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Hi everyone, just letting you know I have a gamedev-centric alt on @lampfairy <3 Hoping to use that environment to help me focus on development stuff, so I'll post my progress and boost useful development insight there. Give me a follow if you're interested! <3

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PSA: Please don't fav my - posts. If you want to show support, just say it. Anything will do.

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My streamer friend Jojo made a chibi of me! It came out really cute c:

If you wanna see them draw or game, they're on

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Hey everyone, want to borrow ebooks from on YOUR terms? 

Here's a method I came up with using Calibre, on all platforms where it's supported.

1. Install the DeACSM and DeDRM plugins into Calibre
2. In the plugin preferences, configure DeACSM and set up anonymous authorization, then export the encryption key and import it into DeDRM's ADE keys
3. Restart Calibre! This is important!
4. On, find the book you want to borrow and loan it out
5a. If you can borrow it for two weeks, do that and download it in the format you prefer
5b. If you can only borrow it for an hour or it doesn't give you a download, borrow it anyway, then copy the identifier in the metadata, add it to the following URL:<IDENTIFIER GOES HERE>&format=pdf&redirect=1 and download that (you can also change the format to epub or similar but it may not always be available)
6. Add the ACSM file to Calibre and it'll download it and then decrypt it for you
7. Be sure to return the book so other people can use it right away!

Happy reading!

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Anatomy of a moth:
* flappers
* fluff
* cutie detectors
* lamplookers
* snoot
* squeaker (select models only)
* leggies
* peets
* tum
* and most importantly, bum

Yesterday I asked people to give me characters to draw, and this was the one I did. This is @darkwitchclaire's submission owo

This was a lot of fun to do!

#MastoArt #FurryArt

My body is a machine that turns girls into kissed girls

Happy birthday to Lyudmila Pavlichenko!

The most successful woman sniper and Nazi killer in history + has so many badass quotes, including:

"Gentlemen, I am 25 years old and I have killed 309 fascist invaders by now. Don’t you think, gentlemen, that you have been hiding behind my back for too long?"


"The sooner the monster fascism can be destroyed, the less blood will be shed—and that means your blood as well as ours."

a whole speech here if interested

Extra special retro collab day today - I'm playing Banjo-Kazooie (for the first time ever!) with world-renowned Banjo-Kazooie expert, multi-100% run champion, and real cutie:

My ACTUAL WIFE,✨🐦‍⬛ Miri!🐦‍⬛✨!

See y'all at 2 (et)! (...also she says "Caw!". Like, real loud!!)

the last :bestbeetle: is in captivity

where the fuck did the rest of them go

:bestbeetle: :bestbeetle: :bestbeetle:
oh there they are.
the galaxy is at peace

hey!! so. i just had a doctor appointment and now i have 3 month HRT refills i need to pick up, but i have $10 left because appointments are expensive.. if possible please consider boosting or tossing a couple bucks, thanks for looking



"I know something you don't know. I am not left-handed!"🤺


Painted for Magic: The Gathering - Bloomburrow
AD: Zack Stella

My personal fav illustration I painted for Bloomburrow. I love the bad guys and he is such a cute one too!😍

#mtg #bloomburrow #magicthegathering #mastoart

The Heritage Foundation. Author of Trump's "Project 2025" has been hacked.

... By... Wait for it...

Gay furries. 🐯


Sharing a crowdfunding request for Ky Peterson, a Black trans man who was incarcerated for killing his rapist in self-defense. When he was incarcerated everyone was bringing up his name and story to prove a political point, but now that he's out it's like everyone's completely forgotten about him. And he's been struggling to make ends meet FOR YEARS.

Right now, he's trying to raise $1500 to get a used car because his previous car got repossessed but driving is the only way for him to get to work.

Venmo: @ Kenyota-Petersom (with an "m" at the end)
CashApp: $KenyotaPeterson97
PayPal: @ KyPeterson91
Artist Commissions:

If you support #KYLR , you better be supporting Ky!


Help Mahmoud and his family (with majority of members being under 20 years old) survive the war and have enough resources to evacuate Gaza once the border opens up:

Goal: 10982/28000 dollars


Tags: #Gaza #Genocide #War #palestine #MutualAid #fundraiser #fundraising #crowdfund #crowdfunding #gtfomystate

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