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recently we hav been meowing happily in . one big purr :: celestial shard :: a thousand shards :: liquid me

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respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

hello! i am going to be on an intl flight next month and would like to not get murderized or sick! what masks/respirators would you rec?

- i'm willing to spend for my health (espc if it's reusable)
- it'd be great if the respirators were reusable

(other safety practices are welcome too! previously i'd use reddit but nope :P)

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glove80 assembled! got the switches-not-soldered option and replaced the switches and soldered all of them. it works!

we also had to improvise and use some nanotape to protect the fcc cables from nearby sharp solder joints/pins but !! it is okay! it works (: and it should be fine for now. hopefully we'll still have the will to open it back up to properly cut them when we have a good tool for that

@x4nw hello! do you have smol plier recs? cheap, decent, can cut 0.8mil ends off sharp solder joints

i barely solder anymore but i just built something where i need it to not scratch a flex cable

question in the format of a cohost/tumblr ask; apocalypse, elilla&'s roots?, long, reads kinda like a trauma dump but i get to the question eventually after i feel i've established the context. Achtung! may increase doom levels! 

@elilla :blobcat:

hello! you often talk about climate apocalypse and jp,br culture that we haven't been exposed to much, and certainly not as directly.,

i liked your mom's quote you posted but i don't think it works in e.g. my position, i'm 18-very-soon and still w my parents, one of whom sheltered me from the local culture for a while (there's more here…) and it feels pretty representative of surveillance capitalism; we have so many complicit machines that help capitalism continue to run that i don't think we'll have a power restructuring unless it turns out to be a very quick big collapse.

so, with all of that authoritarianism painted, i'd like to now take you to the typical "transfem who's still figuring her shit out" who is probably very dependent on fragile internet infra, perhaps public transport and maybe is socially traumatized (like us)

how does that work out for her? personally i'm gonna be Fine it's been a while and i'm healing from the worst bits... but what about the new girl; what do you see in her future?

i think this music is good . i cant find it on the internet anymore . have it .

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Kawaranai Mono/変わらないもの (Cover) 【JoyDreamer】

@skye i can't find the old thread but the ext continues, a bit, i have submitted it to the place of the fox extensions

microfic with the whole vibes 

girl looks at nothing in particular and waits until her vision completely defocuses, then shouts T. TRANNY. TRANNY TELEPORT. GOD IS REAL, TELEPORT TO TRANNY.

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