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proof 🐈‍⬛

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NATO flag captured and burned in solidarity with Rojava's fight against Turkey's fascist invasion of northern syria.

Death to all empires. :blobblocraccoon:

uwu :P

this clever bird stole an orange survey flag for nestbuilding, couldn't get a picture of the bird flying it up to the gutter overhang
seems to have a nesting partner too!

nature is healing and construction is resurveying 🙏💜 :ecoanarchism:

israel/palestine anarchist politics and history 

"In the adrenaline rush to become an opposition, we should have taken greater care not to lose the characteristics that also make us a well-rounded alternative, as these two do not always correlate. In many ways, circumstances and a lack of analysis have caused AAtW (Anarchists Against the Wall) to become an inverted or cracked-glass reflection of the state’s point of view, instead of reflecting something altogether different. This helps explain why it feels so natural for us to cooperate with even the most racist, misogynist, homophobic, intolerant religious zealots the Palestinian resistance has to offer. The philosopher was right in cautioning us about gazing into the abyss, and emphasizing that everything unconditional is a pathology—solidarity included." (on limitations of the anarchist struggle being reduced to palestinian liberation at the time)

:jewish_anarchism: this whole thing is a good read and I suggest analyzing the role "nonviolence" played and still plays today on both sides of the wall. Especially for westerners who just rebroadcast headlines from the region and wave palestinian flags on sidewalks with BDS occaisionally. Perspective!

a knife 

girls with 👠
billionaires with 🍆

this is why I hate discord. use your fucking public bug tracker

the beans are sleepy this morning and are crawling in bed to rest :3

even Trit gets tired every once in a while

selfie no ec/face 

felt cute might delete later btw send me money on liberapay

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