huh, 2 years already :>
will be depricating soon(tm) tho, as there's a bunch of successors and akropolis was quite messy mix of personal stuff and / services

taking pictures of lightning takes a weird posture and lots of patience..

just pointed the dslr outside, to record some super comfy music with the ambience of some rain, thunder and the rare car driving by

I was looking at pictures of flying squirrels (highly recommend)
and this is me irl:

i better reincarnate as an actual fox chilling in snow,
unaware that computers even exist

just finished another super cool feature that's going to be impossible to explain :')

but the synopsis is pages can now use components that use a Promise, like waiting for an API call
this is a super simple component that upon render fetches my mastodon profile info, and then the component renders it :3

also holy damn this glitch aesthetic came straight out the camera when I turned the flash on

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