Who did it better? (left image is an official US Govt Meme about 9/11)

marginalized people are the stable bedrock of sturdy projects of theory and praxis. lean-in feminism never even hired a geotechnical engineer to inspect the foundations.

At this rate I might have to have 4 different login sessions for different purposes on wayland and X11, KDE and Gnome. I think I might end up like one of those weirdos wearing the display privacy hood late at night at this rate.

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check out my personal website to see a few updates I've added maybe? There is a new Ko.fi donation button design I made others may be interested in.


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I was looking at the Hebrew Wikipedia page for the Roswell Incident and found this beautiful computer graphics abstract representation of the "crash site".

badly edited food/groceries (nonvegan included), slime 

Remember slime fridge?
Pepperidge farm remembers. :slime:

selfie, no ec, :weed: , slightly flirty 

Not a fan of crowds lately, but the periphery can be gay too.

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