i've mostly vagueposted about it before because it's a quick tool I wanted to build for myself, with no time for prolonged support/additional features

but I made a medication tracker that fits better with my personal (adhd) needs, namely no set schedule, but still getting reminders to take the next dose after a certain interval.

After evaluating existing options f-droid.org/en/packages/dev.co came closest, but when used in 'take as needed' mode, there's no notification/interval options at all, and my general rhythm isn't consistent enough for anything pre-scheduled.

code in git.pixie.town/f0x/remind-my-m, react-native was quite nice to use actually. it's easy to sideload an apk to android stuff but for iOS that's left as an exercise to the reader

all the solar panels are freezing, if you're cold they're cold let them in

basically that with the standard plunger design, you need the space in the back for the fully extended plunger arm, so that's why the cheap nerf blasters use that same arm to pull back, instead of a sliding grip

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re: covid 

nasal and throat (about an hour apart, but didn't noticeably fade)

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Experimenting with some public-suffix list checking of imported domains

hey if google does ever show up on the fediverse i'll be well prepared

What icon do I use for "This domain is already in your list of suspended instances", I'm at a loss

options: forkaweso.me/Fork-Awesome/icon

I think it should mostly be an informative hint, because it won't prevent you from including it in your import (you might even want to, to change the metadata to that from the import)

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