@RustyRetro you'dve been disappointed in Temia. Barely changed for like 8 years

@softgoat desktop CPUs have always had lower tolerance on average, but while that's a bit hot, it's not in critical temps.

also 9-bit values give me an excuse to have a wider screen width than 256. Logic!

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"Get that extra bit for your buck!"

"+1 over other offerings!"

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I have decided I am going to invent an imaginary 9-bit console to justify silly decisions for my fairyvania game

@magicalmilly Looks like justice came swiftly to them. And good riddance, too

I dreamt I had a bunch of cute clothes for a bunch of different looks, including a trans pride sweater. I want a trans pride sweater ;;

Don't get shamed into disabling your adblocker to "support creators".
Ads pay so little, it really doesn't matter.
If you want to do the financial support, just donate to them. That is the equivalent of multiple thousand ad views.

@AzureHusky gosh I knowwww ;_; I promised myself I'd only get moths but this happened and I'm eyeing the bee now too

correct one typo, completely miss the other. oh well

@deejvalen @junebug Melly's top energy is off the chargs, zhe can't even keysmash

@junebug It's hard to stick to one row when keysmashing on a phone, hardware keyboard as I may have ;; the keys are so smol!

cartoony insect 

@deejvalen yeee, but that's on preorder and they have the bigge moth noooow ;_;

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