do people make bloated garbage with it? absolutely
does it have weird type coercion quirks? yep

but it's still very good to use. for websites, 'progressive enhancement' is key. Use js where it makes sense, fallback when not available.

nodejs is actually very nice for a lot of things, and can be really performant too.

npm as a company sucks, but the dependency model is actually quite good; sticking to modular dependencies as opposed to bad big frameworks like angular and lodash

want to know more on getting started properly?

will I be boosting this every time I see baseless generalized javascript bashing on my timeline? abso-fucking-lutely

@f0x It is. I love it as a programmer, but I hate it as a JS developer and as a PC user...

@f0x this is your hottest take, handle with caution

@aynish i don't really care, most peoples ideas of javascript is stuck way far in the past or just through their experience with some bad websites, and that sucks.

@f0x tbh im the same, my disdain of js comes from terrible websites that abuse it
its good to hear someone have other opinions :)

@f0x Don't have to convince me, but I am still waiting for @joepie91 to finish that article or start that class on doing JS the right way :blobfox3cevil:

@SkyFox @f0x Soooooooon

(Spoon supply chain shortages have been interfering)

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