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I host the Mastodon and Matrix servers (and a bunch of other smaller services).

I also work on a variety of projects, like the ActivityPub server and a new ActivityPub client , as well as a bunch of other projects you can find at is co-moderated by @thufie, she has a liberapay at

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FTP - Fox Transfer Protocol:

1. Carefully pick up fox
2. Hold fox gentle like hamborgar
3. Go to destination
4. Set fox down
5. Pet

look, I know some people who I’m pretty sure are cis who use Nix

didn't use spotify enough this year to get a spotify wrapped so it just sent me a message like "have you heard of music? check out a song sometime. cheers"

@f0x if it doesn't, it at least must imply the existence of get-man pat, put-man pat, patch-man pat, and the feared delete-man pat

tip for fedi admins: the Cloud is very expensive. stay away from services that pay by use, because they can balloon very quickly and suddenly you have a large bill to pay

PSA: Always block the base domain! 

#FediTip for instance admins: On #Mastodon you can #FediBlock the base domain to block its subdomains as well.

For instance, blocking will work for the subdomains, and any other subdomain they might spin up in the future.

This works even if itself is not a federated instance and doesn't show up as a choice in search. Simply click the "Add new domain block" button in the upper right of the federation menu, enter and do your thing.

Alternately you can search first and then click on the add new block button to both verify the domain and auto-populate the domain name field.

Particularly for dumpster fires that only have instances on subdomains, this gives you peace of mind and saves you the labor of tracking down new subdomains. I have seen instances use wildcard asterisks * for blocks, which do NOT work at least on mainline Mastodon/Hometown and should be replaced by base domain blocks.

think I got some pretty decent UX for timeline gap filling, just needs a bit more work

Laptop funding help 

Some epic people on the Fedi recommended the below laptop. All my accessibility work has halted until next year, so I could use financial assistance in purchasing the below! I help out a ton of people online and offline!

To donate, see below or cash app is $weirdwriter


not now sweetie, daddy is trying to match the font that a corporation uses in their promotional materials so that he can abuse them in their own language

Looking for feedback on an ADHD-friendly notetaking software idea, long :boost_requested:​ 

None of the note-taking software I've seen has worked for me despite a ton of research (please don't recommend me existing things, I've probably already evaluated them!), so I've been thinking about building my own note-taking software.

And I'd like to ask y'all neurodiverse folks for your feedback of the ideas I have - particularly if you are also otherwise marginalized, and/or experience your neurodiversity as (partly) a disability. I'm curious whether this would also work for you.

(Feel free to reply also if you're not sure whether you fit into that category; if your instance isn't fediblocked here, chances are your feedback would be welcome)

Upfront disclaimers, before I get to the actual idea:
- I will be literally dependent on this software for my personal ability to function and I have very limited spoons, and so I won't run this as a community project, but instead make decisions by myself. I will however make it as easy to fork as I can, and make as many pieces as possible independently reusable. Community-run forks would be very much welcome.
- I may not reply to all feedback due to lack of available spoons, but I promise that I'll *read* all of it and take it into consideration.
- For all the same reasons, I don't even have a rough estimate of when this will be publicly usable, "it's done when it's done"

Alright, so, to get the boring-but-important bits out of the way first: it'll be FOSS (no open-core bullshit), perpetually non-commercial, and designed to run locally on desktop systems, primarily (but not exclusively) Linux. No magical cloud services.

So here's the idea:
- By default, adding a note involves nothing more than hitting a key combo, entering some text, hitting enter, and the window disappears again. Fire and forget, it's saved.
- All metadata (tagging etc., more detail below) will be handled through /slash commands; they can be placed anywhere in the note. Your input is entirely linear, no need to leave the keyboard or navigate UIs, and it works in the "fire and forget" process.
- Importantly, your input is live-interpreted and shown below the input box in a more 'graphical' format, so that you have immediate visual confirmation of what you've entered, without needing to mentally parse your own input commands.

Example inputs:
"feed cat /todo /time 18:00"
"/todo /project game // convert sprites"

- There's (fuzzy) full-text search through all notes, even the completely untagged ones, so that you can find them later even if you weren't in a good headspace at the moment of writing them. Likewise, /slash commands for search parameters exist.
- Notes can be tagged (eg. "project" or "todo"), have attributes added (eg. "deadline date" or "reference number" or whatever else), and they can have attachments.
- Attachments are not limited to files; they can be URLs (a local copy of the page will be made for HTTP URLs), references to e-mails, geo coordinates, whatever external thing is being referenced. This will be handled through plugins.
- Rich/formatted text will also be a (searchable) attachment, the main note text would then serve as a subject line of sorts.
- When adding an attachment, entering text yourself is optional. So you totally could just schedule a referenced e-mail for a deadline of 21:00 tomorrow without further input.
- Conversely, there will be plugins for several applications (browser, e-mail client, calendar application, etc.) that are basically "send to note pile", and that'll spawn the note-adding window with whatever you sent there prefilled as an attachment (and then you can add text or tags or whatever).
- Notes can also be attached to other notes, for cases where you need a hierarchical or wiki-like organization of notes.
- There will be some kind of not-yet-defined way to have alarms/lists based on deadlines/times/tags etc. that you've entered, to get an immediate idea of what needs to be done when.


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Small server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.