proposition for consideration by the committee:

gay sex

furry porn and twitter link 

hey wanna listen to a podcast with me? 👉👈🥺💞 :gay_weed:

lewd thighs exposure, panties visible, lewd 

idk why the boys keep asking if my pussy is real, this look animatronic to you?

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lewd thighs exposure, panties visible 

:vibby_thighs: :3 🌺🌸💐🌼🏵️

:boost_requested: :boostsPorFavor: :boosts_ok_gay: uwuwuwu

lewd term for a brat 


lewd shitpost 

:mario_flop: thank you for to fucking me in the ass ❕🎂 :cum:

sex adjacent, ph (-) 

soooo uhhh, anybody know if that strip of tissue in the centerline under your tongue connecting it to the base of your mouth is important? I may have broken part it a few months ago when I was eating out my boyfriend.. It hurt for a while, but eventually I just fought through the initial pain with lidocaine and ignored it.

I got the pain back though 😬 is this bad? Do I need to see a doctor?

lewd :cum: shitpost 

me: i'm :cum: -gry can we get delivery?
my wife: but we already have cum at home.
the cum at home: no pulp :cum: 🏳️‍⚧️

another lewd shitpost about transit 

I like taking trans cuties who are into trains to the rail yard :cum: 🚈🚄🚂🚃 :cum:

lewd shitpost 

I'm pro public railing and pro public transit

lewd shitpost 

lets get this breeding


year of cummunism on the desk bottom

lewd, silly 

It was only ever a matter of time until the Syrian Revolution / Civil War comes up in the underground pornography cooperative group chat huh?

thighs, weed, technically sfw, but lewd 

Want a hit?

lewd shitpost / twitter 

Honestly watching the internet come around to the idea of eating ass these past few years has been one of the most compelling character arcs in literary history.

lewd tech shitpost 

I am sick and tired of applications not respecting XDG_CONFIG/DATA/PORN !!!

yeah people not blocking the tankies at this point I am just not giving anymore patience. blocked, blocked, you're all blocked. no nudes for people who don't have issues supporting violence that is endangering my online friends >:(

It is not hard or complex like your friend's wild ass conspiracy theories.


lewd shitpost 

Sending nudes to comrades behind bars is praxis

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