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Discourse, f slur, homophobia 

Every year there is "Does kink belong at pride?" discourse and every year people with FAGS DIE GOD LAUGHS signs show up uninvited. Kink belongs at pride if for no other reason than those guys getting real quiet whenever they're approached by someone in leather holding an instrument of pain.

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:ddg: alternative search engines to duckduckgo.

in the darkest and deepest crevasses of the internet (twitter, tumblr) the feminist sex wars continue... because war... war never changes...

Taking my social contract to the Target returns desk


Deconstructed dirty martini. Take a shot of vodka and then throw yourself into the ocean

uspol, shitpost 

:kissinger: 💬 "It's very hot down here. Could someone airdrop me an ice-cold and refreshing Coca-Cola, please?"

Can you believe? They put a man on the moon. He’s going to destroy the sun today

Riddle me this, proprietary software users. Suppose you're skydiving. A #foss baby says he won't open his parachute unless you install Debian (or ask a #woman to do it for you)

could liberals be lighting incense in your home? sources say "it smells like sandalwood."

i don't know if i can glow in the dark, but we're gonna find out *licks the radium paintbrush*

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