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me: oh no mister tsa man did you detect a forein object in my panties? have i been a bad girl? are you gonna have to punish me uwu?

the tsa agent who just found $5000 worth of coke hidden in my vagina: 馃え

TDOR, some terrible numbers 

96% of those murdered globally were trans women or transfeminine people

58% of murdered trans people whose occupation is known were sex workers

43% of the trans people murdered in Europe were migrants

The average age was 30; the youngest being 13 and the oldest 68


didn't expect the subnautica sequel to have a Plural Moment (tm) but here we are

trans psychological warfare 

If you're here from whatever shithole is brigading here then seriously take a good long while and think about why you're so obsessed with queerness. God knows how much time and effort (and your parent's money) you've wasted on like 12 hours of barely targeted harassment against people doing gender in a way you think is icky. We live rent free in your head - why haven't you evicted us? Why care? Are you just so desparate to feel superior to anyone that you'll latch on to whatever minority Ben Shapiro or whoever the fuck tells you to hate until you realize it includes you? Because if we're your minority of choice, well... we hate the things closest to who we are.

Maybe there's a part of yourself you can't make peace with. Maybe you've actively denied it for years, maybe you don't even know about it. But you can never accept that part of yourself so long as your heart is bent on hatred, whether you're too busy your gender or just generally dissatisfied with your life. It will fester and rot like an untreated wound and it will scream near-constantly in the back of your mind. Eventually you will run out of victims and be alone with yourself. And when that day comes...

you'll take your fucking pills like the rest of us, Alice.

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@thufie bad boys who promote gender critical ideology have to be punished and feminized

drug, joke 

*dresses up as a different gender and takes acid*
drag and drop


due to review score inflation all pieces of media should be scored at 7/10 to ensure objectivity

landlords: im necessary because otherwise you'd have to buy a new dishwasher yourself when it breaks and that's expensive uwu

me: hey landlord my dishwasher doesn't work can you like. replace it. it's older than me

landlord: lol, lmao

@pantransautie What are the Mario Bros' thoughts on Tianamen Square?

Mario says:
Government crackdowns on protests are a defining trait of authoritan states and there is no word for what happened but "massacre"

Luigi says:
I have been advised not to continue this joke

born too late to fuck around, but just in time to find out

racemic kansas and arkansas implies the existence of eskansas

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