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Concept: a character-select screen which says "Are you a boy or a girl?" and the options are "Yes/No." Neither option lets you elaborate on the player character's gender.

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You're doing federation wrong.

Don't scale instances, scale the network.

- fewer issues with digital landlording services related to bandwidth and storage
- moderation is much more manageable and fine-grained
- instances do not become clones of "social media" platforms, using their malicious tooling and offers to help scale for more centralized demand

- if you're the admin you don't get to control as many users at once :(
- hard working surveillance landlords like CloudFlare don't get money from centralizing a federation
- oh wait these are just more pros never mind

cons (for real this time):
- keeping up with the emoji meta is harder, I guess

Don't scale instances, scale the network.

also making a new instance under the same admin and hosting service as another isn't fooling anyone lol

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Ugh this game has an economy in it? its too political I cant play this.

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oh no the anarchists have set up shop in the park. and they're feeding people. for free. this is criminal.

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OH: "Ich finde -y zum entgendern von Worten ja total super. Dann sagst du statt Arbeitgeber_innen oder Arbeitgeber und Arbeitgeberinnen einfach Ausbeutys."

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trans hrt, diy, question, :BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: 

Does anyone have any good resources on transfeminine diy hrtthat they are willing to share?

i'm especially interested in resources for amab enbies who want general feminization without breast development (e.g. via raloxifene), or those who just want to prevent further masculinization until they can go on hrt, and resources related to how to get your hands on the meds&stuff needed for it (in germany). oh, and just resources about the general stuff (how to find the right dosages, blood tests etc) are also great

(also i guess i could google much of it, but googeling anything trans related is very emotionally taxing to me due to some of the search results it yields and adhd and stuff, so i could really use some starting points)

links or any other form of replies ok, including via DM if you don't feel like sharing resources in the open, oh and boosts are much appreciated i guess

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You are more than your past.

Nonbinary people (like most queer and lgbtq people) often feel like they need to find evidence in the past to prove that who they are now is real. Sometimes proof can be hard to find.

But, the only proof anyone should need is the fact that you're here at this moment saying "this is me."

You will always have time to make something new.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #queer #past

I haven't been here in a long time. we kinda phased out of existence for a while. hoping to be back now. we still appreciate you all.

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Confessions of a bad immigrant 

I think nobody will dispute it that, if you want to immigrate to another country, you should make an effort to be considerate of the local culture and sensibilities. It's a bit like a relationship: know what you're getting into before committing, be willing to respect their limits.

"Consideration" is such a slippery notion tho. I've been told to not gay kiss or poly kiss because it made people uncomfortable, it's a family environment, think of their feelings. I've seen Japanese homosexual ppl say they had to marry for procreation, for to do otherwise would be a tremendous lack of consideration to their parents, to whose tirelessl hard work they owe their bodies. I've been told not to wear makeup to work, because I had to be professional and respect German cultural norms. By a non-German. No German ever seemed bothered by early transition me wearing concealer, but somehow "being considerate of the local culture" seems to translate so easily to "don't make me uncomfortable by flaunting queerness".

In some countries, everyday cooking is full of spices, with a rich, appetising scent. When they immigrate, some locals will complain of that terrible greasy smell that gets everywhere. Maybe they'll refuse rent to ppl from those countries. In the country of origin the smell get everywhere too, but there it was just a fact of life, nobody paid any mind, nobody blamed their neighbours for it. In the host country, it's inconsiderate.

I imagine what it feels to those immigrants. Either resign yourself to eating what must feel like the most boring, cardboard nothing food every meal, day at day. Or fail to prove that you deserve to live in the rich country. Taint the reputation of all your countrypeople. Fail to show that you assimilated, get booted right back into whatever terrible conditions you were fleeing from. ("If it's so terrible there you can get by without the spices". Yes you can. But should you have to choose?)

I'm being roundabout, even here, afraid of being one of the bad ones. I'm lying, I don't have to imagine how they feel, I know. You _will_ be assimilated. When the choice is deportation or assimilation, well, resistance is futile.

