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almost done refactoring all the Neo CSS into postcss modules :D

Split up the ~600 lines mega file into 8 different ones, scoped to their respective components

@nightpool @y0x3y @chr I would highly recommend upgrading to latest, 1.3.0, as the performance is sooo *much* better.

@y0x3y seems like it, and I guess @chr manages it

@auramun there is a specific way to transfer domains across registrars, which involves sharing a specific code from the one where it's held now, to the new one.
Not sure how Wix and Joomla handle that respectively

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Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive Show more

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the difference between ketchup and pasta sauce is like tomato tomato

such a good track, with good memories from EMF2018 last year
: Fatima Yamaha - What's a Girl to do

@goat tis a shame someone removed the -sy suffix

@StroomAfwaarts the lipos are for my two quadcopters, which I'll be flying a lot. The big pile is electronics for projects etc, and more quad stuff

@v0idifier more like choo what the fuck am I doing choo

my train of thought (pun intended) is a mess today

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lengthy, activist media training advice Show more

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