I'm looking for recommendations on e-mail providers! Since Google is axing my free GApps plan soon.

What I'm looking for:
- Support for own domain, including catch-all
- Reasonably priced (single user)
- Good reputation on reliability, deliverability(!), and privacy
- *No* jurisdiction marketing ('we're private because we're in country X')


@joepie91 mine¹ has been running for a while⁰ with this² and it's been pretty smooth sailing after setting it up and fixing a few things to not get caught in spam filters

⁰ 11 months

@ckie I'm specifically looking for a hosted Just Works service with good deliverability right now - I already have too many things to be concerned about, and e-mail is pretty critical to me :)

@ckie @joepie91 I tried doing it before and hosting email is *a lot*. also VPS IP ranges can often get caught in spam filters which was what I found. there's all in one solutions that script the hell out of the setup, but in my case I like to have a semblance of what's going on for troubleshooting

@joepie91 Been with FastMail for years. Have aliases across a bunch of domains. Separate inboxes cost more money but aliases don't. Support and service is excellent. I also use their included file/static site hosting to host my professional portfolio which is nice.

@s0 Yep, I do actually use Fastmail for my freelance e-mail already, and it works very well. The main problem I have with them for personal e-mail, though, is that they are in Australia... not exactly the safest country from a privacy perspective.

@s0 @joepie91

Fastmail is releasing many of their tools (milters for example) as free and open source software.

@s0 @joepie91

And with that being said - if you are using Fastmail you help them to develop those awesome thing

@joepie91 I am on with my own domain for a number of years now. It just works.

@joepie91 hi. I work at Tutanota. It might work for you. I genuinely think we are the most secure email provider out there (with real e2e, incl. subjects) but there's no IMAP (for that reason).

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. I believe so
4. Some

@joepie91 Fastmail has been good to me, my second choice would have been Tutanota if Fastmail didn’t pan out.

@joepie91 I moved to purelymail, but it’s a one-
man endeavour. Mailbox I’ve heard decent things about

@joepie91 I use
1euro per month, hven't found a cheaper option

@joepie91 @jonossaseuraava I’m with and very happy. I think it’s as private as it can get, supports multiple domains and catch all and is fairly priced. You can pay them by sending cash in a letter which is pretty cool. 😅

@jokke @joepie91 Me too but their marketing might have "privacy because Germany" somewhere in there 😄. It's also fun to hear about what other people are using.

@jonossaseuraava @joepie91 they do mention the the server location but not as a reason why your data is private. Many people (especially in europe) want to know where the servers are located.

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