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instance block recommendation, long-ish (lots of links), mentions of sexual harassment & transmisia 

instance block recommendation, transmissia, christianity 

birthday, transmisia in masto, block recommendation 

i rely rather heavily on vague "there was something I need to do" thoughts to then go to remembering specifics

so fuck dreams for interspersing 'should be doing *something* in there', no I don't have anything at 11:30

>:( Davinci Resolve doesn't support Intel GPUs on Linux

ph - 

this is melodical instead, but sooo nice

Fear N Loathing makes really good mixes, even comfy ones like above, despite the name :)

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I've been thinking about using 🧡 more but i don't want it to come off wrong, idk

alcohol, online shopping is dangerous, terrifying selfie, eye contact 

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TIL about 'peak time/driving' techno

tomorrow i will. v i b e

raging at xonotic again because it's netcode is fundamentally broken moderation 

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.