looking at Nikola Tesla quotes he was literally the Musk of his time what a chud

oh no... im going to attempt to launch a vm... from a network share... that is a mounted luks... from an external drive enclosure.... over my home's VDSL line

I need to stop writing good relatable toots more boosts and i'm gonna get clout poisoning

Piracy is not Theft but even if it was it'd still be fucking cool

@goat oof yeah..
at least whenever I do find time to fix things people are chill about downtime.. man lain.haus went under due to a LUKS failure without backups and people were understanding (now there are lots of backups)

@goat doesn't take too long tho? larger bios is nice too (even if you then immediately waste all that space with zalgo)

@goat because the limits don't matter anyways if ur a 1337 h4x0r

very glad to always have a stack of antifa stickers in my backpack now, to cover up the nazi (most anti-immigrant) stickers I come across :antifa:

emigration fundraiser, boosts+ 

As we have mentioned before, @lilletale and I are going to move in together before Christmas. Now, it turns out that stuffing your household into a van and getting that van across a sea is a rather costly thing to do, therefore we would much appreciate any support we can get to make a good and healthy home together where we can thrive and pay it forward. Any amount helps.


@lilletale convince yourself that the body that's going to make coffee is just a clone and you are actually in bed while you're in the kitchen.

@dumpsterqueer just to be sure, you're fully re-installing the synapse, right?

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