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lewd nonsense 

Freud's hypothesis of penis envy stems from his suppressed subconscious desire to suck a girl's cock

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Hallo trans* und nicht-binäre Geeks und Nerds,
wir wollen am 16.06. abends in Bremen den Film TransGeek zeigen und sind auf der Suche nach einer neurodivergenten Person, die mit uns auf dem Podium über trans*, nicht-binär und Geek-/Nerdkultur reden möchte. Insbesondere würden wir gerne über Geek-/Nerdkultur und Spezialinteressen reden. Infos zum Film: transgeekmovie.net

PS: Wir haben natürlich ein Budget für Reisekosten, Übernachtung und Honorar.

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asking for money, fundraising moving 

hello internet friends. I am a young trans woman trying to get by and get out of Texas as soon as possible, living with two other trans women from the south in a similar scenario, now that the state of Texas is beginning to compile lists of trans individuals using public records and possibly auctioned datasets as well. I have had a liberapay for a while, mostly to help keep the server I'm on online, as I pay $12.00 a month for that, of which I get less than two dollars in donations monthly. I would really appreciate it at this point if people would be willing to make a small monthly donation of whatever is trivial to you financially, so I can get to the point where I am actually recieving money from liberapay. Here is the link if you can spare some money monthly to donate

All the money goes into a separate bank account I have for fundraising getting the fuck out of texas since the libs are too inept to throw together a political solution to stop the bad stuff to come with all their compromises here. Once some money starts coming in, by the time we can organize getting the three of us out of here and know where we will be going, we won't have to worry as much about all the expenses, so I would really appreciate it as it will add up and mean a lot for me to at least not be losing money as I am trying to get the fuck out of here.


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gender shitpost 

he she and they are your starter genders, you have to find the other ones in tall grass

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But comrade! A general purpose onboarding server is the transitional state to fully decentralized social media! Trust premier eugen in his revolutionary vision! The vanguard of the social media revolution has arrived!

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hears a meow at the other end of the phone
awww! do you have a girlfriend?

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Some good reasons to use Subjects / Content Warnings here on the fedi 

  • It lets people opt-in to reading whatever you're discussing.
  • It allows people with traumas and triggers time to reflect before opening something.
  • You can use them to set up joke punchlines.
  • Instead of putting "🧵 2/??" or whatever at the bottom of your posts, you can put the post number in the subject field instead and it makes your thread easier to navigate.
  • Collapsed posts take up way less space on the timeline, making it easier to navigate.
  • People will still read your posts (I promise okay?), and opting in to reading something is more meaningful than being forced to read it anyway.
  • Subjects / Content Warnings are well supported across pretty much all fedi software.

Please add Subject / CW to your posts!

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well, NOW I know why CW'd posts have worse reach. They don't show up in the friggin' Explore tab 😭

I think that's a massive technical oversight. I REALLY think we should actually just call them subjects and then informally use them for CW. Maybe have an explicit option to hide things from explore instead!?

Like, please don't make me choose between content warnings and discoverability

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My problem is I'm young enough to still want to *party* 🍾🥂🍹🪩💃 but I'm old enough that I like to sleep so if we could introduce midday hedonistic queer disco clubs that evoke the decadence of the last days of Rome but where the party winds down by say 9pm at the latest that would be great

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Steaming hot fedi take 

Twitter always sucked. Fuck Mastodon. Us queers need a tumblr clone

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hollywood adaptation of The Dispossessed

the studio execs are on board but they insist on making a few changes. nothing too severe!

really minor things, you'll hardly notice most of them. the main one is instead of the main character being Shevek, instead he's Shrek

meta, pol, fire 

Let's break some discourse windows, and their frames too. Better yet, burn the house the discourse window is in.

mh ~+ 

the plushies hunt and eat the Bad™

cn meta 

Is it just my feed or are people using content notes less? I am not happy with this development.

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Verkauf des 49 € Tickets auch an den Fahrscheinautomaten

Mit der Petition wird für die Einführung des 49 € Tickets ein Verkauf an allen üblichen Verkaufsstellen, bis hin zu den Fahrscheinautomaten, gefordert.


Der Verkauf nur über eine Anmeldung und ein Abonnement, ist datenschutzrechtlich bedenklich. Außerdem könnten Menschen, welche nicht über ein Smartphone verfügen und damit oftmals ältere und sozial schwächere Menschen, dadurch ausgeschlossen werden. Ebenfalls Menschen, welche auf Grund einer Schufa – Eintragung keine Zahlungsmöglichkeit haben. Das heißt, gerade die ärmsten würde es am meisten treffen, und sie wären nicht in der Lage an das Ticket zu kommen.

Es gibt keinen Grund, weshalb dieses Ticket nicht, wie andere auch, am Fahrkartenautomaten gekauft und mit einem Namen versehen werden kann. So wie es ja auch für das Bayernticket, Wochenendticket und diversen Regionaltickets normal ist. Weshalb sollte das, was schon geht, jetzt plötzlich nicht mehr gehen?



#Verkehrswende #49EuroTicket #TicketamAutomat #ÖPNV #Bahn

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trans people emanate an aura of upgrading and hacking devices. If we congregate in one place, all your phones will be updated and your 3DS will be hacked to play Waluigi Simulator. I think it has something to do with the hormones leaking into the devices, but I'm not sure.

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