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so today I got the art design for my water counter pcb, and holy shit is it awesome.
Did a bit more tweaking, and should be all ready for fab now :O

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@CornishRepublicanArmy I think another growing point we've got to have is the notion of layered communities, including layered empires: communities that share physical space but because they exist there for different purposes, there is no conflict. (i can't explain this right, it's in this book i'm only just now getting through)

like, we're going to have cities that are too big to be a single community, /and that's okay/.


been procrastinating real hard on my uni submission (yes I know )

tomorrow will try get more things done then after that one more day till 27th 23:59

@dublinux You wanna know why people fucking hate techbros? This. It's because of this. You think you can logic your way out of everything, even when people are being emotional. You tone police angry people because you think someone speaking out of emotion has no merit. Well, guess what, techbro? People are not thinking animals that feels, we're feeling animals that think! Someone who refuses to understand people's emotions and how to handle them will never make anything people actually like, they'll just keep making shit that people hate but have to use because the market left them no alternatives. You want to reclaim techbro? Want to make it a compliment instead of an insult? Be a better techbro! You can't meme the revolution, you can't code the revolution, you can only be the revolution!

55/366 #366Challenge #xp
Check out the cool stickers and card that I got from @anaisfae

You should definitely back their Patreon and follow them!

it's also nice and easy to take my laptop out, even without a docking station. Just need to unplug power, usb hub, hdmi and miniDP cables

all clean, and with a new monitor setup :3

also figured out bspwm magick to easily switch all the desktops from laptop to the external screen, and back

#fediblock suspending for slurs and being a "free speech" instance.

when Foals sang "I'm the last cowboy in this town" I felt that

: Foals - Late Night (Solomun remix)

oh yeah and totally forgot I was wearing my angel tshirt underneath lol, today's sha2017 day

wearing two identical SHA2017 hoodies over eachother because it's FUCKIN COLD

"Procastinators[...]can sit in front of a blank word document, doing nothing else, and torture themselves
[We need to talk about]how depression is interpreted as laziness, how mood swings are framed as manipulative, how people with“severe” mental illnesses are assumed incompetent or dangerous
[...]People do not choose to fail or disappoint. No one wants to feel incapable, apathetic, or ineffective. If you look at a person’s action (or inaction) and see only laziness, you are missing key details"

I think I may be developing an unhealthy obsession with screen real-estate. :thaenkin:

an extended metaphor, applied to a discussion of trans terminology (450 words) 

If you're trans or nonbinary and intentionally use the wrong pronouns for people you dislike, congrats, you're fucking transphobic.
There is no difference between a trans and a cis person doing the misgendering, except maybe that it hurts even more coming from a fellow trans person, because you really ought to know better.

it's still a big mess as I haven't worked at home much this week, and still unsure how I want to restructure external monitor placement

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