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IGM, "She's 7 and was born intersex. Why her parents elected to let her grow up without surgical intervention" 

Pets (hamsters) 

Two ways to trick people into using your proprietary software:

Claim you “love open-source” which really only means you love free labor. Only liberate small tools, not your core business.

Release a proprietary derivative of a free work under a similar name to confuse people. Bonus points if you are very vague about the differences, and only advertise the proprietary derivative.

me every time a developer gives me some technical mumbo jumbo to test:

been procrastinating real hard on my uni submission (yes I know )

tomorrow will try get more things done then after that one more day till 27th 23:59

lil imps rearranging the funghi of the forest

I fucking hate google, I fucking hate Java I fucking hate the combination Google and Java

reminder: check under your foreskin for secrets

google images sometimes yields strange dividends

Latest blog from #OpenInsulin

from their :birdsite: , live event will be Friday Feb 28, 2020

"On Friday, Open Insulin will go live on Youtube to present our new blog on insulin production cost. With a small scale production system no bigger than a dining table, 13,000 people with diabetes could be served and get insulin at $6/vial! "

Let's make a Linux distro that simulates the phone experience by just refusing to continue updating after two years and then you have to go to some forum and download a patched image for your computer built by someone called queefburglar69

it is currently the year 50 AU (anno unixae)

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