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The National Audubon Society New Illustrated Field Guide to the Femboys of North America (Garnet Null, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2022)

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Imagine having to petition fossbros to be against the trans holocaust not because of human rights but because it would mean they lose software maintainers. Pretty fucking telling about them.

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Please consider donating: Help him fight back.

These White cosplayers stole an Indigenous language, copywrite it, & are now selling it back to the Indigenous community at exorbitant rates.

They recorded his grandmother speaking & now they are taking legal action to prevent him from accessing the language & *speaking his own language.* He is a language instructor.

#Indigenous #Native #NativeAmericanLanguage #LanguageRevitalization #RayTakenalive

so-called "leftists" because of how they "left" disabled people behind "after covid"

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Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to ask but I'd really need help a safety helmet.

I'm having lots of seizures and I can't go outside alone anymore because it's too dangerous.

I've been injured a lot lately due to the fall and convulsions (broken tooth and really injured elbow in a week) but the scariest would be to fall on my head, which almost happened but didn't thanks to my fiancee.

It's 73,80€ including shipping fees.

Please boost, any help is truly welcome. Thank you

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Anyone who can show up today please do! DM me. Looking to at least deter the evictors today and give our friends the long weekend to move (and drive up the cost of the government's genocidal/gentrifying ways)

venn diagram between survey respondents and gift card enjoyers: ⚫


Please fill out this survey. I am a researcher at [redacted] trying to figure out reasons people may intentionally avoid online surveys. If you or someone you know does not like to fill online surveys, please fill out this online survey for my doctoral research on why people don't like filling out online surveys, to be eligible for [redacted].

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The most common gender affirming surgery is breast augmentation -- in cis (non-trans) women.

The regret rate is around 20%.

Gender affirming surgeries in trans people have around a 1% regret rate.

Guess which people need approval from a mental health provider...

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Has your girlkisser license expired?


At Raine & Associates, we specialize in girlkissing and license renewal. Our certified team of girls and girl-adjacent NBs can provide same day service and get you back in action before you know it.

:flag_rainbow: SPECIAL PRIDE MONTH DEAL :flag_rainbow:

Get your boykisser license renewed at the same time for 50% off!

*The savings!*


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@cybersqyd job creator, make me a job! a sleepy one! pronto!

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A solar powered, e-ink bus stop sign with real-time bus times. This is a very good combination of neat technologies.

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a polycule is like that scene at the beginning of any family comedy where everyone's rushing out the door and grabbing their brown bag lunch that I packed special for each of them, and then I have to track one of them down because I forgot their apple slices

minor paypal annoyance 

why do you have to "accept" money on paypal? I don't log into my bank account to confirm I want to recieve money every time.

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@CrimethInc And pacify it sure did. Although a hearteningly large portion of the left in Minneapolis expressed the attitude that a conviction means little in the grand scheme of things, abolitionist activity by virtually any metric has dwindled significantly since the killer cops convictions.

Rather than expand the gains of 2020 - we’ve still got a significantly reduced police force thanks to reduced retention/recruiting, so at least there’s that - we’ve been stuck having to remind people of the lessons learned that year, and even the truth of what really went down, as collective memory both fades and becomes distorted by reformist and liberal fairy tales.

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well somebody told me
you kinned my boyfriend
and fae kinned a girlfriend
that you had in February of last year

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