this is a visualization. Anything white is the same in all 3 frames, then the different tail motions in red, green and blue

my filesize improvements for bundling the animated sprites :D

First output is including PNGs as bytestrings, which comes in at 20234 characters.
Second line is my implementation, which deduplicates the frames, splitting out a base layer, and smaller images with just the changed parts per frame. with run-length-encoding on top it comes in at 5550 characters, 4 times smaller

it's very hard to focus on the screen correctly, because the pixels are so small. There's also the scanlines which only show up on camera.

Here's a still from the egg, where you can sorta see it's spots and sparkles

next part: the lipo charging chip, with two voltage dividers (first time I made those!), so the ESP32 can safely sense the battery, and micro-usb input voltages

new quad video is rendering, hope the artist (Kupla) will respond soon so I can use their music :>

Now working on the tamafoxi, the hardware is coming along nicely

picture 1: the OLED display showing a cut-off Hello World

picture 2: the back, an ESP32 D1 Mini breakout, with yellow-blue wires connecting it to the display

picture 3 and 4: the battery and additional protoboard being held together by more wires, twisted together

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