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when will my wife* return from the war**

* the second hand lens seller
** reply to my question

you'd think people who are trying to sell expensive lenses would know how to take better product photo's of them lol

Kannibalen podcast episodes are just impossible to not bounce along with and now I have to think of this gif all the time as well

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Anyone ever tell you bicycles don't grow on trees? Well in the Netherlands they do!

wait?? you're telling me there's people that can do higher cognitive function without caffeine??

ph/caffeine - 

and there's the Sunday caffeine headache starting as well, right on schedule

omg apparently the Netherlands is removing gender markers on IDs

for fucks sake apparently someone already placed a higher bid via email?? when I just messaged them on-platform that i'd pay the asking price

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fucking hell im really gonna collect all the cool used lenses without autofocus that get sold for super cheap huh

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