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thoughts of a techbro  

“Hmmm, this software goes out of its way to omit a feature that would be rather easy to provide. It must be because the implementor doesn't know how to do it. I should work around them and assume there's no reason behind that seemingly deliberate choice.”

i'm going to throw a :brick:​ at all those assholes making fediverse scrapers

BREAKING: Mastodon CEO Eugen "Gargron" Rochko announces that Mastodon will soon support ActivityPub, enabling integration with the wider fediverse for the first time.

i remember seeing a post of someone drafting a generic terms of service for mastodon instance, GDPR compatible/related, but totally lost it. Any ideas? :boosts_ok_gay:

concert with some great artists on Friday but if i keep feeling this sickly there's no way...

brains if you could just set timer and event based interrupts

In Internet slang, "lurking" means being present (e.g. on a mailing list, forum or chat) without participating yourself.

I'm curious: does "lurking" sound like something shady to you, or is it neutral?

I ask because the Dutch word 'lurking' means something different, and as such I always regarded it mostly-neutral - but the English dictionary definitions are all "shady", so I wonder what this is like for non-Dutchies.

Boosts OK

today might have to be the day i finally reinvent my backup strategy... again

sensory bleh 

weird smell stuck in my nose :(

honestly i should just have a HUD with my health, hydration, food, energy stats and list of debuffs

definitely seems like an uptick in people evading filters :\

not anything i filter personally, but it's still a dick move

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