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tech, med, silly 

people should learn dutch just so they can understand how great the sentence "alle yuppen de pijp uit" is

I was in the middle of taking a photo of Jess when we... got attacked by a powerful psychic entity, apparently

hmm maybe I'll do a birthday mumble meetup on saturday

going to curate my playlists more, starting with these:

hard drum and bass (neurofunk/bass stuff)

soft drum and bass (liquid etc)

(they also work with normal yt if you remove the 'music.', but the webclient is gratis and a much nicer experience for listening than normal yt

shouts out to the legions of different viruses battling it out in the octagon of jordan petersons body

Mod Alert, Pedophile 

I never really 'got' emoji reaction feature support but now that Matrix has them is it satisfying to 😍 all the cat pictures

i can't find that "awful famous person" ableism meme rn but thinking a lot of the phenomenon of liberals who ostensibly are making fun of politics but really seem to have much more interest in making fun of surface level things about awful famous people

my latest little project i've completed over the past few days is my IPFS-backed CURL-friendly pastebin service:

a test instance is up at

(from the archives)

This is Set, the Egyptian god of chaos and trickery.

Notice the staff he’s holding.

Notice how the bottom part of it is actually a fondue fork.

This is a FONDUE SET.

caffeine dependency really feels like I've made a powerful contract for 'productivity'

.. headache warnings that im forfeiting my end of the deal

Reminder that I'm making a game called Kitsune Mahjong!

You can support me on patreon and get access to development builds and exclusive concept art and such from the game's artist uwu

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