rebuilt my very dangerous fan for the third summer, keep praying it doesn't chop my head off is now live!
Free to register, as part of the services (and my other domains) now have a security@ email address, now lets hope it never needs to be used :)

Good morning fediverse
Another day of terrible Java exercises, but after this deadline today I WILL NEVER DO JAVA AGAIN WOOOO

new ricu, with a wallpaper photo I took myself on Monday

Ugh, found some really cool *official* NASA stickers/patches, but they're made by a company that also makes US Military and Israeli Defence Force designs :(((

Ethics over Ego is a pretty good general slogan as well

Flowcharting for Neo while omw to a comfy restaurant :3

whoa, my sketchy af external fan setup still works really well. System is stable at 40C, and the internal fan doesn't even need to spin. First time I touched a cold heatsink on this laptop

Also new; a nice n pink silicone baking mat, perfect for soldering

Cleaned my desk, and gonna try out a vertical setup like this for a while

swapped out my props from 3 to 4 bladed, and lens guard from PLA to PETG, let's hope she flies even better now :)

Looking for comfy rooms about specific topics? I bridged all of them to Matrix again. You can find them all there in the community, or:

Cooking (Veggie/Vegan friendly)

DIY (Beginners, Experts, and unconventional topics)

Tech stuffs (Beginners and Experts)

General Free Services

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