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Cycling home, way too late/early past 6am,accompanied with a nice sunset and Netsky's beautiful BBC Essential mix

Migrated to Gatsby, and actually deployed at
Just need to work more on the content when I feel more awake :P

Now I regret not bringing my quadcopter on my way to the hackerspace. It's 5:30 am and would've been great to fly during a stop on my cycle back

Now time to migrate this to an actual Gatsby theme

site so far deployed at
(some obvious issues like loading external resources for easy dev)

Now with animated! gradient buttons, with a lightening hover effect.

I love the way I accomplished that. The gradient is semi-transparent, with a background-color behind it that changes to a lighter one on hover :O

Unsolicited dms when i don't even know you? That's a blockin'

Following when you've got no toots and no avatar and your bio only talks about # linux? That's a blockin'

Any mention of bitcoin in your profile? That's a blockin'

Having a pepe fucking anywhere? Oh you better believe that's a blockin'

completely redesigning my freelance portofolio site, love the gradient + clip-path stuff :D

(boosts highly appreciated)

I'd like to read up on best practices for on web stuff, both static pages and web applications. Are the Mozilla resources on ARIA the best there is?

fosstodon bs 

people with glasses are like people without glasses, but cuter ❤ 👓

tankies: we're the ORIGINAL antifascists

leftists who were fighting fascists back when tankies and fascists were literally coordinating their invasions of eastern and northern europe: wtf

adaptation of 'nazis at a table' quote 

Did you already see the insanely beautiful Map of the #SolarSystem by Eleanor Lutz? 🌌

She published the #python code and a tutorial on how she made it. ❤️

FIFA, inequality for women's sports 

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