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@leah and they'll tell you to simply pull yourself up by your bootstraps huh

cs reachout 

How to explain "bootstrapping problems" to normal people: Imagine you have a fancy coffee machine, but in the mornings you are not awake enough to use it... same.. I was promised summer was over

re: :boosts_ok_gay: Designing with adhd (web/graphic/product) 

I guess it ties into the much more broadly recognized "new project shiny and exciting", but it affects me even when I don't have to work on the thing, a design that worked just fine for quite some time suddenly feels bad/ugly/unusable

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:boosts_ok_gay: Designing with adhd (web/graphic/product) 

Fellow designers (broadly) with , do you also run into the issue where new designs are exciting and beautiful, and then you slowly get bored of them and start really disliking the look?

I've ran into this countless times, leading to redesigning blog themes, other web stuff, etc

Anything you found that helps/mitigates this?

I co-wrote a cookbook for depressed people and other folks with zero spoons, only knives. It's not meant to be gourmet cooking so much as a survival guide for late stage capitalism. And you can get it for free!

@polyfloyd also might like Partyboi69, there's a good recording from Lowlands this year

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@turtle this dark witch document seizure could've been an email Baldur is my kitten, not sure what the gate stuff is about, or why there's 3 of them

the timeline is getting so comfy to scroll through, think I finally figured out the way I want to do virtualized scrolling, preserving resources by not rendering the entire stored timeline, but still having the option to go far into backlog, which is then cleaned up again if you scroll back up

try it out on

Toad looked at the ground. The seeds still did not want to grow. “What shall I do?” cried Toad. “These must be the most frightened seeds in the whole world!”

@rune right yeah, though I think it'd make more sense to have a good profile view with media browser, and maybe easy pop-out for specific threads

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