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trans femme mating calls on my TL 24/7 , lol this website is so gay

Some people are hesitant to embrace a less automotive dependent world because bikes are less accessible. That's a reasonable concern, so I'd like to link to an example of what accessibility looks like when the urban environment which is made to facilitate bike travel.

Anarchist Cybernetics posting 

An excerpt from the book by Thomas Swann. :ancom:

Note that the use of the word "democracy" here is in line with the revolutionary anarchist interpretation in places like the EZLN and Rojava, and not in the state authority of majoritarian institutions like representative and "direct democracy".

drugs talk, :weed: pt3 

Here's the text on the packaging. Sorry the pictures are sideways, but I have provided full captions. Keep in mind that delta 9 THC is the active ingredient in smoked cannabis and the specific substance that is banned in the so-called US state of Texas. I'm not sure if I agree with the packaging's statement that it is like a delta 9 THC high, but I haven't smoked regular weed in a while so I think I'll only give my opinion on that comparison later.

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tusky multi-account bug 

Tusky did the thing where it signed me out of one of my accounts for seemingly no reason, but this time after logging back in I have duplicate accounts on the account that didn't initially dissapear?

In the acknowledgements for CBL-Mariner,
Microsoft's Linux distribution: (see image)

If this won't convince you free software losers that the FSF's licensing strategy is too milquetoast to avoid corporate assimilation idk what will. Use licenses that disrupt corporate interests and are truly incompatible with destructive corporations trying to enclose the commons.

bad news: my laptop overheated in the middle of a complex update so I had to reinstall

good news: I get to redecorate! :3

I like gruvbox vibes, but just a little darker in some places (more lava themed).

under anarchist communism everyone will have a pair of SOAP shoes and get to grind rails on their way to the local free store

World's largest gummy worm xl

(I'm about to make a bad life decision)

Selfie, ec 

Surprise I'm actually a cyber horse girl

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