I finished the #Mending I started @mcmoots the other night. This is just freestyle #sashiko stitches, spiraling squarely into the center of the plaid fabric. Purple jeans are now back in action.


If you admin a Mastodon \ Pleroma \ Misskey \ Peertube \ Funkwhale \ whatever, chances are, you are using Nginx as your main web-server.

Currently, it is free and open-source.

If Rambler is to claim Nginx as their product, there's no telling what might happen to it's legal status as free software, and, as a consequence, no telling if using it "for free" will be a viable option any longer.

My graduate school is organizing a two-days retreat in the mountains and we climbed in the snow! It's my first winter mountain :blobaww:

ok after that post about the social consequences of infinite scrolling, here's another plea

dear programmers/web designers

just make fucking pages. please. i'm begging you. do it so i can find my goddamn place. give me a fuckin landmark here.

also have mercy on people who might be running it on older hardware and maybe don't want to deal with their computer groaning under the weight of a fuckshit mountain of loaded posts

meta question about CNs 

having to install .NET and other shit through Proton/Wine always makes me realize how good us linux users have it with normal package management

@stolas weew this is actually canon
cw dead bunny (with small screenshots to the side) doom.fandom.com/wiki/Daisy

In none Queen rumour related news, have a look at these Doom memes abouts Doomguy's rabbit.

Someone should make a Doom mod where instead of Doomguy avenging his pet rabbit Daisy, Daisy has to avenge Doomguy.

The Hell Bun.

"real world"
-implies some intrinsic importance
-is really relative and subjective
-sounds boring af

-doesn't cheapen online relationships
-is simply the opposite of cyberspace
-sounds cyberpunk af

remember when spyware was considered something bad and not just the normal way software operated

I'm patenting the concept of patents.


Paleontology is AMAZING.

Look at this 18,000 year old dog.

Look at it. Seriously.

This is nuts. It looks like it is sleeping and could wake up any moment to beg for treats.

Scientists are trying to determine if it is a wolf or an early domesticated dog.

Link - cnn.com/travel/article/frozen-

#Paleontology #Wolf #Dog #fossil #fossils

Half-Life 1: $49
Half-Life 2: $40
Half-Life 2 Episodes 1/2: $8 each
Half-Life Alyx: $999

Time for flowers people !

Played around with blur and focus with those.

As for editing: velvia and local contrast did the trick

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