@MTRNord oh yeah and then you could store it in extensible profile- ahh wait

had some very cursed (cool cursed) thoughts about in the shower today, something about the distributed system across tabs, and UX for linking to posts

i just thought "it would be so convenient if webapps could set values in a shared register, to communicate certain settings cross-domain" and then i remembered tracking cookies and the advertising industry and capitalism

@kim @tobi @owl using the search endpoint, then use the emoji shortcodes in the returned toot to query the local emoji api

@kim @tobi @owl i was going to do it something like that but what if, additionally, you could paste a remote post link, and it'd list all the emoji in it for copying (or disabling if they're shitty). sort of a "steal this look"

could be due to filesystem access before the hibernation is restored

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starting to suspect it might be NixOS that doesn't actually properly support hibernation

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aaand my laptop filesystem shat the bed again, what the fuck

@phooky yeah those are cool, I was actually in the process of replacing these with covers I printed from the Brazilian edition social.pixie.town/@f0x/1085115

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