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landing a rest as jigglypuff is a lot like orgasm

polycules with adept grasps on tactics can employ their numbers to an advantage more than the sum of their parts by using flanking maneuvers to get advantage on charisma rolls :heart_polyamory1: :polyamory_flag:

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hasta la bussy baby

nsfw piss incomplete joke idea 

something something "I love it when she streams"

tits discussion 

biggest titties in our polycule by pronouns:

he/him - biggest

Vote now on your phones for your polycule!

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nyaaa uwu :blobcat:

follow me to see our private trans catgirl nudes♥ :blobcattransheart:

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and don't forget my nyanbinaries! Nyanbinarysexuals!

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:blobcatcamera: Just posted some fun pics of us both, don't be shy about sending a follow request and flirting after reading our bio! :blobcatsnuggle:

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My wife is playing Pokémon for the first time!

The simple truth is that even if capitalism can offer catgirls, they'll suck compared to the anarchist ones

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first selfie ive ever posted on masto so of course its got my tits in it! please appreciate~~~~~


heh, already started posting, I couldn't wait :blobcat:

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Nothing here yet ;3

stay tuned, sluts :heart_pan:


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