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Police arrest suspect year after he was identified by antifascist researchers for the murder of #Portland anarchist, Sean Kealiher.

I will end the life of anyone who proudly identifies as a "policy wonk."

Oh, you live for making public policy *more* complicated and inaccessible? You love it when corporate lawyers use policy loopholes to run circles around the common man? You're telling me you actually like it when arcane bullshit is used to justify systemic oppression?

Go fuck yourself.

dear internet
no, "bless your heart" is not southern for "fuck you"
it's an expression of gratitude, pity, and/or affection
the phenomenon that you are mistaking as the "translation" from southern american english being an insult is in fact this wonderful new feature of language called sarcasm. it ain't fuckin unique to us down south.

southern for fuck you is fuck you.

fuck you.

people when asbestos can give you chronic lung diseases: 😱​😱​😱​

people when covid can give you chronic lung diseases: 😴​😴​😴​

enbies will literally post C++ errors instead of going to therapy

fediblock, usual anti-Black racist shit 

#fediblock domains срёт.онлайн and for hosting users who think it's chill to drop into Black people's menchies and say n**

Things start to make a lot more sense when you see liberals and progressives as another wing of the same enemies, instead of potential allies.

If you haven't tried that out, give it a shot for a month, you'll see

⭐ < i dont like nazis, but i respect þeir right to shut þe fuck up and die ⭐

food mention 

my boyfriend eats soup straight out of the can in the car during road trips. just slurps it down.


fedizine is an anarchist introduction to federated social media. It's an actual paper zine! Being released at the 2022 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair... but coming soon to you?

@mtlbookfairunofficial #MTLBookfair

We're excited to shit talk corporate social media, demystify the Fediverse, and help get anarchists off the former and onto the latter...

People reading this are already on the #fedi so you know what's up... But feel free to BOOST and help spread the word!

Happy officer down dot jpg to all the homies in DC where this afternoon a retired MPD lieutenant shot and killed a Library Police officer???!??

My condolences upon learning that y’all have LIBRARY POLICE

Bitter and cynical 

Americans so used to getting nothing, crumbs feel like meals

US leads world in monkeypox infections 

#Monkeypox outbreak in the US now the world's biggest, #Biden admin declares health emergency. The disease is spread by skin to skin contact, so blaming it exclusively on gay men is unwarranted.

Using alt text is super important. Please continue to use it. It really makes a world of difference!!! I love how mastodon is very inclusive with all type of disabilities and everyone here is so kind. I have not seen any other social media use this much alt text. I just want to give a gentle reminder and a huge thank you!!!! :)


it seems backwards to me to be greatful to a politician for offering a social service or a "right". all they did was permit it to happen and not be immediately killed by threat of massive counterinsurgent violence in one of the numerous domestic forever-wars designed to prop them up and keep their opponents on the back foot

mafia voice: thanks for the "protection" Mr Biden

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