@lowpolybrain ah yes I guess JSX is the right term. It gets rendered once into plain html in the build step. Indeed I want it all to be focused on progressive enhancement. So everything that could work without JS should work without JS

working on yet another static site generator: Dynamo

because all the others don't do what I want :>
it'll do:

- get MDX from directory structure, put as static index.html in the right build folder
- do themeing with react
- postcss for css transformations
- livereload for dev

it already does livereloading, postcss transformations and basic MDX parsing, all in one evening :D

I've just set up tiny-lr + chokidar for livereloading my webapp. Now the question remains, who livereloads the livereloader

@izaliamae the 1984.is webpanel is the nicest I've ever used for DNS, it's free (even if you bought your domain elsewhere) and pretty reliable

more I Am Mother spoilers (up to 1:18:00) 

more I Am Mother spoilers (up to 1:13:00) 

more I Am Mother spoilers (up to 1:08:37) 

I wonder how much better movies would be if they'd visit a hackerspace with the script and let them critique all the tech stuff involved. (And similar with other disciplines, but from my pov tech always seems to be portrayed with the least realism)

I Am Mother spoilers 

cyberpunk as a genre will probably cease to exist :( 

Vsauce Michael was mortal once and he misses it but is honestly dealing with immortality pretty well so far all things considered

@Trysdyn even 2gb of ram shouldn't cost you 300$ a year though

@Trysdyn yes, it's decreased *a lot*. ~5eur a month Hetzner vps will probably be able to federate with just about anything

i want to redesign my website (f.0x52.eu) but im on a train, tired, and with little battery left in my thinkpad :<

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