me, standing outside of the witches house: OH NOO this is the WITCHESSSS HOUSSEEEE I hope they dont put some WEEIRRD CURSSSE ON MEEE that turns me into a GIRRLLL OR ANYTHING that woulld totttallly suckkkk

the witch: Fuck stop yelling outside my house I do commissions you know

I realised Academia was a scam when my group members, both 4th year comp sci students, didn't know how to use git.

@KitsuneAlicia "I don't see what I could possibly have in common with this living thing that shares my planet. Now, this fictional construct someone who exploits me told me about? I find it /really/ easy to relate to that. Must be natural and right and good!"

did a test solder, with the stannol solder and my new TS100 chisel tip, super nice :D

Imagine going "I'm going to work on this meme for ten years!" and thinking that is a... meaningful amount of action against the threats that face us!

Is that meme even going to be relevant in a decade? There's going to be nearly half a billion people displaced from their current homes by then.

These long-haul, big-work, small-effect plans... are not plans, they are excuses, self-inflicted pillow talk that distracts and eases the pain of the challenge you won't face.

coffee is just the haste spell:

-extra action per round (zoom)
-double movement speed (z o o m)
- +2 AC (extra tolerance for the day's bullshit)
- no action or movement for a round when it wears off
- requires a second level spell slot

the "we need to be ableist and anti-immigrant in order to appeal to the worker" part of the left is 100% the most classist part of the left, in addition to all of its other obvious bigotries

stealing memes without image descriptions and reposting them *with* is praxis

@mray join a #matrix server from some collective :fediverse: you can trust. Regarding individuals :anarchism: running servers yes both #xmpp or matrix are on the same boat but I prefer matrix.

@lafnlab 3 pens, 3 pencils and one "pen" for the drawing pad seems just enough to me :D

@CornishRepublicanArmy it's why I love "Do good recklessly". It came from a tumblr thread I can't find rn, but basically, who cares what they'd spend it on, that's on them; all that matters for you is trying

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