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My streamer friend Jojo made a chibi of me! It came out really cute c:

If you wanna see them draw or game, they're on

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Hey everyone, want to borrow ebooks from on YOUR terms? 

Here's a method I came up with using Calibre, on all platforms where it's supported.

1. Install the DeACSM and DeDRM plugins into Calibre
2. In the plugin preferences, configure DeACSM and set up anonymous authorization, then export the encryption key and import it into DeDRM's ADE keys
3. Restart Calibre! This is important!
4. On, find the book you want to borrow and loan it out
5a. If you can borrow it for two weeks, do that and download it in the format you prefer
5b. If you can only borrow it for an hour or it doesn't give you a download, borrow it anyway, then copy the identifier in the metadata, add it to the following URL:<IDENTIFIER GOES HERE>&format=pdf&redirect=1 and download that (you can also change the format to epub or similar but it may not always be available)
6. Add the ACSM file to Calibre and it'll download it and then decrypt it for you
7. Be sure to return the book so other people can use it right away!

Happy reading!

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Anatomy of a moth:
* flappers
* fluff
* cutie detectors
* lamplookers
* snoot
* squeaker (select models only)
* leggies
* peets
* tum

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Gonna label myself as a bi lesbian largely out of spite for exclusionists

β€œGrowth is one of the stupidest purposes ever invented by any culture; we’ve got to have an enough. We should always ask β€˜growth of what, and why, and for whom, and who pays the cost, and how long can it last, and what’s the cost to the planet, and how much is enough?’”

Donella Meadows via Kate Raworth

Donella Meadows was the environmental scientist who was the lead author on 1972 "The Limits to Growth" report for the Club or Rome.

once read a story about some parents who decided instead of telling their young kids that Santa isn't real, told them that Santa is a spirit of joy and unselfishness and that the big secret is that people have the power to do what Santa Claus does and the kids responded by combining their allowance to buy slippers for a neighbor that was always cranky with them. They wanted to give him Christmas joy too. I'm.

Xenia logo/icon we made! Licensed under the Unlicense (public domain), license text can be found at the GitHub repo (



Completely and entirely free for you to use! Use it, sell it, advertise with it, edit it, draw on it, modify it, distribute it, do whatever you want with it! /g

Please note that the attached PNG file is very low resolution, meant to be an icon. You can re-export it as high-res from the SVG.

As techies, I don't think a lot of us get what a more repairable future might look like. We've lived in a disposable, planned obsolescence present for so long, we have to look at decades old tech to see what that might be like.

For example, headphones:

tech, crypto nonsense 

So I went to sell some old laptops that I had (decommissioned and destined for the scrap heap originally) to the local computer store to make some scratch, one of the guys said the owner is getting into the gaming PC market because they had a bunch of spare video cards

This store had some LED-lit video cards sitting out in the open going at full speed so I suspected something was up for a while, and I asked, "what, did he used to mine etherium or something?" yep, turns out. lol.

I'm haggling the hell up on these laptops, then ceasing business with them, don't care if they're local if they're gonna be scamming people into a bunch of old mining cards

Anyone looking for someone to join their #gameDev team? I'm pretty versatile: I'm good at programming (mainly JavaScript and C# for Unity but I can adapt easily) and I can do art, music, or even voice acting. I basically just need a team for motivation and because it's too exhausting to do *all* that's needed for *every* game I make, even though I have the skills individually!

begpost, please boost, urgent! 

Alright friends and loved ones. It’s the big one.

Help me pay for my moving costs and first month’s rent! AND HELP GET ME THE HELL OUT OF FLORIDA!!! I love you all, and thank you for anything you can contribute <33333

out of context FP2 quote, caps 


J.K. Rowling, long post, read and show it to your cis friensd, boosts welcome 

I'm gonna need cis people to understand that J.K. Rowling is not a neutral/good/apolitical person with a bad habit. She is an evil, actively harmful agitator who has been a, if not the, central figure of laundering and libwashing a ultra-far-right hate and terrorist movement, whose hatespeech has encouraged very real, very deadly violence, who has served as inspiration and justification to fascists world-wide, both Putin and the Republicans, who has an immense wealth which she most likely uses to fund said hate movement as well, who has been a vocal supporter of openly fascist and anti-semitic ideologues (such as Magdalen "Soros funds the transes" Berns), who has lent massive amounts of publicity and credibility to far-right figures and those who openly collaborate with the far-right, and who has been quoted verbatim by fascist Republicans in their campaigns for deadly anti-trans bills.

She not your nice aunt who's a little weird. To put it in terms HP fans understand, she's not Molly Weasley, she's Bellatrix Lestrange. She is a key figure of the anti-trans movement that has acted as a vanguard for the fascist resurgence. She has been directly co-responsible for spawning the conspiracy theories you now see on Tucker Carlson and Libs of TikTok. She has spear-headed the campaign that has sabotaged the GRA reform. She has praised far-right ideologues such as self-described theocratic fascist Matt Walsh.

She is a fascist enabler. Treat her as such. Treat her like Orson Scott Card or Varg Vikernes. Don't buy her shit. She's got riches to last her several lifetime, and spare change to fund a dozen fascist movements without ever running out.

You know what you need in your life? More Caribbean literature and non-fiction.

I shared 10 of my favorite works in this little post from a while back. And I think it's still a solid list.

Should I make another? :P


Instance admins, I advise you to block chudbuds dot lol.

was created 16/09, is now home of thousands of kiwifarmers. receipts below.


if you're in Seattle and want to help out at a union picket you're invited to Red Square on UW Campus at 4PM tomorrow. SEIU 925 is in contract bargaining and we're trying to drum up support among UW students for the raises we need. (some of my union siblings are working while homeless). Come join the crowd!

just now realizing that popsockets are how women, tending to be smaller handed, manage to hold a phone securely but reach across it with one hand. i curse every large handed engineer that never had to think much about it and i curse the designers who would rather make the factory model Sleek than add affordances for use

btw have yall seen the steam deck mascot (in japan at least)

their name is pal

Freedom Planet 2, character crouching animation 

If you stay crouched with Milla long enough she rolls over

It's official- the studio I work for is shuttering in a month.

If you need or know someone who needs either:

- A Unity/C# Generalist

- A programmer with a background in music / audio technology

- An Art Hacker with gallery / museum experience

for paid work, I would deeply appreciate the connection

Boosts much appreciated.

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