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it does seem conceptually great, I love mainframe style computing

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hmm @AllNyaNoBite how do you actually run your code when interacting with it remotely through code-server, it doesn't seem too practical with the amount of local testservers etc I run?

ninteen eighty-fortnite will never fail to me funny as fuck

fediblock, fash shit, freeze peach 

just had someone from freespeech dot group interact with me, instance name and the instances they interact with already say it all.


time management? my brain has more holes than a block of cheese!

“[Gebru]’s been thinking back to conversations she’d had with a friend who warned her not to join Google, saying it was harmful to women and impossible to change. Gebru had disagreed, claiming she could nudge things, just a little, toward a more beneficial path. ‘I kept on arguing with her,’ Gebru says. Now, she says, she concedes the point.”

fediblock: freespeech dot group. it's that same alt-right creep who runs freethinkers dot lgbt.

I'd say that the post-left is more socialist than the left if only because of the ableist role worker fetishization plays in modern Marxism (fetishization of labor and those that are able to participate in it). It deemphasizes the objective of escaping the true alienation from our work under capitalism, namely the process of work itself, where we should be focused on its abolition not its enshrinement.

I was curious where the "X wife, X life" meme comes from and what I discovered is absolutely shocking.

The earliest known apaptation of the "X wife, X life" meme comes from the lyrics of the 1977 song "Iron Horse/Born to Lose" from the self-titled album by British heavy metal band Motörhead.

“‘There was this hope that some level of self-regulation could have happened at these tech companies,’ Raji says. ‘Everyone’s now aware that the true accountability needs to come from the outside—if you’re on the inside, there’s a limit to how much you can protect people.’”

for those of you who don't know why Germans call capivaras "water piggies"

vaccine vague 

only 11 years left

im going to replace synapse one microservice at a time (no fuck no I wont)

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compared to glorious synapse-media-proxy just giving you title + description + thumbnail image (and I haven't specialcased *anything*)

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ranty about Synapse 

and fucking hell knowing how easy that was, I'm so fucking dissapointed in how absolutely terrible Synapse's previews are. Even though the API results are named after OpenGraph tags THEY DONT ACTUALLY USE OPENGRAPH but instead do some actually wack parsing so you get 0 usable info out of tons of sites, whereas they serve you all you have to know on a fucking platter in their opengraph tags....

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so, i implemented most of url previewing yesterday :3

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.