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bev, a comedy of errors 

signs that you need coffee:
* you forget to turn on the coffee maker
* you forget to grind the beans and get the thought of coffee
* you forget to put the grounds in the coffee maker and get a nice hot cup of water
* you forget to close the coffee maker and get a nice faceful of hot water
* you forget to add milk, cream, and/or sugar
* you forget to take your coffee with you

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Anatomy of a moth:
* flappers
* fluff
* cutie detectors
* lamplookers
* snoot
* squeaker (select models only)
* leggies
* peets
* tum

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I'm finally using my Pillowfort account for something! Catch me for posts once in a blue moon when my ramblings elsewhere amount into something.

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Gonna label myself as a bi lesbian largely out of spite for exclusionists

hrt joke 

okay, doc, I understand why I need to take these pills, but why are you prescribing that I play this old video game about a tiny dragon?

on birdsite, i made a post about how i liked seeing myself now, as i used to hate my reflection. i rememberd this picture i did and i felt like redoing it

April 2019 vs June 2021

Oh right! It's the Summer Sale! 😱

You can get all my spooky-sweet stories of necromancy, including my novel, novelette and two short stories, for 50% off (or a little over $5 for the lot).

Proper promotional post about it tomorrow, but have a link!

death of a shitty person 

lol john mcafee fuckin dead

holy shit freenode has started referring to itself as the "freenode autonomous zone" and insisting they are now beyond the laws of the state hosting their servers

this is beyond parody at this point

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

I stan trans-supportive Germany. And they say this country has no humor.

asking for advice about disabilities and work :boost_ok:​ 

My partner (it/its) is disabled and can't work jobs that require standing for a long time or moving heavy objects, and struggles with positions that require emotional labor. We're trying to find work for it, but we're not sure where to start looking. It doesn't have a degree yet, but has uncertified skills in a few programing skills. If anyone has any advice or experience, it would be much appreciated. Boosts deeply appreciated

Ah yes, URL GRAY. My favorite tea flavour.

Side effect: 418 I'm a teapot

don't ya wanna hug that dog?
don't ya wanna pet that doggg?

...walkies are good

hello i want to draw you a free art! please! i'm in such a funk
preferred r pony ocs, pokemon (incl ocs), ffxiv characters... but really anything i just need a visual reference sldkfj

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