I liked the idea of golang's module system (every module is just a url) because it seemed to invite more decentralization in packaging, welp, today I discovered firsthand just how wrong I was:

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@forestjohnson a dependency system like that is also very ripe for linkrot..

@f0x Yeah, what happened to me today was an example of link rot -- in theory the go module proxy would have solved this problem, but this time it caused it.

Go has always been driven by google and decisions they have made about its architecture have always been primarily about what's good for them -- For example the way modules used to work, where they weren't versioned, (different version is a different repo), seems crazy everywhere except at google.

Honestly this is just an example of "man yells at cloud" but I think its important to be aware of how the module system works; I'm kinda 😳 that I didn't even really know about this until it broke my workflow.

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