God will never give you more than you can handle, unless you were born in the wrong place or don't have money. That makes God super mad.

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I can't believe Democrats have sold us out said libs that were warned by people who worked in the railroad industry, anarchists, anticapitalists, people like myself who have been watching this for over a year of Democrats deliberately preventing railroad strikes from happening before, and people that do union organization.

*liberal voice* well, if the cops would just do their JOB......

neurotypicals work together to lay a minefield and then get pissed when autistic people start tripping on the mines

PSA: Remember to occasionally alternate pronouns for people who use multiple so they wear evenly.

if you're a US liberal im legally allowed to murder you btw and you can't say anything about it because you need to consider both sides of this argument

if you're dutch, I'm actually just legally allowed to hurt you. it's really cool

if smartphones are going to be required for so many things they should either be very cheap or free

better yet, stop making things depend on an app

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Sea lioning/concern trolling plays right into the bosses' hands. We vilify unions because we're gullible and have shitty public education. Without unions we would be working as an unpaid service, perpetually, to exhaustion, without any time off at all.

Where do you think the middle class came from?

You think Elon Musk is exceptional? No. He's just so rich he doesn't think he has to hide his corrupt greed. They would all act like that if they knew they could get away with it. 2/2

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rail strike 

Oh, you don't know that "believe victims" and "support victims" extends to workers in unions? You don't know bosses will exploit your trust and your very soul if they could? You're not aware that working hours are what they are because historical and existing labor unions fought tooth and nail, sacrificed, literally, lives, for things like the 8 hour workday, for weekends off, for overtime pay, and for "benefits" and social services? Well learn. 1/

I think the ancient Greeks had it right with being buff as hell and fucking and fighting each other (same thing) and we should go back to that, i could obliterate Schopenhauer' miserable grizzly ass, the sick fuck

Foucault was onto this

In Pokemon G-d just shows up and is like "install my app" and then demands your attention out of the blue. If that isn't in-your-face install my app ideology, then I don't know what is lmao. Is this the new gamer-capital deity?

The fact that the majority of DSA-sponsored Congress members just voted to break a strike should spark some serious introspection about if the emphasis on electoralism has diverted the energy of many radicals into essentially canvassing for the youth wing of the Democratic Party

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frosted cookies (the frosting is thermal paste)

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