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IGM/invoulentary sex reassignment in France 

honestly pretty cool how we link up magic crystals with metal energy directors to open harmonic channels in the fabric of reality that allow us to send each other cat videos

@swirlz scientists: babies have terrible undeveloped eyesight and it takes them months to recognize their own mothers face

me: babies have special eyes that can see beyond our astral plane

trans, circumcision 

happy indigenous people's day, motherfuckers 

[Hexchat keeps crashing]

Me: Well, maybe I can fix thi-

[30 seconds later]

Me: *Using ERC, an IRC client for Emacs*
Me: Wait no god damn it

Hi all! Happy indigenous peoples day. In the spirit of reparations, consider donating to the native focused domestic violence shelter I work at!

You know you're using emacs well when you make a special section in your config/init file for elisp code that you wrote yourself instead of copying(and modifying) code from stackoverflow

Mine's called:
;; `Botched-Elisp'

genitals/body horror I guess 

A secret surveillance court ruled that the FBI engaged in widespread Fourth Amendment violations, but it let the government off the hook and allowed mass surveillance to continue.

The problems with DRM go so much deeper than limiting what you can do with your movies and music. #DayAgainstDRM

Oooh, PinePhone ❤️ "Ubuntu Touch will be on Pinephone" #UbuconEU19

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