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When you lose your virginity by docking they call that "first contact"

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"Ok. I am going to choose to not rage at Hentai vs Evil"

more jorts porn, featuring new wifey! 

my wifey @Blinxbat got a good breeding last night with a nice :cumword: :cum: filling :blobuwu:

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close your eyes for a facial unless you're wearing goggles bitch this ain't a porno smh

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when there is lube on the blankets you sleep more slippery and glide smoothly to bed

not safe for jeans 

Ah shit, guess I'm a jornstar now

porn, nsfw, jorts :boosts_ok_gay: 

have a clip of me fucking my wife in the jussy (jorts pussy)

btw I have a liberapay and we can recieve tips through it, it lets us know you enjoy and can also help pay monthly fees :3

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hello mastodon please enjoy these pictures of my Body :boosts_ok_gay: ; featuring the public property that is my Butt :trans_comm: and Clit :BlobhajHoldSassage: ; i took them just for you :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

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Our piss will fertilize next year’s zinnias as we rut atop decaying tomato vines. Eating out each puckered cavity, draining one another of all sweet salty goo. Ah, what a joy it is to recline with you in the sex forest.

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