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someone should take my brain out and give it a good scrub. think it's broken

And another thing! Sometimes people will put their work frustrations on you when you're disabled and not employed. They'll be like "well *I* suffer through work from 16 to 66, how is it you don't have to, you have no excuse". That's not your fault, they're putting their frustrations with the way the world is and putting it unfairly on you, someone who is struggling through life in a different way.

Promoting societal goals usually costs some money that could go to shareholders or to pay employee wages

lol, lmao, as if they'd ever pay employees more

Why can't I have a job at the cat stroking factory instead

brainfreeze on the train from eating soy yoghurt 🥴​

good code good code, I yell to myself, as I'm breaking the codebase :bop_cat:

I think I'm just going to stop ever talking about JS or answering anyone's questions about it on here, because the only thing I ever seem to get in return is some JS bashing for good measure.

It's clear that people haven't internalized "think about how your words affect other people" for the less obvious topics yet. I'm exhausted and very much done with this.

Like, it's abundantly clear that I'm just not welcome to talk about it here.

Does anyone know of a well-sourced(!) article or site documenting common myths and assumptions about Javascript, and systematically debunking them?

Asking before I start building something like this myself, so that I don't duplicate work...

(No low-effort listicles or clickbait please, only things that really make a genuine effort at explaining *why* common beliefs are wrong) :boost_requested:

moderation meta 

I'm glad that overly large instances like kolektiva are finally taking the bare minimum actions to keep from becoming absolute cesspools. I am not so thrilled that all these big instance admins think that these measures will be temporary and then solved with introducing a captcha. In 2023 I don't think captchas are still really the anti-spam tool you make it out to be.

I think it is unfortunate that none of these actions were spurred by the antiblack harassment campaigns of channers, but only seemed to become critical to act on once crypto spammers made it everyone's problem.

(im on my way to drum & bass on the other side of the country, party till 6am, then train back)

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Haha, maybe having open registration without effective moderation isn’t the best idea.

Just putting it out there. Again.

@michael "You may wish to consider implementing hCAPTCHA yourself to protect your own instance,"
Please note that if you do this, it will prevent many blind people from signing up onto your instance. hCAPTCHA does not have an audio version; instead, if you cannot complete the visual version for whatever reason, you have to give them your email (!), so they can send you a link to a site for setting an accessibility cookie.
This cookie frequently does not work at all. It has a time limit before you can set it again, so if it fails to set, or if you close the browser and have automatic deletion of cookies enabled, as you should, you'll just have to wait. And of course, it only works within browsers, not applications; Discord is an excelent example of a non-passable captcha.
Enabling application signups is a much more accessible way of avoiding spam. If this is something the admin team cannot handle, it is time for going invite-only.

gore, Allegra/Corporate Memphis art style, fine art parody 

Oops, boost with CW because there's gore (but, given the art style…) @epilys

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