got some nice inks, still waiting for my Xiaomi fountain pen and dotted notebook to arrive, and I'll try bullet journaling or similar for a while

oh yeah the fancy rotterdam building has a big christmas tree now @anarchiv

also who needs a tripod if you have a short girlfriend whose head can support a phone just fine

so there was a video of star trek heat-changing mugs, so took the time to take better video of my Skyrim mug (which is even better tbqh :P)

@haskal all done for printing and cutting (will have to wait for tomorrow tho) :3

One of my goose stickers was put to good use over at the Hackalot hackerspace :P

and here's my new lamp, which I'll probably convert to RGB, or even RGB + warm white, cold white, amber, for the ultimate range of colours and temperatures

having to install .NET and other shit through Proton/Wine always makes me realize how good us linux users have it with normal package management

did a photoshoot with my pet dragon, as reference for the logo of my todo/calendar thing. Still needs a name tho, suggestions welcome

finally took the time to make my dunst notifications nicer, with a pywal template so they take the colors too

and this is the meme I love so dearly (attached too)

for now tho, this might mean I post a bit more followers-only, and probably will only accept requests from people I know elsewhere

seems I might get targeted by a group of transphobic bigots, after the admin posted a link to my mastodon trying to brigade them.

he added a screenshot, probably to entice his alt-right friends, CUTTING OFF MY GLORIOUS MEME, so just as a "look oh no sjw let's go harass"

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