Did you know?
You can disagree with or even outright hate a transgender person without misgendering them.

Did you know?
Purposefully misgendering someone to insult them, even under the guise of "revoking your respect for them," is wrong.

Did you know?
Being transphobic selectively still makes you a transphobe. Thinking it's okay because you're only doing it to bad people is incorrect.

who called it Free Software and not Flee Software (what you should be doing)

A subtoot but made with love and affection for my dorky friends 

@dumpsterqueer please, a moment of your time to talk about free software

@charlag @pastelpunkbandit it's unstable. From using it on my personal device and servers for quite a while it worked well though

@charlag @pastelpunkbandit that's why i used to use Debian Sid, so you so get pretty up to date packages. Now it's all NixOS tho :D

re: meta - regarding an instance we do not federate with that is edgy and "leftist" 

@catgoat the council of anime avatars has convened to block evade and deliver our demands:

waaaaaaah waaaaah pls no block :(

meta - regarding an instance we do not federate with that is edgy and "leftist" 

idea: if someone has defederated from you, maybe the best appeal wouldn't be block-evading and looking to start a fight with the admins. maybe you should just chill, and respect their space; maybe reflect on it if their opinion really matters to you. Just telling people you disagree with getting blocked isn't going to change how they feel about it. If you won't change yourself then kindly fuck off because nobody owes you any attention or interaction just because you exist. That's channer entitlement right there.

@Cyborgneticz pff they can lose themselves just fine, no need to help :))

fuckin hell i'm so busy these days with MCH2022 preparations

just tomorrow and thursday left though, after that i'll be away for a week on a relaxing scouting camp with 20 screaming kids :)

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