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uni ~ 

ok nice i got a big anxiety(tm) because the coach for the course/project I stopped doing messaged me asking if it's correct that I didn't hand anything in for the deadline, so I wrote a message explaining Things and he was very understanding and it's all good :) (well, I fail this course ofc but that's expected/the plan)

haskal tech tip:

if you are a cishet guy and you are telling trans people what pronouns they can and can't use like you know better than them what they want to be referred as that is in fact transphobia
if you think that calling that transphobia is an exaggeration then it's pretty clear you've never in your life stopped to ask an actual trans person what they think about anything

US-centric form asking what state i live in 

uhh, state of despair?

i do really want to make a nicer alarm clock so I can leave my phone at my desk but also,,, more projects ://

rms shit (can't believe this is still a thing) 

holy fucking shit i go over to the profile of the bad faith anti-matrix argue-er and find stallman apologism

welcome to Sad Sundays where we get all the sad in one day so the rest of the week is a bit less bad

also I already struggle with the feeling that everything I do/make is pointless irl, it feels waaaay worse doing/building things in video games

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kind of really feel like playing minecraft again, but just gaming is how i wasted last holiday as well...

today someone compared me with all my gadgets (like the micro-sd to usb-c) to Totally Spies and uhh, yeahh!!

I never posted this sunset photo I took when we were sailing during easter.


how come i always fractal into writing abstractions

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