Shields to full power! I've made a consumer technology post!

I am fucking checking to make sure you unfollowed your racist internet friends it just might take a while for me to get the information of your server. however I can assure you the nature of coaxing it out will be most humane.

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A family can mean a lot of things and they are all beautiful!!

valve as champion of "gaming on Linux" rant 

"Proton" has done wonders for Linux gaming.
Today I found out you can't filter for native linux titles in your steam library anymore. Valve's Hubris has wasted a lot of my girlfriend's time thinking that a compatibility layer yoinked from the community for windows games is "native". It is almost like they want people to think "Linux" is buggy shitware because they rushed a hardware project out to market filling in all the tech gaps with community passion projects and duct tape.

Wine setup correctly with all the bells and whistles is great, but treating it like "native" and denying it has an impact on people when most games have at least performance issues under Wine, if they work at all, makes the platform look bad as a whole. Linux isn't bootleg windows simulator, you can actually make games and ship for it, and a growing number actually do have Linux native ports! Let me see them! I hate how Valve treats them in comparison to a flood of legacy games and new shitware games that don't run consistently.

Obviously fuck Valve for so many other reasons, but this really pissed me off today. Thanks for the "Just Breaks" experience GabeN

pt2 cursed? silly breasts mention directed at reader 

girls with big thighs from biking there instead

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cursed? silly breasts mention directed at reader 

Apply Now!

Hey website boy? Can I make a humble suggestion for upstream? I think it really suits the new brand push for better marketing data for our new journalist friends.

Hey what's up y'all we're just checking in from you better not be shitposting on the fediblock hashtag (we are checking)

mean girls meme, meta 

"its okie sweetie I just need to double down on my new philosemitic obsession with a rabbinical ethics term I heard about a week or two ago and everything will turn out great. just breathe. I am not racist."

re-applies lipstick

admin announcement: gnomefield is being sent to the shadow realm. say your goodbyes.

ben shapiro ec 

this boy sure knows how to hold some wood

:emacs: information 

hey have I mentioned that I'm an :emacs: girl?

all negotiating with billionaire bootlickers for infrastructure will ever do is get us this lmao

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