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I really like the blue, altho the washout has a tendency to stain uhh everything so that's kinda annoying

some facts about putting pronouns in profiles (247 words) 

me: the hair dye I'm trying tonight is called denim blue
@thufie: jair, jean hair

alright the webdav experiment failed, it fucking sucks. Terrible speed and makes everything crawl

for now I realised I still have 1TB free storage at from their initial account offering, accessible over webdav
Let's see how well borg handles that with davfs2

I'm looking to improve's (offsite) backup setup, either by exchanging space with someone, or getting (more) donations to just rent space from a commercial provider.

Berlin: We are looking for volunteers to help us soldering the first batch of displays to freshly made card10s. Starting 10:00 am, Grünberger Str. 16. Please DM us or join IRC/Matrix if you can spare some time during the day. instance block, alexgleason 

watching series faster than the torrents are downloading ooof

fish, vegetarianism 

You know what, fuck it, I'm not even gonna keep that one behind Followers Only

Linguistic change over time is not "doublespeak" and using etymology to say that certain words still mean the same thing they meant hundreds and HUNDREDS of years ago is reactionary. You can't use disputed Middle English origins of words to prop up your claims of linguistic oppression.

what people think hacking is: haha i succesfully spoofed the key exchange to gain privilege on the mainframe

what hacking actually is: hello, i am the county password inspector. please reply to this email with your password so that i may verify that it is secure. thank you

subtooty maybe? 

its totally absurd how much more productive i am at night

i love the quiet darkness outside, something about it really makes me want to get my shit done

I received a "thanks for your open source projects" email this week! :)

I receive these once every year or two, and they're lovely. If you have really benefited from an open source library or tool, telling them can brighten up the author's day!

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