GitS STAND Alone COMPLEX fangirling thread: animu ec (pt1) 

look she's called Major by everyone and she's really fucking hot. also the plot is pretty decent good tension and release. bit simple at times but its really good (:

re: skye kernel 

@skye today in Figuring Out The Kernel Version:

rg 'KernelVersion:\s+(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)' --replace '$1' -NI | uniq | sort

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i think this music is good . i cant find it on the internet anymore . have it .

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Kawaranai Mono/変わらないもの (Cover) 【JoyDreamer】

@skye mreow Mreow e-mail "Mozilla Add-ons: skascroll 0.0.1 Approved" maoww mmnya

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@skye i can't find the old thread but the ext continues, a bit, i have submitted it to the place of the fox extensions

testing out zrythm it farts on the audio when its processing . so many xruns . kinda works tho tbh

If an insect is placed on a surface and continually walks "forward", by definition it will trace out a geodesic.

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