I just realized that I haven't graced the fediverse yet with knowledge of the amazingly cursed software that is pMusic: a music player from the Puppy Linux project that is built entirely in Bash(!), yet has a GUI with fully-featured playlist management and advanced features like discography management and automatic YouTube searching and streaming!

This is cursed, but frankly also a genuinely impressive technical achievement

@kim Also IMO this project deserves a lot more attention than it's getting

@joepie91 also i love that the puppy linux builder is called woof

@kim The package format (or well, one of them) is called .pet :D this is cursed but I can't deny this is one of the most impressive things I've seen in a long time

@joepie91 i've been impressed by it for a while but that one time i looked at parts of the source code has scarred me for life

@joepie91 you have to be kidding me....
you're not kidding me.

@joepie91 that's a blast from the past for me. My introduction to gui programming was actually in Puppy Linux using Bash and gtkdialog. I remember Zigbert had a number of other applications besides this one, in particular 'Pburn' was a great optical burning application. He was a great guy to talk to on the forum as well, really knowledgeable and responsive to bugs and feature requests.

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