libde265 WASM embedded into go app, portable and cross platform

Now my mom can access her photos again 😤😤😤

@mjg59 not to mention that with LUKS, you don't lose access to the disk encryption key, because if you did, you wouldn't be able to use the computer anymore. You have to type it in every single time it boot.

IMO the real problem is that everyone has been giving up ownership of "their" computer, and are just now realizing that hmm, this might be a problem -- if its not yours, you won't have access to fix it in the event something does go wrong. And we all know Linux has its own fair share of ways to brick its boot process.

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We specialise in Linux infrastructure and clients.

If you're looking to migrate away from Windows, reach out!


@genevieve thank goodness no hip replacement is needed 🥲


If the user owns the data AND the source code, why invest?

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@zens I think this is such a problem because most of the tools developers and power users use was developed in a commercial context and the bosses would only allow work to continue until the tool was able to perform its function, no more than that. So all of these things never had UIs made for them.

I feel like this is the great struggle of our time. I really believe if we got some of these critical missing UIs built, started unwinding this paradigm, the world could start to change pretty quickly

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if mozilla is really serious about privacy they should hire the ublock origin creator and make him ceo

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@karolherbst I've heard that typically more energy is used producing the CPU and rest of the computer than the computer will consume over its lifetime. Idk how accurate that is or what the ratio is, but so far I've had good results from buying used computers and sightly upgrading them for cheap. (Ssd and maybe ram too)

My process was:

1. Consult the power performance xy scatter plot on

2. Search engine search for each CPU in the area you are targeting to figure out what kind of computers it was put in and how much they cost used

3. Finally, shop on your local used market for good deals on one of those models. For me, this was EBay.

Personally I was looking for something quite different, I just wanted the cheapest fanless option that would make a reasonably good web server. I ended up buying 10 of these for $300 total, and then spent another ~$600 on ssd and ram upgrades for them.

For $100 each they work great!! I've given them to friends and sold some of them for use as a proxmox cluster. Without the ram upgrade they use 2 watts at idle, with the extra 16gb of ram, they use about 6watts at idle.

Obviously this specific model doesn't fit what you want if you care about CPU performance, but I just thought I'd share my process.

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@epidiah you can almost always insert "to our investors" into those messages with out braking the grammar and improving the clarity.

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if u take happy pills but ur still depressed?

GABA ghoul

@thufie I think I used this 2pass encoding with ffmpeg. The camera being perfectly still (makeshift tripod) really helps cut down on bit rate without losing quality

ffmpeg -y -i 'VID_20230723_180912453.mp4' -c:v libx264 -preset slow -b:v 700k -c:a aac -b:a 96k -pass 1 -f null /dev/null && \
ffmpeg -y -i 'VID_20230723_180912453.mp4' -c:v libx264 -preset slow -b:v 700k -c:a aac -b:a 96k -pass 2 rain.mp4

@technomancy @SpindleyQ this was actually "shell variables" vs "environment variables" on the openrc docs, but yes, I wonder how many times this pattern shows up, search terms banned from docs. I was thinking about starting a list

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