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fuck marry kill between the id, the ego, and the superego. me? I'm killing all of them. freud can't touch my incomprehensible ass

Isekai'd into another world after being smashed by the giant Judge Judy ad on the front of the bus

To be fair if all I ever got was British food, the preserved 5000 year old carcass of an Egyptian monarch would look delicious as hell to me too

it's chilly, 13° on an autumn midnight. I think the night is right to climb the hill and to descend through the cemeteries

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reading the constitution rn this shit is CRAZYYYY

Nepeta is called that because she is related to the New Economic Policy of the early Soviet Union. The NEPmen were businesspeople who were allowed to exist during Lenin's government, they were allowed to do private trade and took part in a form of small-scale capitalism.

Nepeta, along with the rest of the NEPmen, was "disappeared" after Stalin's rise to power.

Charon, Ferryman of the River Styx 🤝 Commercial Airline Pilots

declaring souls

transphobic slur, Mr. Beast 

Holy shit, they made a Mr. Beast about me! Mr. Beast please give me money.

finding music in 2024 

after arriving home from work, you log on to an Internet chatroom run by your friend, Rose. you and some other punks use the Internet to keep in touch from great distances, and it has largely supplanted the art of letter-writing.

your friend, Aiden, is on-line right now; you recognize his user name, "killthestate69." he's sharing a website created by his roommate where a handful of local bands have their music for sale. you recognize one name, Lily Crystal. you're proud to say that you own her latest album, Nixon & The Great Satan, on cassette tape, which you ordered through the mail. you don't have a cassette player in your car, but you're fortunate enough that your stereo at home has one. nothing good is ever on the radio, you only ever buy directly from the artist these days.

"I totally adore N&TGS," you fawn. "it's really goof," you mistype. "goof," Aiden mocks you. "goof," Rose mocks you. "goof," Cynder mocks you. "goof," "ironmansballsweat" mocks you.

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