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tent focks signing off for another rainy night~

Yep ya girl just tested positive for covid-19 AND I'm fully vaxxed. Keep wearing your masks, this isn't over!

oops, accidentally flattened my toiletroll, then reconstrued it into a square. toilet rolls would look much cooler with square carton tubes

You load 16 'bolds, what do you get?
Another yip older and deeper in debt
St. Peter, don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to a bunch of kobolds

music gore 🤮 

like there's definitely good remixes of those songs! but he's not playing them!

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music gore 🤮 

whenever he plays on his speaker it's always bass remixes of whack pop songs soooo...

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after a while I always get the request from the one bad taste have to put on something "with voices" tho haha

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I tend to default to music most of the time now, which is something I actually enjoy doing now where before it really stressed me out to have to assemble playlists/queues for other listeners

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@Stoori @anarchiv this is not a place of gender. no highly enforced binary is celebrated here. what is here is dangerous and repulsive to bigots.

@anarchiv this gender is known for the state of california to cause cancer

This gender is not available in the state of California

also our team for the most part has great music taste so always discover and sharing new songs

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one of the things I really miss from summer camp is vibing really hard to great music.. sending eachother songs over messaging and having to listen over headphones just isn't the same..


I've put up with Gargron's incompetence for too long. Moderation is barely there, if at all. There's still a fucking TERF and an antivaxx chud roaming around there despite being reported over the past couple of days, and this isn't even the first time some chud has been reported and nothing done about it until further action gets taken by people outside of that instance.



they're from the remix mini-album that just released, and they're all such different takes that you easily listen them as different songs

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whoa this bass hit real unexpected
RÜFÜS DU SOL - Alive (Solomun Remix)

Printed a cute, fully articulated toy excavator as a single pice. No assembly required. Found on thingyverse

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