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anti-electoralism / anarchism 

There is neither ethical consumerism nor ethical statism. The ballot box plays the same trick as a "fair-trade" chocolate bar.

luckily found a good new wallpaper super quickly, and pywal + some tweaking did the rest :3

but of course, before I can do that, I need to switch wallpapers/colors/laptop "feel"

loool the fosdem talk started playing in the background, and it took me till 1:43 to realize that this was in fact not part of the music

fuck why are buisnesses that only provide support over phone allowed to exist

listing down my monthly finance stuff (subscriptions/patreon/servers) and very tempted to add "999 euro: blahåj fund" and ask for budgeting help

the technical skills of each art discipline are all different, but the base skill that *is* art -- the act of distilling life into truth and expressing it -- is the same for every discipline. a good poet is not guaranteed to be a good painter, but they already have the starting skills necessary before anything else: to watch, to listen, to try to understand.

ooh ""Not bad... for a pathetic insect. Transmitting cybernetic modules.""

the remaining question is: which (system shock?) quote do I put on it>

quite pleased with the results. Will probably panel at 5x10 which comes in at 250 boards for eur8.59 (ex. shipping)

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