honestly u can make whatever choices you want when you are creating your software and until people are forced to use it*

* this includes software that is technically optional but not feasibly avoided though. like being ms and making office or being adobe if you work in graphic design
actual technology take though because i haven't been outside

people will get upset at u if you use web technologies because the web is hyperbloated but if you use a UI toolkit with a smaller feature set then you're likely missing core use cases for groups of people

i dont think bloat is real i think there are just portions of software that you personally don't derive benefit from. maybe a lot of this stuff is load-bearing bloat to stop the software developers who have to work on this shit from being driven to harm themselves as a result
@thufie i think it's right to be upset at that tbh it's not a technical bloat issue that requires Extra Work to mitigate, it's just capitalism making vendors make decisions that are not in the interest of the end user

@charlotte @thufie

:1000: I feel like way too often ppl conflate

"the big heavy bloat of the web / can't make a new web browser"


"the corporate takeover of the web / panopticon platform centralization"

They are totally not the same thing!

In my opinion the last ghost of a chance of a decentralized internet depends heavily on some of the "worst offender" bloat features in web browsers, like ServiceWorker, the local caches and databases, and connectivity enablers like WebSocket / WebRTC

Reason being that if the majority of browsers support these, it could make self-hosting and community hosting web platforms and content way easier


@charlotte @thufie

The bloat is just legacy.. Its alll legacy. its just like email. Well. err. Thank god its not as bad as email 😅

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