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looking at Nikola Tesla quotes he was literally the Musk of his time what a chud

oh no... im going to attempt to launch a vm... from a network share... that is a mounted luks... from an external drive enclosure.... over my home's VDSL line

I need to stop writing good relatable toots more boosts and i'm gonna get clout poisoning

Piracy is not Theft but even if it was it'd still be fucking cool

very glad to always have a stack of antifa stickers in my backpack now, to cover up the nazi (most anti-immigrant) stickers I come across :antifa:

emigration fundraiser, boosts+ 

As we have mentioned before, @lilletale and I are going to move in together before Christmas. Now, it turns out that stuffing your household into a van and getting that van across a sea is a rather costly thing to do, therefore we would much appreciate any support we can get to make a good and healthy home together where we can thrive and pay it forward. Any amount helps.

@lilletale convince yourself that the body that's going to make coffee is just a clone and you are actually in bed while you're in the kitchen.

I flipped my shit and wrote a note to my neighbours about ramming their fucking leafblower so deep into their ass that they can blow dry their hair with it, and about buying a fucking rake like a normal person. I continue to make friends in this neighbourhood :)

only a few mins till the train arrives and i can get coffee :blobcatcoffee: :blobcatcoffee: :blobcatcoffee:

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