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Exclusive: Mozilla reverses course, re-lists extensions it removed in Russia

Two days ago, I broke the news that Mozilla removed several Firefox extensions from the add-on store in Russia, after pressure from Russian censors. Mozilla provided me with an official statement, which seemed to highlight that the decision was not final, and it seems I was right -


The Debian Woman Edition installer asks for your Fursona, to be used as your personal Debian mascot in the install.

Company: Pick a password.
Comp: No, a stronger PW.
Comp: Stronger!
Comp: You used that PW 8 years ago.
Comp: Finally. Now do 2FA and select pics that don't show monkeys.

*Five minutes later*

Comp: We regret to inform you your data has been breached and posted to the dark web.

antisemitism on the fediverse 

i was informed that this response was made in the thread by those who i blocked, and i think its worth highlighting that this doesn't help my highlighted perception at all that these people are antisemitic. you quite literally proved my point. congrats!

tokenizing jews you agree with is antisemitism. fully as well it's pretty clear you wouldn't take a bullet for a jew when you loudly talk over us and tell us to go fuck ourselves when we try to call you in on antisemitism.

yes thank you for saying you are antisemitic to your core because its quite clear here. please look deep within yourself and fucking stop and listen to jews when we tell you to PLEASE listen to us. i was as kind as i possibly could be in my response

im not going to engage further but i think inevitably i will begin to get harassment as a result of this, but we will see.

dont harass aral or Nus. Don't do it. seriously. they will just double down further. if you are disgusted by their response just block and report. you arent going to solve anything by harassing them.

I last updated my LinkedIn in 2014 and it continues to pay dividends.

Another case of worldwide vandalism today. It has already been reverted.

Please remember that OSM tiles are cached. After such worldwide changes, the tile servers are overloaded and refreshing the tiles may take several hours. Lots of people will see an outdated image of OSM data for a few more hours.

As you know, governmental forces within the EU, the US, the UK, Russia and others are in a hot competition on who gets to be the first to subvert end-to-end encryption. A few days ago, we got another letter from Roskomnadzor, the #russia telco authority, to help them get at user data or metadata for #deltachat users. But there is no central registry of e-mail addresses, messages or decryption keys. So we declined. Sorry, not sorry.

"Standing Together" @omdimbeyachad is reporting that #Israel's extreme right is again trying to block #humanitarian #aid trucks from entering #Gaza.

It should not be left to @omdimbeyachad to organize resistance to this.

In a self-proclaimed "democracy" with the "most moral army in the world", such trucks should be escorted and protected, instead of police and military just standing by and watching how trucks get stopped or vandalized, and truck drivers threatened.

sometimes my smartphone refuses to stay connected to a wifi because it deems it “low quality”. however, there are times when the mobile net is even lower quality.

i can force it to connect to the wifi by disabling mobile internet altogether but that's not ideal. is there a way to tell the OS to always stay connected to certain (or all) low quality wifis?

#android #lineageOS

death at old age 

lynn conway died a few days ago, 1938 → 2024-06-09 (at 86).

her site helped me a lot in my early transition, to see that we've always been here.. and to imagine a life for myself in this world. i'm glad she got to live such a long life.

rest in peace and power 🤞💚

Gender Shitpost 

Gender is competetive sport and i have severe skill issues.

moth race!

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I'm saving up for the Dragon Ball Z Blunt Rotation Backpack which is why I won't ever be a homeowner

oh! four legit results! I think I may have found a culprit...

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FYI: teaching english pronunciation wrong 

have you ever seen a vowel pronunciation chart like this?

where you get absolutely bogus transcriptions like /skwɛər/ for square, /flaʊər/ for flower, /fliːs/ for fleece etc.?

did you know that these are not only wrong, but based upon a history of bad english teaching that ignores evidence?

the correct transcriptions are, for the record, /skwɛjər/, /flawər/, /flijs/, by the way. note that /j/ here is a Y sound, not an English J sound.

people try to claim that these extra W's and Y's are entirely people mishearing things and not actually there, but the evidence is that they actually are being pronounced! you should add them when transcribing words!

flower has a W in it because it's actually pronounced, not because "ower" is some kind of special vowel class on its own. "long vowels" and "short vowels" are a complete fabrication and don't actually follow the evidence. in general, English words just don't like vowel sounds being placed next to each other, and add softer consonants like J or R in between them to compensate. some dialects will add those even between words ("an idear I had" vs. "an idea I had")

and another thing to note it, there are languages that like vowels together, like Japanese, that don't do this! for example, the word face, kao, is pronounced exactly like that with no linking consonants. compare this to a case where you'd have an A and O next to each other in English, and a British person might say "like Americar over there" and add an R sound between them!

this video summarises the entire story very well, and while it might not be super accessible without the video due to its reliance on on-screen IPA transcriptions, you should be able to follow it regardless

and yes, using Wikipedia as an example of a biased source which ignores evidence is intentional! this shit goes deep and a lot of people just refuse to acknowledge how people actually speak English

currently grepping every text file under 2MB on my entire SSD in an arch chroot how are y'all doing today?

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