Half the fridge screens are dead, the other half show the wrong contents. 🫡

uspol, grindr screenshot 

This dude is some hot shit, re-opening the conversation with this. Cheers to the lucky recipient of this message (I asked permission to share).

I'm not currently in such dire staits as I was pre-move, but my family could always use help. I have to pay some recurring expenses related to domain names, and could always use help with groceries and bills for the household.

I've switched off of ko-fi and liberapay for now, and moved to buymeacoffee.com/boofie which allows one-time donations, or a recurring "membership" for $2.

Thank you all for the support I recieved previously! A successful story for ! Make sure to support others via the tag before you start giving more than $2 monthly, which is why I've set that limit. I get a lot of reach on here, but no so much for others, so don't stop at this post.

some abstract digital art 

Kid Pix! Kid Pix! It's fun to play with Kid Pix! Yeah! :ralseiblunt: (my wife @twisted helped make this)

vegan "food" 

I am contemplating the forbidden vegan salami

My cats have stolen our little hand-sized gay pride flag so often they are gonna end up chewing through the stick where they pick it up in their mouths.


Emacs on Android guide and overview 

Install Termux from the emacs Sourceforge first for userland tools. Your emacs app will share a shared app user id and signature with Termux to access its applications with a path variable in a shared home directory, so you get them both built from the same source to avoid package signature conflicts. You cannot do this with the F-Droid version of either app. Make sure your new Termux environment from sourceforge is up to date before you install emacs.

Next check out the README from sourceforge.net/projects/andro
for further instructions. But basically grab a Termux apk and a Emacs apk from the "termux" directory in this sourceforge project for your android version. The command 'uname -m' in an adb shell will tell you your device architecture. Install and setup Termux first, then emacs. Allow management of all files in both apps with app info. Configure emacs early-init config like the README tells you, and viola. Here is a screenshot showing It works, in my current emacs phone config. You pinch zoom to resize text per buffer, and the menus work on touchscreen. Keyboard pops up when a buffer is writeable, and can be configured to be always visible. You can have modifier key mode bar buttons too.
:emacs: 📲

dog chiropractor, kink adjacent?! sillypost, sfw 

bad puppyboys get sent to the animal cracker @ezri

I hope I get to live long enough to witness the groverhaus of the sea


Well I guess there isn't explicitly piss, but...

Anyways yeah I hate these talking flowers so much. I wish I could turn them off.

just get a look at this hot garbage. nintendo switch baby!

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