started on designing and writing content for the new site:

writing documentation is a lot of effort, and I struggle with wording things nicely, but will be worth it :)

and more use of the static site generator itself is also good testing hehe

@pastelpunkbandit haha I've actually had this for a while now, after I saw someone whose follow request I specifically rejected posted a screenshot of my feed in their rss reader with "look you can still follow locked accounts like this"

@pastelpunkbandit you take someone's profile url and add .rss on the end like

like any good site, mastodon will advertise it's existence in the page sourcecode, if you go "view page source" it has
<link href='' rel='alternate' type='application/rss+xml'>

a good rss reader should be able to parse that automatically, just by giving it

but be warned about trying to rss :))


if it's content from birdsite it needs a CW
no exceptions

nice, found out how to disable chat in xonotic
means I can get my dopamine boost by being good while not having to see gamer garbage

gitea actually makes it super easy to switch default branch names, both for new and existing repos <3

@grufwub "i swear im not a headcrab i just uhh like sitting on heads"

your regular highly frustrated reminder to caption all your media posts

be the floof you want to see in the world

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.