long, re: covid masking failure 

@joepie91 (attached to locked post reply) oh, yeah

I don't think it was quite as sudden here. and you are very right about the individualization; people will want to do good and be right by each other by default,

but we are missing education and the education system is trapped in the same gills that decided to stop pandemic guidance,

where training for the "use your brain" part is taken away and replaced by the "hello here are your instructions",

not everyone is carefully weighing all the diff Masks and so on, and the actually Immediate motivations to are gone,

shame on your town for sticking that hard, i think it was more gradual here though i didn't keep track of any official guidance really

but those authority figures also shouldn't have the authority of thinking for everyone, and that's what we get from a status-quo where the most important workers are chronically stressed

bandaid on bandaid,

ultimately its fascism and centralization and homogeneous crops with no fuckin free seed harvest (but with this different kinda thought planning thing)

feel free to start reading here

you bring an open question,,

activism against authority figures vs activism to get a critical% of people to wear masks + trauma?

:: activism to educate where masking is needed, the risks of not, spaces to feel good masking in, discuss harassment,,,, ettcccc

people who absolutely undeniably need masking (as everyone felt at the start of the pandemic) are the ones propping this up though:

something similar is that a quick search for "japan covid masking" shows Masked Japan: 90% cover face 1 month after rules lifted and as far as i gather japan is a place where being good to your peers is very important? eduuucattiioooonnnn

blurb concluded hope u enjoyed digesting

repetitive, code? git output. 

commit 43e0236790a61233540e819062925b96c7359ea7 (HEAD -> main, origin/main)
Author: ckie <git-525ff67@ckie.dev>
Date: Sun Nov 26 21:09:45 2023 +0200

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im so normal guys & meows. im so normal. im so normal. im so nromal i,. som n ormal, ,, ,aw, aow masmmraw,omrwa mwramwe mmeww.w.,,.

re: a little toy problem, minecraft, discussing fictional murder/abuse 

@darckcrystale mm that loses a vital thing minecraft has where you don't need any words/text to understand the mechanics

a little toy problem, minecraft, discussing fictional murder/abuse 

minecraft is .. A Game for sure, i love it but in the default survival mode it's really quite colonialist; player kills animals, or farms them, optionally factory farming, resources from the very pretty(!! even more so with some mods) natural worldgen are dug out, basically open pit mining and it's used to further the creations of players buildings and tools and weapons,

and if you have weapons and are on multiplayer, why not go to war with your friends? destruction is easier than creation, and it implies that the new creation is more important than what is present.

even with all of that, with the right friends i've had a great time playing, being mostly gentle with the world, but it is *hard* to play like that. and so: reader, I ask: what would you change here? how do you teach the player to be gentle to their surroundings intuitively?

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