IMO, pressure on to push CW usage closer to the "NSFW" mainstream cultural standard is not necessarily a bad thing. I acknowledge this is probably a classic straight white guy take but i think CW is weird! I honestly have a hard time believing that the CW feature / culture is as good at preventing harm as its hard-core adherents claim.

The question of what should be CW'd, what images should be fogged until click, etc, its subjective, culturally relative, and I feel like the current status quo might be a that has made black folks feel uncomfortable / unwelcome here.

Some of this is based on reading @shengokai takes on Mastodon and it's affordances, some of it from other posts I've seen around, I am curious what other ppl around me think.

Finally, after 10,000 years I'm able to open a real socket to anywhere I want, from JS in a web browser! Time to Conquer Earth!

but who will help me carry the wheat to run the server??

I just finished writing a HUGE new blog post, this one elaborates on what I wanna work on next instead of greenhouse

I started making these silly images for mainstream social media platforms when I announce my streams because my friend told me that text-only posts (especially containing links) will be buried automatically by them and its much better to post an image and then post the link as a comment. IDK if this is still true, I think its silly but whatever, when in rome....


We got a little carried away with the little cakes decoration process

I just returned from Atlanta, Georgia where @j3s and I did maintenance on Baikal, cyberia's server and the workhorse behind

Baikal has been running for years with an inefficient QEMU VirtIO configuration which caused its SSD disks to wear out much faster than they should, and our decision to use NVME drives for some of the disks in the ZFS pool almost prevented us from being able to expand disk capacity to meet demand: We kept mailing PCI-e to NVME adapters to the datacenter and they kept saying "It doesn't fit".

Life happened and it got kinda bad, with a legitimate risk of everything going kablooie, so we had to work hard to get everything fixed in short order and ensure that our little project has a future. I suppose it's not-so-little anymore, depending on your perspective.

Attached are a couple fun pictures from the trip. You can also see a video I took of us replacing one of the SSDs that was wearing out here:

I was sweating bullets while j3s carefully pulled the disk out of the server while it was running 😅


pumpkin and kale smoothie with lemon, sugar, parsley, and ginger

I just opened registrations on the alpha version of my new self-hosting-oriented cloud service provider, Greenhouse!

You can check it out, sign up for an account, and download the CLI or desktop application here:

--> <--

If you are interested in learning about self-hosting, please try it out and let me know what you think!

I'm not publishing this on blast yet! I'm not quite ready for the unwashed masses yet, so please don't re-share this for now. A full public release will come soon!!

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Small server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.