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I host the Mastodon and Matrix servers (and a bunch of other smaller services).

I also work on a variety of projects, like the ActivityPub server and a new ActivityPub client , as well as a bunch of other projects you can find at is co-moderated by @thufie, she has a liberapay at

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Ok, a lot of you have sent me photos of your adorable plushies and some asked for pictures of mine so here they are

🦈 Kenneth
🐋 Edgar
🐙 Emily
and the companion cube doesn’t have a name.

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lmao the tf2 voice chat is 2 people having an extensive discussion about final fantasy

yay. woo. great. yet another corpo fediverse scraper

I tried to get them to voluntarily stop, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to recommend a #Fediblock against

They are scraping post content and making it searchable

*Edit:* It will be difficult if not impossible to block them, because they are evidently getting their content from the hashtag timeline API of

@goat can I instead pay you money to put those floor slappers away?


Really really good flow, top track selection, does exactly what it says on the tin (wake you up)

github, angry 

The absolute fucking gall of to claim in their celebratory blogpost that actually, *they* are responsible for "developers no longer just being people building software for tech companies", and that they are "always putting developers first" in the same line as where they bring up Copilot.

Fuck you, Github. Sincerely, go fuck yourself. We were here before you, and this isn't your fucking achievement to claim. You *co-opted* the FOSS community, you didn't fucking create it.

(This is the post in question, by the way:

KIRK: Set phasers to stunning.

SPOCK: You mean stun, sir.

KIRK: *already backlit and shirtless* No Mr Spock.

:babat_baba: emojis! ( 

:babaw_baba: :babaw_is: :babaw_you:

:babaw_you: :babaw_is: :babaw_cute:

New Emojis! They're animated, if you enabled that in your client, so they're properly cute and blobby :blobhaj_golly:

They're all under "babaw" or "babat", "Baba Word" and "Baba Tile" respectively.

I custom-made :babaw_cute:, and I can make more if people want to :3

@david @aurynn @maegul

if it's possible, someone *will* do it, eh? Nah, I reject that.

I think your point was to say "it is difficult or impossible to entirely prevent on a technical level", and I totally agree there.

But, man, there are so many basic fuckin' accessibility projects that haven't "just magically happened" because they're possible. Things get built because people care enough to build them. It's hard to look at what you said and not be bitter as fuck, and this is as someone who spends time building accessibility tools, but wanting more.

Being toxic to toxic developers saps the 'caring' out of their project and drains their energy, which usually shuts them down. It isn't a 100% solution, but it's pretty dang effective and requires no changes to code.

how the fuck is this Bring Me To Life techno remix actually so good

nice, away from home long enough today that my AQC CO2 sensor could callibrate

re: pleroma racism 

ah yes

MRF polices are much more flexible in what you can do with filters. For example, you could count the occurances of a word, or modify the word to be censored le ts. It opens the door to more specialsed moderation strategies and also enables cool stuff.

i was so fucking right

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Small server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.