libde265 WASM embedded into go app, portable and cross platform

Now my mom can access her photos again 😤😤😤

Come see us in the mayday parade in Minneapolis / Saint Paul!

Just wanted to share this, these are my $15 monoprice headphones which I bought in ~2014. They have an 1/8th inch audio cable jack instead of an integrated cable. Both sides of the plastic structure have snapped and been repaired with superglue. The speaker cones inside the headphones have come loose and been repaired. The cable has been replaced.

Today I finally lay these headphones down to rest. I detached my Antlion Audio magnetic mic mount from them and re attached it to a new pair of headphones. RIP.

About 5 watts at the wall. A purely self-hosted live transcription of a Mumble audio chat. Transcription annotated by the speaker's name.

blahaj, is everything alright? you've hardly touched your rockstar

My friend @j3s explains in very simple and approachable terms how to git gud at shell scripting, and why you would want to do that

Story about a problem we had with the matrix server and how I went.... just a *little* bit overboard on solving it :

thank you matrix synapse for creating another 500 million rows in the state_groups_state table 🙏

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