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Ok, article is updated with several factual accuracy fixes and additional info, and I'm publishing it wider now.

I was looking for an easy-to-read page w/ info on what common features processes have on Mac, Windows, and Linux. I **COULD NOT FIND ANY** on the web.

How the heck did this happen!? At any rate, here's the missing article, just had to write it first.

I could not find any concise but useful single page descriptions of what a process is and what you can do with a process, so I decided to write my own:

AHHHH I was wrong turns out it was a typo bug in the matrix version we were using. Updating to matrix-synapse v1.50.2 fixes it.

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RCA is that a user was in a 4chan-associated room on which was experiencing an extreme volume of hate message spam from a common "chud" server.

Since we had an incomplete block on the offending server / since matrix-synapse's block feature is buggy, this resulted in what appeared to be an ` O(n*m)` number of error messages in our log file, where `n` is the # of spam messages and `m` is the average number of times that federation was attempted for each message. This log spam filled our disk and caused matrix to crash.

insight was gained by creating a histogram of bytes-per-minute in the log file, and by examining the rooms related to those high-volume error messages.

The issue was resolved by "purging" the room via the matrix administration API, (kick all local users, delete, & block) and then manually deleting all `federation_inbound_events_staging` rows associated with that room from the database.

streaming again today

Music rn:
✖️✖️🐧🐧 Wasted Penguinz

Netizens are always telling me that self-hosting is too difficult for the average person, citing security risks and complexity.

Well, security risks and complexity didn't seem to stop everyone from running a web browser!

I believe the difference boils down to investment. It's harder to make a profit from helping folks self-host. "Teach a Man to Fish" and all. So the industry never worked on making self-hosting easy and "normal" in the same way that web browsing was made easy and "normal".

How did they do it for web browsing? A whole heck of a lot of work, mostly around user interface design and usability. The tech giants of today, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon all got their start by imagining new, easier to navigate interfaces that everyone could use, not just the tech elite.

I'm not out to "make it big" in the same way that they did, but I **AM** inspired by the change-making disruptive power that they wielded, especially the transformative power of software usability.

Most of the hosting and server software of today is designed by and for technical people, almost exclusively in professional contexts. Their designs either start from the business goals or from the computer hardware.

For contrast, successful designs for user-focused products (client software) unsurprisingly always start with the user & how to interface with the user, everything else is derived from that.

But the boots-on-the-ground digital laborer who is tasked with deploying and maintaining these systems is almost never considered in the design process. They are simply expected to be "professional" and to be able to handle it. Any ease-of-use or convenience they enjoy was probably "snuck in" on the side, while the manager wasn't looking.

I see this tendency towards profit-driven and inhumane/elitist design in the server software arena as the ultimate "root cause" to explain why hosting / application security is hard, as well as why so many security vulnerabilities and server misconfigurations exist in the first place.

It's not easy because no one was ever paid to make it easy. Because if you gave it all away, what would money, power, and software platforms be worth?

Well, spoiler alert, I think it would be worth a hell of a lot, actually. The potential benefit to everyone & to the economy and society would be enormous.

So I start all of my designs from the self-hoster, the individual person maintaining the system. From there, I work towards the "hardware" and the real world, things like the "dorm room LAN" network environment, the Total Cost of Ownership of a server, etc.

Ultimately, I think I'm trying to bring imaginative & disruptive "big-tech" usability to the world of "small-tech" open-source self-hosting platforms and tools.

I spent all my time today finally getting around to fixing that reflection-based environment variable config override thingy

@dumpsterqueer : I was talking about this back when you were thinking about refactoring the configuration library for GTS

I know the ship has already sailed and I'm not recommending it for GTS; I just wanna show it off I guess 😇

It's a bit arcane but it appears to actually work; and the error/warning logs are the best ive ever seen on a library like this:

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OMFG brain fart, I meant **WireGuard** not shark 🦈🦈🦈

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streaming today, working on version 2 (from-scratch rewrite) of my threshold reverse tunnel app

music today: 🔥💀 AFI ❄️🥀

now with QUIC, hopefully able to compete with Wireshark on latency

im cooking up a hair brained scheme to host out of moms basement

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moxie seems to believe there are only two options for how services can be hosted: self-hosting or commercial hosting.

completely ignoring community hosting.

that reinforces my feel that community hosting is one of the biggest advantages of fedi.

(he is absolutely right that #web3 is crap, of course)

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#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to.

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

Finally now we're cookin!! down to about 250ms to join a torrent swarm and torrent a file 😎 Here are some stream clips!!

- furiously looking up information on node.js webtorrent/bittorrent tracker (part 1, typescript/socket listening issues, video cuts out)


- part 2, partial success after I realized first clip got messed up


part 3, two torrents completed in 500ms


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writing typescript type defs for webtorrent/bittorrent-tracker

music: 🍄 Gnome 🧙🎸

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