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recently we hav been meowing happily in . one big purr :: celestial shard :: a thousand shards :: liquid me

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respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

hello! i am going to be on an intl flight next month and would like to not get murderized or sick! what masks/respirators would you rec?

- i'm willing to spend for my health (espc if it's reusable)
- it'd be great if the respirators were reusable

(other safety practices are welcome too! previously i'd use reddit but nope :P)

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twitter x-post ((contents, normative person levels of grammar 

[x-post @erikphoel@twitter]

They buried the lede on this new study. It's not that exercise beats out SSRIs for depression treatment, but that *just* dancing has the largest effect of *any treatment* for depression.

That's kind of beautiful.


hi boosting from cohost, if someone from boston can help or find help for this creature escaping their house :boostsPorFavor:

hey ! can someone recommend me a raspi-like with a nvme slot ? runs nixos and has a few cores maybe a rockchip

thunderbird opens a little browser window for oauth2 and since its the browser it just checks when the browser is redirecting to the redirect uri and uses that instead of listening on localhost. but if you already have somethin on https ://localhost then it fails to get this redirect caught because its an error? and then it doesnt work. if you stop listening on ssl localhost it works.

@mozilla pls fix

repetitive, code? git output. 

commit 43e0236790a61233540e819062925b96c7359ea7 (HEAD -> main, origin/main)
Author: ckie <>
Date: Sun Nov 26 21:09:45 2023 +0200

{hosts/kibako,modules/systemd-initrd}: nimi 'networking' li suli. mi lon e tenpo wawa (nimi 'sudo')


im so normal guys & meows. im so normal. im so normal. im so nromal i,. som n ormal, ,, ,aw, aow masmmraw,omrwa mwramwe mmeww.w.,,.

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