Learning how to make adverts is essentially learning how to brainwash people

So much so that I'm pretty sure I could apply the advertising theories I've learnt into political propaganda, and that's scary


markets bad 

ah yes the book cover that's the background for anprim patrick memes

I don't like anprims but those anprim Patrick memes fucking send me every time

grossout, dashcon ref, piss, uspol 

uspol + 


uspol - the time for direct action and actually making your voice heard 

9/11, US imperialism 

uspol shitpost 

nerdy shitpost 

The well-known hat type "top hat" implies the existence of the less known hat types "bottom hat", "strange hat", "charm hat", "up hat", and "down hat".

vent, again 

short ventpost 

i accidentally wore part of my fursuit out in public. Huge faux paw

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