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boundaries post 

due to recent issues with my boundaries I am tightening my standards for following this account. lf I see no sign that you are politically-speaking okay as per my bio in your bio/pinned posts or don't know you, I will not accept a follow request. I also purged a large amount of mutuals for failing to pass this vibe test. I am pretty sensitive right now.

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Please read my bio before sending a follow request!

I will just deny your follow request if you clearly didn't read it! Respectful people should also read it before replying as well! :blobcatheart::slimeheart:

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I am the kind or girl with a thigh gap you can piss between

Vore 🤝 Slime Absorbtion

Fuck Nazis


Linus Tech Tip voice, lewd 

my gock performs well, even while gaming

OH: lewd 

"Are you sure you don't wanna have gay sex because you were attacked by a dog?"

lewd subtoot 

trans mommy domme who tells me "get off the Nintendo and come get me off instead!" 🥺😳💕


transmedicalists when we lactate all over them

lewd shitpost 

Weapons of Ass Destruction

quick PSA, users doesn't appear to have issues with hosting disqordia people who have alts on various parts of fash fedi or are just abusive channers elsewhere. I've not seen anything done about a concerning report I forwarded to them a few months ago about this. I am probably not taking new follows anyways, but I would be extra scrutinizing of profiles on that instance if I were you.

nsfw, nude, boobs, titties, bazoingas, too many hashtags 

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slut pact, not strictly speaking a nsfw post 

it is the mission of many an ambitious admin to "slut it up" and keep facebook far away. this is true bravery and I commend all those who choose to make a noble contribution

picture of my tits 

I heard we are posting tits against Meta today :blobuwu: :boobs:

OH: lewd 

"my perusal of hentai is more academic"

lewd silly, uspol 

OH: grinding for throat goat nancy reagan better watch her back

porn mention 

goodreads for porn

cursed, lewd 

I saw a femboy with a Lenin ass tat

food nsfw 

adhd tip: if you have a hard time waiting for your frozen pizza try sniffing my bulge as a distraction

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