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hashem is fucking gay he made these breedable grabbable hips and gave me hrt to make this ass possible :blobcatgiggle:

lewd shitpost 

I have a breeding waist and a nice tight ass like one of the fucking sex arses, so sorry mom and dad I'm getting BRED 💦

lewd text directed at reader, sfw image 

Hey its pretty late so I think it'd be good if you stayed the night ;3


bringing back PRIDE in the Tokyodome but this time it is Gay PRIDE Fucking Championships #1: The Second Cumming

(trans-inclusive yakuza fixed-game roster)

lewd shitpost 

Vegan no-op trans girls have plant-based sausages

pisspost, piss kink mention 

They don't want you to know this, but in a classless society anyone can go into the urinals and stand in front of them with their mouth open for free pee. "From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs."

They have to accept or else they're a dirty pee-greedy propertarian.

video game, heavy atmosphere, sadomasochism, violent lesbian sex, delusions, despair and existential crisis 

lewd implied 

Professional teleconferencing equipment, like from a corporate office, setup in your bedroom.

halloween nsfw shitpost / bad for screenreaders / caps 

🍆🎃 BOO!! Sorry did I scare you?! WASSUP SLUT😉😉😊 ITS COCKTOBER 😈🌚🍂🍃🍁 AND IF YOU👈🏽 ARE GETTING THIS👇🏽😘 IT MEANS UR A HALLOWEEN 👻🎃👻👻🎃 👻🎃👻 HOE😏😩😩👅💦💦 every year in Cocktober the jack o slut🎃🎃🎃 comes to life🙀😻😻🙌🏽👏👏🙌🏽 coming to harvest 🍁🍂🍃 his hoes for THOT-O-WEEN😏😏💥💥🎈🎂🎉 send this to 15 other Halloween Hoes or else you a TRICK🎃👻👻 🎃 IF YOU GET 5 BACK UR A THOT-O-WEEN TREAT😋😋 IF YOU GET 10 BACK UR A SLUTTY WITCH BITCH👄😍✨🔮 BUT IF YOU GET 15 BACK UR THE SPOOKIEST SLUT ON THE BLOCK


I'm your lambda gf, pass me around like your function calls uwu

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