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Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy 

May 7th is the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy. All children should be protected from genital cutting before they can consent to it, whether they are male, female, or intersex. Everyone deserves the right to do what they want with their own body.

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shitpost about us south culture 

machine gun rentals are the southern alternative to therapy

I think a lot of people kind of underestimate just how easy _and common_ it was for children to access extremely disturbing content online in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

bios, accessibility 

i don't see why in the age of UEFI the BIOS can't include a screen reader. you have fancy UIs, you don't have sound? at least document your UI then in a manual and add hot keys for navigation. like what the hell dude

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surgery, consent "A surgery performed on a child without their consent should be functional, not social or cosmetic in nature"

archeology meme / crypto meme 

archaeologists coming across our ruins:

"So wait, their digital storage devices were full of WHAT?!?"

"Proof that they were using the storage."

"Are you expecting me to believe that this civilization manufactured sophisticated storage devices just to prove to others that they used it?"

"Yes. We think it might have some kind of ritual significance connected to a rare species of frog."

my wife has the most libre juul charger. it has libreboot and parabola installed lol

aaaa this is the best initiative ever

there's an underwater livestream near a sluice, and if there's fish you can use the doorbell button to alert the control person, if there's many fish they open the sluice gates to let the fish through

One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.

the whole concept of "app" as thought of today is a consequence of free software having been completely obliterated as a cultural concept

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@loke > Back in the 80's the people who understood technology and the people who used technology was roughly the same set. This led to a misbelief that using technology made you understand it.

In the 80's there were efforts to teach people how technology worked in order to empower them to use it well. It was fairly common for someone to start using computers for a very practical end, and to then start learning how they actually worked, because the systems were set up to facilitate that.

What we have today is cynically constructed to be impenetrable. Today's computers and today's electronics are designed to keep the user out, so it's no wonder that only a tiny, extremely motivated subset understand things. That's by design, but it's not how things need to work.

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I want a torrent of collections of fan translations and hacked roms for different consoles

uspol, guns 

:sayori_dislike: liberal "gun control" disarming vulnerable minority communities

:sayori_like: disarming cops and the military-industrial complex and dismantling American empire while arming minority communities for their self-defence in a majoritarian society.

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tech review; cloudflare 

cloudflare is really pushing remote browsing, where a cloudflare server renders a website for you and sends you vector graphics of the website. good idea? no?

like first things first, this shit is inaccessible. no kind of accessiblity tree is passed through. fuck that

second, what about uh, end to end encryption? i get that cloudflare already mitms you by proxying servers, but now they want to proxy clients too?

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