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Hi everyone, just letting you know I have a gamedev-centric alt on @lampfairy <3 Hoping to use that environment to help me focus on development stuff, so I'll post my progress and boost useful development insight there. Give me a follow if you're interested! <3

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PSA: Please don't fav my - posts. If you want to show support, just say it. Anything will do.

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My streamer friend Jojo made a chibi of me! It came out really cute c:

If you wanna see them draw or game, they're on

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Hey everyone, want to borrow ebooks from on YOUR terms? 

Here's a method I came up with using Calibre, on all platforms where it's supported.

1. Install the DeACSM and DeDRM plugins into Calibre
2. In the plugin preferences, configure DeACSM and set up anonymous authorization, then export the encryption key and import it into DeDRM's ADE keys
3. Restart Calibre! This is important!
4. On, find the book you want to borrow and loan it out
5a. If you can borrow it for two weeks, do that and download it in the format you prefer
5b. If you can only borrow it for an hour or it doesn't give you a download, borrow it anyway, then copy the identifier in the metadata, add it to the following URL:<IDENTIFIER GOES HERE>&format=pdf&redirect=1 and download that (you can also change the format to epub or similar but it may not always be available)
6. Add the ACSM file to Calibre and it'll download it and then decrypt it for you
7. Be sure to return the book so other people can use it right away!

Happy reading!

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Anatomy of a moth:
* flappers
* fluff
* cutie detectors
* lamplookers
* snoot
* squeaker (select models only)
* leggies
* peets
* tum
* and most importantly, bum

Ph- tired mad caps 

I am so tired.

My head is spinning

Please stop fucking against the bedroom wall and let me SLEEP

Teetering at 90% funded!

Today I secured the storage space and setup the logistics to get me physically out of this situation, posthaste. More updates there soon.

I'm grateful to have both an online and offline community to rally around me. I absolutely had fallen into the mental trap of "no one cares" and "maybe it's not so bad" but neither were true.

I needed to ask for help, and that has been hard. I absolutely need to get away from this.

I'm deeply grateful.

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I have too many memories running through my head for sleep to take me

Financial help request 

I got laid off early this year and have been running myself ragged on Doordash trying to make ends meet, but it's been horrible and my savings are pretty much evaporated. Rent and other bills are due really soon and I really need all the help I can get. Sorry to ask again so soon...

February Wizard Council Banned Spells List:

-The Ten Hells
-Instant Bisection
-Astral Blockchain
-Quicheify Person

Sketched this month's patreon designs. I like them, so here's a little preview of what is coming next week.

#Fairy #Pixie #TabletopCharacters #MakioArt #MastoArt #CharacterDesign #Sketch #WIP


Disregarding everything that happened in the last two posts, Elfi made curry

I've been on Fedi for nearly six years now and all y'all still catch me off-guard with your discourse sometimes


That's a migraine coming on, shit, just as I was about to go out and get meds

ever since I discovered how much I needed yukabacera being a goof in my life again, I have been starving

While #DnD and derived settings might use trappings from the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, they very frequently betray their American origin.

One good example is that settlements are often spaced many days apart, even in otherwise fertile areas. While this might be plausible for deserts and other sparsely inhabited regions, in Central Europe settlements were rarely more than an hour's worth of foot travel away from the next village.

The extremely low settlement density of D&D settings is more indicative of the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Old American West than Europe.

I'm seeing a lot of heated debate and hotter takes this morning. Is this a sign I should log off for the day?

Never, I'll never log off

Daily sketch #3 - Noodle bean!
Something different this time and I had a lot of fun while doing this cutie!

I'm thinking about opening slots for those for 15 USD - if you would be interested in bean like this, contact me!

Timelapse process will be available on Ko-fi 💜

#dragon #dragonart #chibi #cute #fantasy #fantasyart #furry #furryart #commission #sketch #daily

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