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no alc 

addendum: yes this also goes for my shitty neighbours with their pizza oven
how can you even eat a pizza with toxic smell like that

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seriously fuck people who bbq with chemical firestarters in residential areas

keeping track of time? what do you think i am, some kind of wizard?
*looks at display name*
oh, right

things you can never unsee and it's kinda cruel towards insects/butterflies specifically 

but also like it's just been march but in """reality""" it was half a year ago

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what the Fuck how does march feel this long ago

don't worry it'll instantly dissapear when i start on something

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One of the great crimes of modernity has been the luring of the people into electoralism, the investiture of hope in politicians. Hope is a spiritual practice. It is a material practice to, we invest in visions of the future that we hope for. And we have allowed people to accrue brutal, vicious, violent power through our praxis of hope. It is sick.

too often i start 'a quote' with single quotes, then realize 'I'm writing a contraction in there' and go back to "change it to double quotes"

not sure if this is a programmer quirk or an aesthetics thing

going outside with my notebook is great to order thoughts and such

if i actually had thoughts to order... all i can get to is recyclying the old todo items as "yep, still haven't done this"

turns out that not playing games won't magically make you productive, just means you do nothing at all :')

ph+, projects todo 

i'm gonna need about 900 of those hexapod robots that look after the lil plants on their head thanks

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