western observe deez nuts 

Not even total, international, solidarity of all relevant local anarchist groups can overcome the crafted stupidity of the western observer. The observer always seems to be able to comfortably say they fought for nothing, without wrestling with a fraction of their reality.

Don't be that person who is easily infused with doubts of what we're told are foreigners rather than comrades. People of a national narrative rather than afforded the independence you would characterize those with free will as having. That's psy-op shit, campist narratives spun to keep us distracted and busy amongst ourselves by various states, militaries, etc.

Rule of thumb:
If all the local anarchists to the region agree, and some western dipshit doesn't, I know who I'm taking less seriously. If you can't read their opinion, wait for them to translate it, as that is the gap nationalist propaganda attempts to fill before they can broadcast their thoughts. If you start talking about ethnic nations bound to soil, you're the dipshit observer.

Keep your movement and events clean from authoritarian ideologies and symbols

Queer acceptance into capitalism and state systems is just assimilation into cisheternormative lifestyles :anartrans_symbol:


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