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But no matter to me if hosted on cloud or self-hosted, i only want to get a MASTER DEGREE

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something the fediverse needs to understand is that allowing communities to make decisions which are right for *them* is the exact *opposite* of colonialism, and interfering in that process *is* colonialism.

The only way I really know how to interact / feel comfortable interacting on sites like this is so similar to a brand just posting ads on their profile, it feels like a waste and no one ever seemed to be interested in those kind of posts anyways.

So its back to macroblogging and realtime chat with me for now ​👴

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Yesterday I talked with some of my IRL friends about social media and ​online culture, their experiences with it in the past on tumblr and twitter, came to the conclusion that this social media / microblogging is not a good fit for me.

I don't think it ever was, I never really felt comfortable on facebook, linkedin, twitter or anything like that. I just got excited about the new wave of users joining Fedi (well, specifically mastodon) so I thought I would poke my head in.

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@thomasareed and some note: This is the Fediverse and CW is some kind of Mastodon hack which use the title of ActivityPub protocol.

So people participating on systems like Hubzilla, Friendica and others have no CW functionality and setting a CW is rather useless for them (and these people will never post with Mastodon CW warning)

IMO, pressure on to push CW usage closer to the "NSFW" mainstream cultural standard is not necessarily a bad thing. I acknowledge this is probably a classic straight white guy take but i think CW is weird! I honestly have a hard time believing that the CW feature / culture is as good at preventing harm as its hard-core adherents claim.

The question of what should be CW'd, what images should be fogged until click, etc, its subjective, culturally relative, and I feel like the current status quo might be a that has made black folks feel uncomfortable / unwelcome here.

Some of this is based on reading @shengokai takes on Mastodon and it's affordances, some of it from other posts I've seen around, I am curious what other ppl around me think.

I just published a new blog post about hardware choices for home-brew servers:

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Mastodon 4 adds a new endpoint, /api/v1/instance/domain_blocks

This endpoint contains your instance's block list in an easily machine-readable format. As far as I know, the only tool that currently uses this endpoint is the kiwifarms one.

The endpoint does not require any form of authentication, so it's very easy to scrape. I recommend editing your web server configuration to prevent access to the endpoint until there's something legitimate that uses it.

#fediblock #mastoadmin

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@secupriv @chanda I don’t know how clear Chanda needs to be here. Stop making excuses for your behavior. Black women are not responsible for fixing racism or misogyny or the social media apps that replicate them.

Apologize and spend your time energy debating the folks who are actually causing harm.

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@chanda See ya'll, this is what I mean by "toxic politeness".

This woman had a horrible experience in her first foray into the Fediverse, was treated horribly by the already-existing residents here(The same ones panicking about us Twitterers "colonizing" their perfect safe haven), and the conversation surrounding this is about whether she should be allowed to speak about it, because you all don't want Mastodon to look bad. Ya'll want it to APPEAR to be sunshine and rainbows when it isn't.

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Random people run a Mastodon instance: Bad, they can read DMs and stuff
Random people run an entire platform with zero transparency: Good, obviously better than the former, what could possibly go wrong

I believe it has the same Heterogeneous Multiprocessing design from cell phones, a combination of low-power and high-power cores, which helps a lot in terms of power efficiency especially when the software can take advantage of it.

Anyways, it's happening. The meek little SBC has grown up, it's a Real Computer now. Yes, things like graphics drivers and virtualization support are surely lacking. And it's not $35 any more. But as an affordable server platform for linux-based apps and containers, these little boards just keep getting better and better.

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a user on the radxa discord quoted 18 Watts at the wall under 100% CPU stress. 4-5 watts at idle was a little bit of an underwhelming result, but it may be tune-able to get that figure lower.

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Small server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.