I wish anarchists were... anarchist. The dilution of the revolutionary anarchist aesthetic online to near meaninglessness has me uncertain about who actually has my back. For the record, when I say I'm an anarchist, I mean all hierarchies are bad and unsafe. All cops, all empires, all states. If you disagree, why is it in your bio and so core to how you style yourself online? It feels like a lie.

well I guess my problem is that it is a lie.

@thufie heck even the concept of "instance admins" is bad and I wish Fedi was federating with a completely different model

@kescher evidently some people can only reimagine this as online bureaucracy, which I am not a fan of, but on the whole I agree.

@thufie @kescher I've sometimes tried to write software with collective consensus in mind but it goes against the grain of a lot of programming. How to define a "user" and "roles" for example gets real interesting when that's supposed to be fuzzy and ever changing. I'd love for a promote/demote user to admin button, everyone takes turns and uses good reporting/mod tools to check each other

@thufie (whatever happened to a "knocking" type of federation instead of "yes you may always federate fully by default" or "no you may not federate at all by default")

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