pcb design is way too addictive

quick design to mount the vtx and receiver in a 20x20 stack of the frame

received the first parts for my new 3" quadcopter yesterday. the frame is sooo cute~

woooo we're back online
after long debugging in the cold next to my windy front door; with emotional support from my blahaj and technical support from IRC my homeserver (and pixie.town workhorse) is all working again after a system malfunction during an upgrade

all ready for fab~

rerouting it all wasn't as much work as I feared, because I already had the general ideas and techniques in my head. Also added the option for a smaller button on the front, as the Alps is quite tall

I forgot to reconnect a bunch of traces in the top left somehow oof. Fixed and sent to a friend to review further

well.. couldn't help myself making some last minute changes. With fresh eyes I realized it was possible to do the routing better, removing the need for the 3 0hm bridging resistors (marked red in picture 1).

also added a link to tilde.industries, product name, and moved a few other things around to make it nicer to solder

some more context because I'll probably pin it on my profile:

This is a pcb that's designed to go in the cap (on the outside) of a Dopper water bottle. It keeps track of your water consumption, by counting up whenever you click the button (when you finish your 500ml)

attached image is the backside of this same pcb, which has all the smarts. The black ic on top is a 74HC4017D decade counter. Everytime the button on the front gets pressed, the number stored gets incremented, and for a few seconds power is supplied to the led segment that's linked to that number. When the counter reaches 5 it resets to 0.

so today I got the art design for my water counter pcb, and holy shit is it awesome.
Did a bit more tweaking, and should be all ready for fab now :O

these pictures turned out so nice. Cat was incredibly peaceful, and the combination of sun and picture angle was less of an issue than expected

finally got around to fixing my scooter lighting. During I discovered a break in the strip, so half the strip was unusable. Managed to sort of bend it right and then stick in place with lots of cyber stickers.

Redid the whole strip today, and made the lipo+esp32 pack removable, held in place with velcro pads and a not quite tightened ziptie. Really nice to take just that inside for charging

finally cleaned my desk, and took some fancy pics of my setup with Haiku, my trusty Blahaj :D

yeah no thanks youtube the only good Dutch music DOES NOT HAVE DUTCH VOCALS

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