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Looking for comfy rooms about specific topics? I bridged all of them to Matrix again. You can find them all there in the community, or:

Cooking (Veggie/Vegan friendly)

DIY (Beginners, Experts, and unconventional topics)

Tech stuffs (Beginners and Experts)

General Free Services

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hmm apparently I never exported my follows rip so guess here's my post

I'm a programmer and sometime sysadmin, I run where I provide free software services for comfy ppl to use.

My main project is a client called Neo which you can find at
I also play and when I have the time

Some blurb of tags:

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request for help, :boost_ok: Show more

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very useful while trying wallpapers, with pywal:

open terminals with the programs you normally use, that are influenced by pywal live (alacritty in my case)

Then run this in your wallpaper folder:

feh -Z -F --action1 ";feh --bg-scale %F; wal -i %F"

It'll get a slideshow from all images in the current folder, and whenever you press '1' it'll set that wallpaper, and run pywal with it as an argument. Then you can see how it looks with the windows you opened previously :3

[video coming soon in a reply]

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just fell over in the toilet, this is the fifth time I have had to call emergency services. that’s right ladies and gentlemen...

it’s ambo no.5

mhhh my very last club-mate, stored for months while the temptation rose

it's meh, please send better recommendations for good high energy music (and/or boost)

meh, big part of local park is closed off for some bourgie dinner/theatre combo ugh

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suicide / mh mention but this is about food Show more

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question about a reclaimed slur Show more

sooo I scavenged the old fullsize camera's body lol.
Bit of sawing, hotglue, fits like a glove :D

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Pregnant friends Show more

everything is fixed :3

Only thing left is a new fpv camera mount, as this one is significantly smaller than the original

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