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extremely unchaste 

Jones bbq and foot massage

interesting read from my last boosted toot about skin tone and image descriptions. something I think about too when describing myself or others in images.

@charlag The Guardian regularly publishes transphobic opinion pieces, I am absolutely disgusted with it

Today is a good day to appreciate the indigenous people and communities where you are and think on how colonizers have wronged them since arriving so many centuries ago.

While my indigenous ancestors came from Mexico and Europe (yes, there are indigenous people still persecuted there today!), one thing is a commonality: Colonizers want to destroy any last vestiges of our ancestor's cultures and languages and erase us.

"what is behind the rise in girls questioning their gender identity"

fuck you, guardian, with a cactus

not only "girls" and even the title screams "transphobia inc"

The fact that housed people almost always treat unhoused people as objects, rather than living, breathing, humans, is part of the capitalist project to redirect blame from structural contradictions towards individuals. Don’t buy into it! Don’t believe the hype!

Learning one playthrough of plastic love is the perfect cook time for these potato waffles and driving my family insane

someone in my class asked me what "deadbeef" is as he noticed it in my status message, told him it's a music player, it also shows what I'm listening to on discord (yes my classes are hosted on discord and i hate that).
short pause, he laughs a little and asks "why don't you just use spotify like a normal person"
the question bewildered me so much i still haven't gotten around to answering it ten hours later

It took me forever to find an article that was not incredibly offensive to the Havasupai Tribe.

Like, so many journal articles that I was looking for were rife in painting them as wrong to be offended but won.

So there. A place got renamed to Havasupai Gardens.

re: girldick laboratories presents emoji reactions 

this is what it looks like btw, for non-girldick people:

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Just another #indigenous post for our cousins across the sea.

I am an #IndigenousMastodon user from Aotearoa (New Zealand), #maori. My whānau (family) and hapū are working hard to #LandBack within this capitalist world. We have crowdfunded 300k to buy back our whenua (land) and working out plans once we do get some whenua on our ancestral land.

I feel like a lot of people don't know about MIT OpenCourseware, because the site is a bit hard to navigate. But there are hundreds of courses with video of all of the lectures for free.

For example, here is a whole course on Public Transportation Systems:

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to celebrate the holiday, all white Americans are now my bitch

Thanksgiving? haha more like no thanks! giving! hahaha whew
bites you

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