approaching the present even if I don't know the future.


aa celeste is so beautiful. i practically skipped a bit with the assist mode because i remember i couldn't beat it last time and i regret that a bit but anyway.. this section makes me want to cry and i've only been playing for a few minutes this session

code; personal project 

grrbbl getting back into my secret thing again and i left no comment to indicate where to continue from

glitchsoc/masto meta, css suggestion 

it's vaguely claustrophobic for me when i open a long post and the text gets bigger/closer to me. this makes it the same size as an unopened post (probably)

.detailed-status .status__content {
font-size: 15px !important;
line-height: 20px !important;

sometimes i see ableton scrolling in my head when i'm listening to music

being a bad girl~ 

snatching 4 biscuits b2b

soundcloud music 

holy shit underscores music hits so hard

thirst trap 

throws a salt lick at u mmmmmm

if federation were ever -not- automated thatd be when i might consider paying for hosting a fedi instance! or somethin!! it'd be much less work to maintain and moderate

current mods are pretty much constantly in a race against the clock to unplug the firehose of freeze peach instances anyone w like 20$ can turn on

music lyricsing 

/if i could wait for it to turn out like you want/
/i wouldn't have written everybody's favorite songs/

scrobble scrobble 

@specter heh! if this isn't just a statistical anomaly, congrats! i have #15 rated as 5 stars and lastfm says I listen to #17 a lot (:

re: today's cursed unit 

i swear this also being related to suicide is purely accidental and i didnt realize it until after i posted

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unpaused my music by going to the next track and the kitty's head jumped up into the air.. oopssy

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