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Ok according to some files in here, Patriot front like, keeps tabs on members weights and like, micromanages their diet and exercise. Bizarre, cultist behavior - exactly what I would expect from nazi losers

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My new sexy, evil, tabbed, minimal, extensible emacs configuration. Check it out :) trying to make good use of the Emacs 27 features. Support for switching between themes quick with helm-themes too, with a ton of tested working themes with the new emacs tabs.

On SPDX identifiers for NPL-family licenses

(redrafted after a gitea error lost the data)

gotta love when something I just linked to immediately dies because of random disk corruption and I have to write it out again :)


~/.emacs.d (mistress|✔) $ git push -u origin mistress

git config --global init.defaultBranch mistress

put a googly eye over your phone's fingerprint scanner

today on "is this a drug, networking term, cryptoshit term, or capitalism stock market term"

all the "name a star" or "buy a lunar plot!" scam sites that modern NFT scams descend from now support giving you an NFT of the lunar plot or star you "own".

We have gone full circle. ouroboros

Werefox system NFTs


seeing a lot of new ppl here posting their art, which is great :blobcatlove: !

but most of those pictures don't have captions, which is not great :blobcatglaredrink:

captioned pictures are a big part of the culture here, much more than they are on twitter, so if you have the spoons it would be greatly appreciated if you would caption your pics

some of us, myself included, go so far as to avoid boosting posts that don't have captions, and I'd really like to boost the art I've seen today!

Hello there, i'm Rezabel Crimes! I'm a poor, neurodivergant trans woman who likes making video games.
I need around $600 for next month's rent, so I'm opening up some limited commission slots for music and 3D models.
Maybe you have a podcast or something you'd like an intro for, or you just want a 3D icon for discord? Perhaps you just have some extra cash and want to donate it to a poor queer lady? hmu!! #noxp
paypal: @averycrimes



"Emacs can now visit files in archives as if they were directories."

*uninstalls gui archivers*

help my computer is burnt and my apartment is full of smoke

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Small server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.