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brand twitter is first against the wall when the revolution comes

gotosocial stress testing for clout & profit, a guide by E. Siddon

manifesting a psychic attack by calling you "anon" during sex


the Alolan government hired Unovan researchers who worked with team plasma to create the superweapon at the end of x & y. google operation pokéclip


I'd like to amend my earlier statements on the definition of a planet. Careful study and rational debate are important, so I'd like to float another option that I think might appeal to the more radical astrophiles.

All celestial bodies are planets. Stars are a subcategory of planet which produce light rather than reflecting it.

Human activity has therefore made the Earth into a star.

Zodiac Killer 

It's hard to fully tell, but I think Ted Cruz is sitting in front of a cactus that contains a controlled substance and I am willing to have my taxpayer dollars put to the investigation of this grave injustice.

food shitpost 

irish republicans would make good vegans because they always get derry-free milk

dallas, texas is the capital of the flat earth

if a trans woman tells you she is on her period and you are cis you should probably try to SHUT THE FUCK UP and LISTEN Z<3 :trans:

drug use, pers 

ever? long.
slowed? reverb.
mari? juana.
yup, it's time to plan my escape from texas.

attack on anti-abortion group HQ in Madison, corporate news article 

Fucken based

(Part of me wants to play through the simulation to the point where we're at death camps [lolsob i know we already sort of are....] and the libs are like "i support free speech, but it must be exercised nonviolently by all sides in this increasingly contentious debate")

insurrectionary weed 

i think my vape shop has been exposed to harmful extremist content

asking for help 

Hey, lovelies,

I'm bingo on cash for the next couple weeks. Could you spare a buck or two for some instant ramen to keep me going?

Love you all~ 💖$somarasu


If the core of a celestial body isn't undergoing nuclear fusion, and it's orbiting something that is, it's a planet. Yes that includes Pluto. And Ceres, and Makemake, and many other Kuiper belt objects and so-called "asteroids" yet to be characterized. There are millions of bodies in orbit around our home star and we do them and ourselves a great disservice by only recognizing eight.

software alternative question 

so ive been a mac user for the past few years and have recently switched to a linux pc, what is a good daw similar to studio one?

i'm deeply sorry, this was intended to be a private message. i'm leaving it up as a monument to my ignorance.

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@thufie if you didnt hit the vote button as hard as physically possible, then you didnt vote hard enough for the democrats and youre single handedly responsible for everything bad ever (obv the dems are blameless in all this lol)

homestuck is like porn you know it when you see it

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