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I'm finally using my Pillowfort account for something! Catch me for posts once in a blue moon when my ramblings elsewhere amount into something.

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Gonna label myself as a bi lesbian largely out of spite for exclusionists


My ears hurt. I can still hear the negative space left by the alarms

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Yeah I am 99% certain that it was a faulty unit based on observations. Landlady had an alarm under her arm. The fire department came by and did CO checks, seemed satisfied with what they read, I just wanna go back to sleep

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anyone know how to adjust the automatic fan speed control on a computer? our laptop gets way hotter than we'd like sometimes and we're willing to sacrifice some quietness for coolness

Good morning, or I hope a better morning than mine at least

Fire alarms are going wild and because they're all linked we have no idea why or which one

We also don't know if they're CO detectors or not so we all opened our windows just in case

I can't get the cats out from under the bed so I'm kind of glad it's (probably) not a fire?

Anyone else HATE self-driving road cars?

Like, they're struggling to figure out road condition signalling, lane keeping, automated clearance - all problems trains have had solved for decades if not centuries.

I wanna curl up in bed with my loved ones and snuggle

This is my favorite kind of code project - it's sloppy and arcane but it does something cool, enjoy my infinite vector bird avatar generator:

🐲 🐭 🀳 (eye contact) 

Behold... zy true form...!

Done by GrannyGoblin on Twitter

*proceeds to cuss while digging out her altoids RS232 UART breakout tin*

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No stream tonight in solidarity with the Amazon black friday boycott.



me: hey, maybe I can set up libreelec on my pi so I can watch youtube from bed. that surely can't fail spectacularly, right?


me: :I


aaand the USB drive that came with the printer is predictably failing as well, for a double corruption whammy.


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Hello! Pronoun and wearable art pins made entirely by me are up and ready for purchase. Please remember all of these are 100% hand drawn. Every single one. I am one disabled person doing my best, so sometimes lines aren't perfect but I do my best to sand off sharp edges and give you all the silly customizations your heart desires.

You can buy these from my etsy (link below)

however, if you don't like etsy (and listen, I get why) you can also purchase these from me directly here, we'll work out whats best for our transaction. Okay? Cool. Thanks for the boosts and for supporting a queer, indigenous artist πŸŽ‰

✨ Etsy:


oh ffs

my 3D print file got corrupted and made the printer start printing garbage. I'm not sure if I can even filter it out of the resin because it's a sticky sheet now

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Me: making dinner!

My brain: depression!

Me: oh.

My dumb ass just hit the end of my resin bottle after finally troubleshooting my bad 3D prints :c

Yesterday some comrades were suggesting that people donate to the Mashpee Wampanoag. Earlier this year they dealt with an attempt by the federal government to revoke government recognition of their tribe & the land rights that entailed. They also run a community food bank. The US government recognizes today as Native American Heritage Day (controversially, as it coincides with what has unofficially been the major commercial free-for-all called Black Friday for decades now), so today seems like a good day to share their donations page

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