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@erin this is hilarious


I'm your lambda gf, pass me around like your function calls uwu

shitpost lewd 

Cum is the water of life

nsfw shitpost 

a throatless blowjob is just a knob suckle

lewd shitpost 

yknow when ur erection gets so hard it curls back inside yourself like a hog tusk burrowing into its own skull?


nah but for real we could use some money rn. our budget is really tight all the time and having consistent liberapay payments even if they're small ones would mean a fucking lot to us. Neither of us can work rn because of mental health issues and we're on a budget that's really only meant for one person.

We might have some bonus content for generous donors in the works... perhaps even some full-length (uwu) videos. DM us if you donate ;)

(don't worry we'll still be posting on here, absolutely free, pleeeeeeeeenty~~~. we still love the attention!)

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If you have extra money and appreciate our work on here please consider donating to us!​

melee shitpost nsfw 

landing a rest as jigglypuff is a lot like orgasm

polycules with adept grasps on tactics can employ their numbers to an advantage more than the sum of their parts by using flanking maneuvers to get advantage on charisma rolls :heart_polyamory1: :polyamory_flag:

nsfw shitpost 

hasta la bussy baby

nsfw piss incomplete joke idea 

something something "I love it when she streams"

tits discussion 

biggest titties in our polycule by pronouns:

he/him - biggest

Vote now on your phones for your polycule!

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