respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

hello! i am going to be on an intl flight next month and would like to not get murderized or sick! what masks/respirators would you rec?

- i'm willing to spend for my health (espc if it's reusable)
- it'd be great if the respirators were reusable

(other safety practices are welcome too! previously i'd use reddit but nope :P)

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respirator update!! 

so, i got the gvs elipse! it came kinda stinky & the box got borked in shipping but whatever. cleaned it w this youtube video & now waiting for it to dry! i am excited :3

respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 


- M3 Aura masks are great if you don't have facial hair. You can combine them with SIP drinking valves to stay hydrated during your travel (
- If you have facial hair, 3M half-piece respirators work well, for example: - combine this with a P100 filter (disposable are cheap) for maximum filtration

respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

The half-piece respirator is definitely less comfortable than the Aura mask, but if you have facial hair like me that's the only way to get a decent seal for an extended period without shaving.

If you have any questions let me know; I've done a number international flights with the big respirator and am happy to answer any questions you may have!

respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

@ckie Sumana posted an amazing rundown a few days ago, including P100 recs

re: respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

@ckie if you want the nuclear solution, a 3M 3000 series in your appropriate size with a P3 filter. nothing else has a fit as good as those, not even other comparable products i’ve used, because the 3M have a really lorge and malleable rubber lip that others usually don‘t. maybe draeger would, but i’ve never tried these. when wearing these, you look, and kind of are, prepared for the nuclear apocalypse. nobody will understand you when you speak.

GVS elipse are the only ones of that style that have a version with source control (meaning an OUTLET filter). they look significantly less intense, but also the fit is much less secure. i have one of these and i’m basically not allowed to lower my head because if i do, the mask lifts off my face and i breathe unfiltered air.

the flomask is way too expensive for me, and i suspect similar fit issues as with the elipse because they just do not have the same kind of lip as the 3M does, but they are the most friendly-looking option and due to the construction i would expect very little issues in regards to speaking.

re: respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

@ckie if the goal is maximum safety, i would always recommend the 3M, simply because i trust these things with my life, and have done so since long before the pandemic. i’ve used them a lot in industrial and hobby settings, and the way that they will adapt to basically any face in any circumstances is just unmatched. it’s the only mask that seals reasonably tightly even over stubble, and that you can do whatever kind of acrobatics you need to do while working without ever breaking seal.

re: respirator rec? 😷👺🛫:boostsPorFavor:​ 

@ckie but, it needs to be said, with hard rubber masks, there is no such thing as “comfort” beyond a few hours. at 3 hours you really wish you didn’t have to wear it and at 12 hours all you want to do is cry, and after 16 hours you will have some nasty blisters on your face. but you won’t have a virus with a 15% chance of ruining the rest of your life, so.

but if you want something that won’t cause pain and pressure, the only option are single-use masks, really.

respirator rec 

@ckie 3M 6800 series has the best seal, FF-400 has a speaking diaphram so easier to be understood in+slightly more comfortable but we've found that FF-400 series can be finicky to get a proper seal with.

both are 3M bayonet (so could easily be converted to PAPR or supplied air if you need even more protection), is our reccomended distributor, iwrc they have best price on 3M PPE

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