cartoony insect 

Did some more work hashing out how my player sprite would work, how tile reuse would take place, etc. I think I'm getting this worked out well!

Behold, with pixie magic I have created the tiniest kobold! SHE'S SO TINY!! @GlitterDisaster

This is the most work I've put into a digital piece so far. Whew!

pet death, in memoriam 

Me: I'm not really into this whole blaseball thing, I think I'll filter it so it isn't clogging up my timeline

Also me: oh god where did my timeline go

Fiddling with pen pressure and such while watching tutorials with @SophicLeech, starting to get into the swing of things

With my roommate's surface, a CSP key from @SophicLeech, and a couple of minutes, I am now a master artist. Commission prices start at 1200 lumens.

Spent this morning prototyping in pygame to get a rough idea of player aesthetic for my fairyvania game. wheeee

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