hi, now that I'm on a cli/tui client mainly, I probably wont see images i realize.
reminder to caption your fuckin images so people who cant see them can enjoy them too.

@lyncia I haven't setup the tooltip for image captions yet, but if you really need to see images you can use my client..

Sorry if you see long paragraphs for my image posts ><

@lyncia i think `tut` does not have any additional dependencies and can be installed as a standalone binary - download, put to your /usr/bin, chmod +x, run.

oh and while im still here, you can also quickly open images from tut in your default app (i think it relies on xdg-open) with M, and avatars with A.

@gravitos @lyncia yes I use tut. I like how images load on request, and I can see alt text in the meantime.

When I use the web interface I have large images set to click-to-load with uBO, so I benefit from alt-text in the meantime (as long as the alt-text isn't too long to fit within the image container)

Tho for screen reading I do like msync. It's a store-and-forward client that queues a bunch of actions (posts, replies, boosts, favs, bookmarks) and fires them all at once when you run "msync sync". It downloads your timelines into a plaintext file that I can filter and read with espeak.

> caption your fuckin images
Caption your regular images too.
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