this makes *such* a difference, like rn there's 46 entries 5.26 MB/200 MB (just restarted), so it can fit tooons more where before it maxed out at 20 entries, no matter the size

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direct streaming is fixed, and caching is upgraded so I'm hoping this improves cache ratio. When it's just smaller files it can fit a lot more now

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sheesh, 12 commits and a lot of improvements for synapse-media-proxy

ohhhh and I just realized another SSRF attack avenue to patch

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just happened to have restored direct streaming from remote > client which I broke...

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ever set out to rewrite something and end up fixing something totally different

haha me neither

@anarchiv it's simply the pretty stripes they put in their logo as a marketing stunt in june

meh, unsilicitate adivce 

@erikk hmm that is nice, thanks :)


should probably go outside but there's nothing to do there, i've been to all the parks, taken all the photo's

where a normal least-recent-used cache just removes the oldest entry when you add a new one but hit the max entry limit, this has a constraint set based on total size used, and can invalidate multiple old smaller entries to make space for a new bigger one, and as such dynamically shrinks/grows the amount of entries stored

will be used for the caching in synapse-media-proxy

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in the end didn't even use the index tracking method the Computer Organization book recommended, but instead a linked list across the Map entries

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fixed, and now my randomized cache set/get/remove testing loop is just going speedy, no crashes :))

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@thufie not that hot of a take tbh, boycott f-droid (donations) for platforming nazis...

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