Keep your movement and events clean from authoritarian ideologies and symbols


I would like to not thank some of the cool people I follow for putting tankies in my timeline. But at least they make it easy to vibe check them.

@thufie Agreed. With the notice that the hammer and sickle is also used by non-authoritarian socialists and communists.

@joenepraat the symbol is an obviously bad association in certain places. you obviously don't attract people for that reason.

That's the whole point of the image. These symbols are all "red flags" to various people based on their historical experiences. So throw them in the bin and move on to do better and grow a movement/group/imagination beyond appeals to bloody pasts.

@joenepraat adding further qualifiers entirely misses the point, imo.

the flag is black because all the others cry for flames 🏴

@thufie I think every anarchist is free to work together with other non-authoritarian leftists. But what I would like to see is that non-authoritarian socialists/communists would be better and harder in condemning tankies.

@thufie Here in the Netherlands this bad association is not as worse as in Eastern Europe. So I don't condemn them using it (as far as not ML(M), but don't find it smart of them also. Fortunately there are also a lot of non-authoritarian socialists and communists who only use a red flag and that's better IMO.

@joenepraat yeah they really ought to just be using the red flags or at least something of their own. I can vibe with that and work with people like that.

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