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Three reasons to stop eating animal products and discourage raising animals for food:

1. Much less efficient than growing food, and environmentally damaging in the context of factory farming
2. Almost every strain of flu, coronavirus, and HIV have originated from animal diseases or spread via animals (it encourages epidemics and pandemics)
3. Animals are friends, not food (It encourages Speciesism, a form of kyriarchy)

don't @ me with crazy diet theories and how x y and z are health panaceas. meat and vegetables can both be carcinogenic in certain contexts, that's not a real reason.

don't @ me with how this doesn't fit your ideological tenants or whatever, none of these three things gives a fuck about those, your ideological purity won't save you from coronavirus.

Queer acceptance into capitalism and state systems is just assimilation into cisheternormative lifestyles :anartrans_symbol:

Introducing, Anarchism! An honest pitch:

"Its no social panacea, but neither is coercion."

"Won't inherently solve anything, but at least its not making it worse like hierarchies do."

"Karen might still be an anti-vaxxer, but generally conspiracy theorists are gonna have a harder time finding imaginary sources of collusion to blame things on."

"Teachers show your kids how to solve problems and cultivate a community instead of just following orders. May still wanna check on what they're getting taught, though."

"Still gotta do organized work to some extent, but at least your bosses actually have to contribute for once. And everyone can agree to try to work less, or make work easier and more enjoyable."

"Take a nap, you're not on the clock."

"You don't have to justify your continued existence to anyone."

"No ads. Just bulletins. Might still pester you sometimes, but at least its not products in your face."

"Still gonna have to deal with the climate crisis and change a few habits, but at least extremely stubborn and manipulative corporations and governments aren't what need to be malleable to change course."

"No police" (this has no downside)


anti-electoralism / anarchism 

So there are people who are actually claiming that indigenous people criticizing the idea that "voting is a form of harm reduction" is some form of psyop to discourage "anarchist votes". And besides the fact that the whole idea that indigenous voices are some kind of establishment conspiracy is problematic on its own...

I have some news for y'all...Anarchists don't vote.

There is neither ethical consumerism nor ethical statism. The power you feel from casting a ballot is the same trick as buying chocolate which supports "fair trade". It is an inherently unjust structure to start with.

I get that lots of people like to call themselves "anarcho-XXXX" because I guess that's considered cool or something, but supporting a candidate by definition makes you a statist. It is literally endorsing hierarchical policies which rely on the state's monopoly on violence.

link to article that is driving these voting "anarchists" wild:

Political-policy based "solutions" are a statist mind virus which encourages continued dependence on the parasitic political class rather than autonomous solutions. It is really hard to not get pulled into debates about "what should be done from above", but it is crucial to stand a firm ground against that kind of thought and spread seeds for alternative ideas in the minds of others when discussing political topics in everyday life. Make others begin to ask the question "what can WE do?" instead.

using "we" as a placeholder for the government that claims ownership over you when you talk...

you know, like a bootlicker. :ancom:

Anarchists who don't think interacting with the legal system is kosher should have to answer for XR UK getting people arrested intentionally and providing no legal support.

Or letting their work get coopted and abused by hierarchies because they didn't license it well.

Both of these things only help the state an Capitalism, and news flash: Anarchists who are actually involved in direct action deal with aligned legal representatives to help get their comrades out of jail time or out of prison. So get off your fucking high horse and actually be helpful rather than jerking each other off to y'all's ideological purity tests.


Intersectionality means acknowledging that others issues are just as valid as yours, and that rather than conflicting, they overlap. Every one might be different, but they are all forms of oppression nonetheless. Those on the intersections between several axises (s?) are extremely vulnerable, and by refusing to acknowledge this, you fuck them over and reinforce the same hierarchies used to oppress you.

So for example, when someone points out you are using ableist slurs please acknowledge that you could be complicit on one axis of oppression even though you are oppressed on another. And also keep in mind to be considerate of how someone may be differently oppressed when trying to make appropriately intersectional suggestions.

We should try to be our best on every axis and we shouldn't conflate them the way that reactionaries do in order to pit us against each other (famous example: southern united states working class racially divided to prevent effective organization).

This is how they divide us, folks, lets not divide ourselves and do the work for them. We should humble ourselves and try making amends before starting witch hunts and accusations.


Anarchists don't vote. Get that "anarcho" bs out of your bio you reformist cowards.

What kind of loser thought that having "jobs" was ever a good idea? Fuck work.
:black_and_rainbow: :ancom: :ecoanarchism:

1. Pirate the fuck out of all the shit. :ms_pirate_flag:
2. Because corporations can't... license the fuck out of every program you make against corporations while still leaving the code openly available to be easily pirated.
3. The system restrains itself, people stay free.

One of a diversity of tactics,

If you advocate for a system that values people solely for their outputs (productive, creative, etc), and our environment for only its material wealth, that is no better than Capitalism. It is the same ableist and destructive drive, the same cancerous growth, as every system before it.
:ancom: :ecoanarchism:

markets are ableist

Solidarity isn't a function of your ability to work! From each according to their ability to each according to their need.

I'd like to see people demonize borders in general the same way Israel's checkpoints into occupied territory get criticized. They are functionally identical and a critique which only sees one as an issue and not the general case isn't one worth much consideration

What? You still identify as a member of your Assigned Country At Birth? What a loser. :black_and_rainbow: :anartrans_symbol: :anqueer_star:

A government policy isn't going to wipe all debts, but you can start by killing the record-keeper in your head.

The ideological supermarket, like any supermarket, is only fit for looting
- Abraham Lincoln

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