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Ugh, found some really cool *official* NASA stickers/patches, but they're made by a company that also makes US Military and Israeli Defence Force designs :(((

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@masterofthetiger @Tusky I like that they try to keep those fascists out, and appreciate them making this statement.

Also no surprise that most of the shit comes from accounts that "Joined Github on June 4th 2019"

Oof I went back to the very good @Tusky PR, and what a bunch of garbage. Really makes you wonder if these people just misunderstand the GPL, or if they're being disingenuous.
Anyways, good thing it's merged, and stay strong against the shitstorm :) @equidorks why not both :)

@thufie lol I still use the old launcher, the "updates page" has been broken for ages now but it still works I guess :>

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Well, Lunduke is on masto now, and let's just say I'm very happy we suspended the shitshow

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We here at Exxon-Mobil are excited to announce are new brand partnership with Extinction Rebellion! We demand recognition of climate change and declaration of a state of emergency! Help support our contract proposals to pursue energy growth ventures in the arctic and our geoengineering projects designed to blanket poor neighborhoods from sunlight in order to offset warming effects!

Is it just the people I try to follow, or did a lot more people start using follow-approval?

@eloisa Please add me to Anarchists, Communes, Communists, Cooking, Crafts, Cyberpunk, Design, Devops, Digital Rights, Distributed Networks, Electronics, Engineering, Environmentalists, Ethics, EU Politics, Feminism, FLOSS, Free Culture, Free Software, Friendly People, Gaming, Gardening, Hackerspace, Hardware, Information Technology, Infosec, Javascript, Linux, Makers, Open Education, Operating Systems, Photography, Privacy, Programming, Single-board computers, Static Site Generators, Sysadmins, Transhumanism, Vegetarian, Witchcraft, World Politics.

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Remember that public rental bikes and scooters with the electronic kiosks are a form of surveillance

@selea @404_city @disroot @bob wew, the hypocrisy... Run a campaign against Cloudflare literally MITM'ing all your precious shitposts....

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@f0x I'm going to start calling Tesla problems "Tesla problems" instead of "Trolley problems"

smh the phrase "bus factor" gives public transport a bad name. We should start calling it "accident with a Tesla that's programmed to kill you"-factor

Ethics over Ego is a pretty good general slogan as well

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