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oh i got a new water bottle today, it's 1 liter and nice stainless steel

when the tooling is too bad to do stuff correctly, you stop caring about correctness :)

I was gonna make a joke about how the existence of foreshadowing implies the existence of backshadowing, but backshadowing is apparently also a thing, so it's a good thing I looked it up and didn't embarrass myself

whoa this is cool, tarot cards with the GLSL shader that renders their image on the back

shower music: Big Thief - Simulation Swarm

comfy tunes on this too early morning

go listen Simulation Swarm, it's a really good song

what if all that energy and fighting against the police was for something that mattered

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this city feels like it's about to explode, football is one hell of a drug

yo what the fuck i turned on my headphones and some sick music was playing from my phone but no idea where, mastodon???? and now i can't find out what the song was!

what's with pleroma toots having a cw but not hiding the gruesome image..... yikes

still like, wild to me that people use my services to share their lewds

two people with rsd try to sustain a conversation challenge (impossible)

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