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Looking for comfy rooms about specific topics? I bridged all of them to Matrix again. You can find them all there in the community, or:

Cooking (Veggie/Vegan friendly)

DIY (Beginners, Experts, and unconventional topics)

Tech stuffs (Beginners and Experts)

General Free Services

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hmm apparently I never exported my follows rip so guess here's my post

I'm a programmer and sometime sysadmin, I run where I provide free software services for comfy ppl to use.

My main project is a client called Neo which you can find at
I also play and when I have the time

Some blurb of tags:

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almost done refactoring all the Neo CSS into postcss modules :D

Split up the ~600 lines mega file into 8 different ones, scoped to their respective components

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Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive Show more

the difference between ketchup and pasta sauce is like tomato tomato

such a good track, with good memories from EMF2018 last year
: Fatima Yamaha - What's a Girl to do

my train of thought (pun intended) is a mess today

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lengthy, activist media training advice Show more

kinda interesting how ppl complain about resource useage so much, but it's actually Mastodon's sidekiq that uses a large majority of my resources

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using screen instead of tmux to make techbros mad :blobcatsmug:

Time to update from the ICE train WiFi

aaaaa those fuckers turned the train around, so even thought the instructions said I was waiting on the right end of the platform, I actually had to haul my shit to the other side of the train

lugging this crate of mate, next to my very stuffed backpack is a great workout I guess...

it's so early even the cat is still sleeping

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fondly remembering the time on here that i made a shitpost about assigning people trainsonas and i ended up spending like 4 hours giving 100 people trainsonas

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