anarchist pol, re: all uncw'd usian bullshit in advance 

I just block anyone who argues that (distorted and filtered) demographics legitimize the violence of the state. I fled the south because of the repurcussions of that inane bullshit, so here's your bi-annual advance notice for stupid loud americans going on moral diatribes about elections. So you could say it is a bit personal given the impact this bullshit has had on my life.

Here's an anarchist critique of democracy, just another of many ways of "governing".

Deposit your vote in the replies and I promise I will give it the same serious consideration any government official would 🗨️➡️🚽.

This little rant is nowhere near as much a waste of time as an entire fucking "election year". The purpose of a system is what it does, not your immaterial patriotic bullshit.

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