@kawaiipunk to complete the chaos computer club there needs to be a third option; chaos

@ShadowJonathan @Vierkantor huh why preferential treatment? it was produced without dialogue and the Dutch broadcaster just happened to make their own dub for it. Also there does seem to be an English dub

why am i so tired. no way it has anything to do with it being 26.5°C at my desk

@Vierkantor agreed we can make an exception for buurman & buurman, at that point it's basically providing a service for the people around

people who watch videos out loud on the train WILL be launched into the sun. except this one guy who is currently watching Buurman&Buurman with the most serious expression I have ever seen.

Evrey new inovation today is the result of tech bros feeling huge regret because they couldn't wall garden the WWW from the beginning.

re: transphobia 

@haskal more like maths cringe, fuckin hell


in response to mathstodon removing the transphobic post he followed up with

"The mathstodon folks don’t like controversial topics that are not maths based"

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like "digital sovereignty" is such a cranched term because its people (correctly) find that having the internet siloed and controlled by tech megacorps is bad actually but then they're all like "so here's this small-country-worth-of-co2 powered decentralized website hosting system :)"

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@haskal isn't it 'great' how you can even use capitalism critique to do more capitalism

and hopefully the diverse set of requirements in the GoToSocial settings stuff has finally given me enough knowledge to refactor it a third time, possibly split to a separate package

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im having Thoughts about form/form field components again.....

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