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I host the Mastodon and Matrix servers (and a bunch of other smaller services).

I also work on a variety of projects, like the ActivityPub server and a new ActivityPub client , as well as a bunch of other projects you can find at is co-moderated by @thufie, she has a liberapay at

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Long ago, the four bed-and-breakfasts lived in harmony

Everything changed when the Firebnb attacked

charging my fitbit flex on the go.. but really have to babysit my powerbank because it doesn't draw enough power to prevent automatic shutoff

I can "im just a little bbugny" my way out of this one

want to use my desk in standing position but also want to conserve my energy for tonight, and also my feet already hurt from walking a lot yesterday

loved it when the gotosocial devs said "it's codin time" and coded all over the project

also kinda wild i've been flying quads on and off for more than 4 years now, huh

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ahhh just found some quadcopter fpv recordings from eth0 2022 and i miss flying :> still haven't properly repaired my camera since that event

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