But what really gets to me, what really gets to me, is not being allowed to express sadness about it. The taboo on criticising host country. "If you complain so much why do you want to live here."

I want to live here, and I want to complain so much, complain about things that make me sad about living here. Germany will be fine. I'm not going to change anything, I don't hold any power in our relationship, I have to be a model citizen or else. But I will grant myself the right to vent to the void how I really feel.

It's past 1am and I am crying, a lot. I'm crying about things that most Germans won't empathise with, things they'd frown upon on their neighbours. Things related to overwhelmingly negative opinions about third-world, non-EU immigrants in polls, looming under outwardly liberal attitudes and a generally respectful treatment. (Usually Most of the time.)

Hell, I want to cry about things that many Brazilians will see as our flaws and not empathise with, at least the upper classes, at least those who haven't spent a few years in the cold lands. I look at my poor, dirty, violent country, and I miss not a curated reel of the best parts, I miss the people, with all their very real issues.

I miss not being able to sleep at 2am, every week, because middle-aged ppl are singing painful love ballads on booze and an acoustic guitar in the specialty bar in front of my rented room. I'm not being facetious, I really miss it. Having my healthy sleep patterns disturbed by them made me smile. They were happy. They were _making happiness_ I had to work the next day, I woke worse, work was worse, fuck work, work doesn't matter, this is music, love, happiness, this matters. They understood that.

Music and love and happiness is holy, damn you all.

I miss not being able to sleep at 2am because my neighbours are having a loud party. I miss the knowledge that if I knocked on the door with a smile I'd be taken right in, a perfect stranger, even if I was too shy and dysphoric to act on that knowledge it comforted me.

I miss not being able to sleep at 2am because of the magnificent ppl coming down from the hills, the favelas, blasting downright pornographic earworms right to the face of polite middle-class society, hacked DIY sound systems shaking the security walls with maxxed-out bass. They are so right, polite middle class society is a grinding wheel running on blood, it more than deserves being blasted at 2am with cocks buried to the balls and dripping, all-consuming hungry pussies.

I curse this silence. I miss not being able to sleep at 2am because it's Carnaval and everybody is outside dancing and drinking and fucking one another for the pure, innocent shining reason of a body wanting another body.

And yes, I confess, I miss singing at 2am.

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relationship, mh mention, funny 

Them, still tired in bed: "Wake me up insiiiide"

Me, manic: *opens their mouth and shouts "Good morniiiiing" into it*

They seem more awake now.

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sucks that I have to get out of bed if I want breakfast

why can’t breakfast just bring itself to bed for me

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its bandcamp friday!! neat!!!

if you know any sick independent musicians and you have a few pennies to spare, today is the best day to buy music on bandcamp so artists get 100% of the proceeds

if youre a musician or if you have some recs, drop a link 👀

if you like powderpaint maybe grab our EP if you havent already 👉👈


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going Extremely elementary school core and putting on a tshirt that says "being mean still kinda sucks actually"

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selfie, eye contact, Black Queer and trans joy thread 

I want to push back against any anxiety folks may have today and work against the opressive whiteness of the timeline with some folks of black folks, especially queer and/or trans black folks enjoying themselves.

Please expand this thread by contributing to it!

Please help this thread by boosting it.

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uspol, mental health, drugs 

Good morning.

There's plenty of anxiety to go around for USians, particularly today, and us USians have a tendency to make our anxieties the anxieties of the world.

Don't feel like you need to watch the spectacle. Don't feel like you're required to do some sort of penance by staying glued to the current events feeds all around you.

Have a snack. Play a game. Listen to your favorite songs. Smoke a bowl. Nap.

You and yours are more important than the spectacle.

Self care is civil defense.

:blobpats: 💜 :blobpats:

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Please give recommendations for trans gaming youtubers/streamers that I can put on in the background or watch when my brain doesn't wamna do anything. It can be you if you want this as an opportunity to plug yourself I don't mind algorithms just make it kinda hard to find gaming content that isn't a cishet white dude.

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