badly edited food/groceries (nonvegan included), slime 

Remember slime fridge?
Pepperidge farm remembers. :slime:

selfie, no ec, :weed: , slightly flirty 

Not a fan of crowds lately, but the periphery can be gay too.


New sonic game! :emblem_sonic:

So hyped!

Keep your movement and events clean from authoritarian ideologies and symbols

hypno spiral inside re: txpol, kink mention, sillyness, misinfo btw 

Texas GOP's nightmares after they clear their browser search history.

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I am reading about the weird ancap seasteading fantasy stuff and looking at what these people think. Since crypto and finance bros are a big part of it now, somebody realized that ultimately people need to, you know, dock somewhere. So a user on r/seasteading has invented sealording, leasing out pier space to seastead buildings like shops. Of course since this is just some gullible american, they can only think of two types of businesses. Very funny to me.

At this point I guess the appeal is they can go offshore to somewhere else when their business gets in trouble with the law lmao.

uspol, silly 

But who will react the reactor?

non-vegan food 

I found something on the internet

elon musk, animal gore description, image from JoJo's bizarre adventure 

elon musk is just trying to bring back good ol' industrialist tradition of miscellanious ridiculous inventions that all have the side effect of compacting lots of rats into homogenous flesh cubes.

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