israel/palestine anarchist politics and history 

"In the adrenaline rush to become an opposition, we should have taken greater care not to lose the characteristics that also make us a well-rounded alternative, as these two do not always correlate. In many ways, circumstances and a lack of analysis have caused AAtW (Anarchists Against the Wall) to become an inverted or cracked-glass reflection of the state’s point of view, instead of reflecting something altogether different. This helps explain why it feels so natural for us to cooperate with even the most racist, misogynist, homophobic, intolerant religious zealots the Palestinian resistance has to offer. The philosopher was right in cautioning us about gazing into the abyss, and emphasizing that everything unconditional is a pathology—solidarity included." (on limitations of the anarchist struggle being reduced to palestinian liberation at the time)

:jewish_anarchism: this whole thing is a good read and I suggest analyzing the role "nonviolence" played and still plays today on both sides of the wall. Especially for westerners who just rebroadcast headlines from the region and wave palestinian flags on sidewalks with BDS occaisionally. Perspective!

electoralism is when you hand your little sibling the unplugged player 2 controller so they can "play along"

La anarquía explicada a los niños de José Antonio Emmanuel, con ilustraciones de Alfonso de Anda, Chop Suey y La Puga.

Anarchy explained to children by José Antonio Emmanuel in english without illustrations:

leftists/anarchists critique the cancerous organizational form from a vital cell instead of another cancerous undead organizational form challenge

Don't read this uncritically, but with an open mind. Cybernetics does not relate to an ideal organizational mode, but can only serve as a diagnostic tool for our existing ones (some of which I definitely think have outlived being healthy!)

statesperson (statesman) ≠ politician

Never has and never will. Outside of the colonial/colonized world if you wanted to lead, you needed to...

*checks notes*

... actually try to accomodate their needs and desires to earn their trust and cooperation? Instead of just sending armed mercs after them if they disagreed.


Let's just say there is a reason that word isn't used very often in english anymore :P

You will never operate the helm. You will never institute, enforce, and direct state policy. You have to get realistic and understand what you and your accomplices can be doing NOW!

:ancom: :acab:

Anarchist Cybernetics posting 

An excerpt from the book by Thomas Swann. :ancom:

Note that the use of the word "democracy" here is in line with the revolutionary anarchist interpretation in places like the EZLN and Rojava, and not in the state authority of majoritarian institutions like representative and "direct democracy".

pol, Democracy and Socialism 

Nothing about Democracy makes it socialist. The outcomes of Democracy are random and majoritarian and in no way inherently socialist. If anything the outcomes are the result of sectarianism, fascism, and/or class organization and class warfare (neoliberalism). The question of whether you want Democracy versus Anarchy, or even Authoritarianism (which I'd also firmly denounce), is never weighed in terms of outcomes. Anarchy has a very idealized outcome whereas Democracy is a ideologically-barren organizational machine with inconsistent outcomes only consistently serving to reproduce itself. The means should shape the ends, think about whether you think Democracy has anything to do with that, or if you just still have some capitalist ideological programming to wash off.


A Manifesto for designing "Unscale" - against Scale 

"Scale" is often code for "manageable centralization" and the alternative of decentralizing using collective common resources to increase autonomy and reduce waste never comes up as a design alternative.

We should seek systems that don't "scale" in this sense, but instead manages increased complexity by relinquishing levers of centralized management in exchange for the benefits of a cooperating plurality of autonomous systems. An example of this would be giving up centralized mutability of webpages on a server to instead embrace immutable content served via IPFS or similar technologies to the greatest extent possible. The opposite of this would be to instead insist on an increased level of control (central web server handles everything) and invest more money into scaling up your hosting capabilities with a cloud provider or CDN as demands on your centralized host accrue.

The problem is that the internet's physical infrastructure is increasingly favoring asymmetrical power relations by offering users higher download speeds at the expense of upload speeds, while physically centralizing the machines with access to fast upload speeds in datacenters and other centralized facilities. If we are going to see viable systems of "Unscale", this must change.

Design against the resource and power hoarding of Scale and Capital's demands for it, or reduce every user to a thin client chained to the central authority! Unscale, for the powers that aren't and will never be!


The Meta-anarchist politics is a politics of love and negotiating fulfillment of differing goals to the fullest extent and that's beautiful

freeciv posting 

I thought I'd share the civ select screen for freeciv-anarchy and then I ended up 40 turns into a new game whoops.

Can anyone good with mapmaking help with this?

I have this description of what the territory of the Korean People’s Association in Manchuria (KPAM) ultimately came to control before being wiped out by imperial Japan and the soviets:

"It came to enclose a triangular area bounded by the Amur on the east, the Sungchangho River to the west and the \ Harbin-Hunchun highway to the south. It comprised 35,000 square kilometers—three times the size of the area \ controlled by the Makhnovtchina in the south of Ukraine from 1918 to 1921."

Does anyone know an easy way to map that territory and overlay it onto a modern map showing geography and placenames?

silly freeciv-posting 

In breaking news the cities of Ashqelon, Tel Aviv, and Yafo decide to become autonomous regions and join sides with the Zapatistas!

Announcing freeciv-anarchy! A mod adding 5 anarchist "civs" to freeciv.

Working on S3_1 branch. Install guide included.



decided I'd play a little game just to make sure the mod was stable. Got two settlers from huts right away! Just one more turn...

I'm adding some anarchist "civs" to freeciv and I'll probably release it as a mod if I add more. Anybody have suggestions for what I should add. Ideally with a link to an svg of their flag and a page with some info on them such as city names or what territory they controlled (if documentation is scarce and no wikipedia page on it exists), but if you don't have the time feel free to just reply.


Something about capitalism that particularly grinds my gears is when corporations make threats to their business model illegal through shit like DRM and anti-piracy laws, halting egalitarian technological progress through the coercive force of the state.

We could all have full control of the technology we're sold and the information we have, for sharing, repairing and improving, with our current technology. The law and the interests of those in power are holding us back as much as old monarchs who tried banning the printing press for undermining their stranglehold on knowledge.

We could live in a world where technology serves us and not someone in a position of power, and where knowledge is freely available to everyone regardless of status, but capitalism, the state, and hierarchical debt arrangements which depend on coercion hold us back.

So fuck this shit, become a pirate and practice radical mutual aid with your favorite and most needful creators supporting them directly.

:black_bloc_blob: :ms_pirate_flag:


If people just wait for the next DRM, the next antipiracy crackdown, etc instead of taking a social analysis with a stated ideal position and seeking it, then we're always on the back-foot trying to regather support for every slightly rehashed attack on autonomy. It is reactionary, and for every step forward there are two steps back. Take a position with a stated end goal and a way to identify threats to autonomy within an ideological framework before they have a chance to take hold, and we begin to have real power.

I want a society which doesn't embed social hierarchies in the operation of machines and seeks an egalitarian universal right to information for all. Not just another fight against new DRM laws.

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